yao huifen

the bird continuum

yao huifen the bird continuum

source: greatseed
Senior Research Fellow and craftsman; National Intangible Cultural Heritage successor. Born in Jiangsu Province, she is the fourth generation descendent of the “Needle God” Shou Shen. Yao Huifen has practiced the art for more than thirty years. She is proficient in a variety of embroidery techniques, specializing in portraits and Chinese freehand ink painting embroidery.

From 1991 to present, Yao Huifen’s embroidery has won dozens of provincial and national arts and crafts awards. She was elected as “China’s 2013 Annual Representative of the Arts and Crafts Industry”. She pioneered the “simple needlepoint” technique, and made in-depth explorations into Chinese freehand ink painting embroidery. She repeatedly served as an ambassador of embroidery to France, Italy, Britain, Russia, and other countries for cultural exchange. Her works have been collected by the “British Museum,” the “Museum of Fine Arts, University of London,” and domestic art museum collections.