Nicholas Stedman

Nicholas Stedman   After Deep Blue

After Deep Blue

inge prader

inge prader recreation of ‘medicine’

Austriešu gleznotāja Gustava Klimta darbi ir zināmi visā pasaule, taču kāda austriešu fotogrāfe devusi tiem otro dzīvi – Inge Prādere (Inge Prader) prezentējusi savas fotogrāfiskās interpretācijas par dižā mākslinieka gleznām.



Florian Hecker

Florian Hecker 77

فلوريان هيكر

POLYMORF: Marcel Van Brakel & Frederik Duerinck

POLYMORF- Marcel Van Brakel & Frederik Duerinck  Hardwired  22


Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

Rino Stefano Tagliafierro  beauty

In questa interpretazione di Rino Stefano Tagliafierro la bellezza è riportata alla forza espressiva di un gesto che egli scaturisce dall’immobilità del quadro, animando un sentimento sottraendolo alla fissità museale. Come se in quelle immagini che la storia dell’arte ci ha consegnato fosse congelato un movimento che l’oggi può rivitalizzare grazie al fuoco dell’inventiva digitale.

Rei Kawakubo

Comme des
Garçons (Rei
1997 /
Collection of
the Kyoto
Institute, Photo
by Takashi

Spring/Summer 1997

Joana Vasconcelos

Joana Vasconcelos red independent heart

red independent heart


EXONEMO EOF (series)

EOF (series)

Carlos Cruz Diez

carlos cruz diez 22

a liberdade da cor
Espaço Cultural Porto Seguro‎
Sao Paulo/Brazil

Figura de singular trajetória na arte contemporânea, o franco-venezuelano Carlos Cruz-Diez (1923 – 2019) dedicou sua vida ao estudo da cor nas artes contemporâneas. Artista profícuo, autor de pinturas, fotografias e instalações, foi aos poucos afastando suas criações das formas, anedotas, símbolos e até mesmo signos, num radical mergulho na cor em si – liberta ao máximo do aspecto decorativo ou secundário na representação artística. Sua extensa obra é agora celebrada na mostra Cruz-Diez: a liberdade da cor, exposição em cartaz de 9 de novembro a 2 de fevereiro, no Espaço Cultural Porto Seguro, com curadoria de Rodrigo Villela.



Many photographers are driven by something singular in their imagery. It is the essence of how they see their work. Eventually it is how others will see their contribution as well. Jeff’s work is defined by the play of light and form. His goal is to translate those subliminal forms into imagery that is timelessly beautiful.


James ROPER   Hypermass


Roy Andersson

Roy Andersson About Endlessness

About Endlessness
La nueva película de Roy Andersson, una especie de secuela espiritual de A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence, está compuesta por una serie de viñetas narradas por una mujer joven desde un futuro indefinido: una pareja flota por una Colonia en ruinas; un padre se detiene a atar los cordones de los zapatos de su hija bajo la lluvia; un cura con crisis de fe busca ayuda de un psiquiatra que lo único que quiere es llegar a tomar el colectivo de vuelta a casa. La película, por la que Andersson ganó el León de Plata a Mejor Director en el último Festival de Venecia, es otra muestra de su talento para captar la esencia de la vida, transitando entre la comedia y el drama, entre la alegría y la tristeza. Y todo esto en apenas 76 encantadores minutos.

Vera Molnár

Vera Molnar 1000

algorythmic art

Ben Cullen Williams

Ben Cullen Williams Silent Princess

Silent Princess

Sara Ludy

Sara Ludy  Sunset


Wayne McGregor

Wayne McGregor Autobiography



Marcelo Jácome

Planos-pipas n17

Julia Noni

Julia Noni

With her distinctive point of view as well as a unique sense of color and intriguing details, Julia Noni masterfully manages to integrate her subjects into almost every environment, which brought her international recognition in the different worlds of fashion, advertising, and portrait photography.more

Hans Hemmert

Hans Hemmert Yellow sculpture

Yellow sculpture

Martin Klimas

Martin Klimas

Marlene Monteiro Freitas

Marlene Monteiro Freitas guintche

This piece derives from a person I drew as a memento of a concert. I called it Guintche and meanwhile it grew, acquired self-life, autonomy, rebelled. Guintche is a word in creole, cape-verdean spoken language. more

Patty Carroll

Patty Carroll Anonyme Femme 1000

Anonyme Femme
Voor haar serie “Anonieme Vrouwen” drapeerde fotografe Patty Carroll vrouwen met verschillende stoffen en textiel. Het lijkt er zelfs op dat de vrouwen op deze manier verdwijnen in het interieur van de woning. Alsof hun identiteit op deze manier van ze ontnomen wordt.



Snake Eyes
Katy Heinlein’s exhibition Snake Eyes challenges the sublime possibilities of symmetry, and indulges in the humor, awkwardness, and flustered physicality that comes with disrupting that symmetry. Heinlein fashions pragmatic materials like wood and aluminum into nimble structures, ready to be wrapped and draped in costumes of brightly colored cloth. Like dressing for a night out, the works take on a very human folly: the effort to conceal, emphasize and seduce.


GUDA KOSTER compositie met oranje cirkel

compositie met oranje cirkel
Guda Koster is a Dutch artist who creates living sculptures and performances, which the photographs are the results of. Koster’s works are created in parallels of time, space and textile.In her works Koster uses fabrics, colours and patterns that underline the codes and meanings our clothing conveys.

