re-lying combines reclining and lying down, creating an anti-gravity posture with many health benefits


source: designboom
exploring alternatives to daily body positions and ways to connect to one’s inner self, dutch practice zU-studio has developed an intriguing design titled ‘parenthesis’. it is an inclined platform adaptable to different situations, which will help users breathe better and enter a stress-free state of being.

the inclining structure is developed by javier zubiria from zU-studio, alongside industrial engineer josu iturrioz and physician ane garmendia. indeed through this project, it was important to highlight the impact of body positions on people’s mental and physical well-being. to elaborate, postural medicine studies the effects of gravity on bodily functions and the ability to influence various diseases by changing positions. based on that, the product introduces the concept of ‘re-lying’ — which is a combination of reclining and lying down.

re-lying implicates antigravity positions which benefit various systems — including circulatory, respiratory, digestive and the like. for example, this position reduces heart rate and pressure on the back — improving venous circulation and the lumbar discs system. as a final result, this sculptural product has been designed to fit in different environments including airports, office spaces, schools, stores, cinemas and many other public dwellings.