Mandy Roos

Mandy Roos

Invasion Of The Foot Carrier
งานชุดนี่ของ Mandy Roos คือการออกแบบรองเท้าโดยได้รับแรงบันดาลใจมาจากภาพยนต์วิทยาศาสตร์สมัยเก่าๆและจากจินตนาการของเธอเอง โดยใช้วัสดุเช่น ยาง พราสติก คือ วัสตุที่ไม่น่าจะนำมาทำรองเท้านั่นเอง ก็งานอาร์ตนี่นะ ไม่น่าจะนำมาใช้งานจริงได้อยู่แล้ว

Ferda Kolatan

Ferda Kolatan Coral Column

Coral Column
Close-up examines the impact of digital technologies on the architectural detail and the traditions of tectonic expression associated with it. An often overlooked condition of digital design technologies is the ability to design objects through continuous degrees of magnification. more

Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy

Birch Cooper 1000

MSHR is a collaborative project by New York-based artists Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy. The duo produces sculptural synthesizers, ritualistic installations and performances that use light and audio feedback to generate sensory experiences. MSHR emerged in 2011 from the five-person art collective Oregon Painting Society.

Patty Carroll

Patty Carroll Anonymous Women

Anonymous Women
In the latest narratives, “Demise,” the woman becomes the victim of domestic disasters. Her activities, obsessions and objects are overwhelming her. Her home has become a site of tragedy. The scenes of her heartbreaking end are loosely inspired by several sources including the game of clue, where murder occurs in one of five rooms of the house: Dining Room, Kitchen, Hall, Conservatory, and Library.

Melanie Bonajo

Melanie Bonajo Last Child in the Woods

Last Child in the Woods
Melanie Bonajo studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and completed residencies at the Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunst in Amsterdam (2009-10) and at ISCP in New York (2014).



FILE gif

Paul Robertson is an Australian animator and digital artist who is known for his pixel art used in short films and video games. He is mostly known for Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World: The Game and the recent release, Mercenary Kings. Apart from his seasoned career as a game designer and movie creator, Robertson has been recently spotted on Tumblr with these GIFS. His interest in inserting flashing neon colors, geometric shapes, Japanese character animation, and 1990′s computer imagery, deems his work as heavily influenced by the Seapunk/Vaporwave aesthetic.

Jessica Eaton

Jessica Eaton but does it float

but does it float
The Montreal-based artist has been working in the arcane reaches of analog photography for over 14 years. Through obsessive experimentation, she has developed a method entirely her own, combining additive colour theory and what she calls “a really bastardized version of Ansel Adam’s zone system.” Eaton’s relentless inventiveness and exacting practice have made her one of the most successful Canadian artist-photographers working today. She’s represented by galleries in Montreal, LA, and New York, where she exhibits her work by turns on a bi-annual basis. Viewers and collectors are drawn to the unique tensions in Eaton’s work: the austere minimalism coupled with her daring colors; the hyper-abstraction undercut by a current of playfulness; the defiant impenetrability softened by an aura of warmth.

Roy Andersson

Roy Andersson

A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence
A sense of depression is reflected in his reluctance to use close-ups or camera movement, yet Andersson has quite an eye for beautiful set-ups even within the restrictions he’s given himself. His sense of humor is deadpan and misanthropic yet humanist. Andersson’s dour wit isn’t far from Louie. A Pigeon Sat On a Branch Reflecting On Existence expects the worst from the human race but holds out a slim hope for the best.



Xenobots – the First “Living Robots”
Researchers used the Deep Green supercomputer cluster and an evolutionary algorithm to design new life-forms that could achieve an assigned task. Then they built them by combining together different biological tissues from Xenopus laevis embryos, hence the name Xenobots.
Credit:A scalable pipeline for designing reconfigurable organisms
Sam Kriegman, Douglas Blackiston, Michael Levin, and Josh Bongard
PNAS, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1910837117

Paul Cocksedge

Paul Cocksedge Freezing

Freeze Multi Circle Table
In Freeze, Cocksedge exploits freezing temperatures to create a seamless bond between metals that otherwise do not adhere in nature. The breakthrough in the series – a table of copper and aluminum – was made by first burying four copper legs in snow, leaving them to contract by 100th of a millimeter; second, excavating the legs and inserting them into holes cut into an aluminum slab where they were allowed to un-freeze back to ambient temperature thereby firmly locking into place in a strong, invisible join.

Kink Studio

Kink Studio    Sussex St Wind Tower

Sussex St Wind Tower
KINK STUDIO is an architectural model making and object fabrication studio located in Sydney. We have produced work for some of Australia’s leading architects, developers, artists and designers. Our workshop is equipt with the latest digital fabrication tools and we have experience in using a wide range of materials and fabrication techniques.

Richard Quinn

Richard Quinn Spring Summer 2019

Spring Summer 2019
Quinn’s clothes conjure a couture fantasy, with unabashedly extravagant shapes and lavish embellishments. This season the look veered between thigh-grazing confectionary frocks and a more dramatic voluminous silhouette that tumbled to the ground and swept the floor. The floral cocktail dresses of last season were even frothier this time around, bold in the shoulder and replete with handfuls of bows along the sleeves. If that sexy, legs-for-days line evoked frivolity, then the longer, grander gowns readdressed the balance.



In ancient Greek Omphalos means navel as in navel or center of the world. Jalet’s creation examines the question of origins. The choreographer reflects on the human predicament and life in the cosmos, a recurrent theme in his work. For his first Latin American creation, Jalets brings together an ensemble of 20 dancers who perform to the music of Marihiko Hara et Ryūichi Sakamoto. This stunning performance makes light of gravity and instability, unfolding at the very edge of empty space. Exceptional event: the only performances in France as part of a world tour.

Suguru Goto

Suguru Goto  L'homme transcende 22

L’homme transcendé
Suguru Goto explore l’extension des potentialités dans la relation homme-machine. Ses performances joue sur l’interaction entre la représentation vidéo de corps virtuels et les vrais corps présents sur la scène, qui peuvent grâce au BodySuit, transformer ces images en temps réel. Un puzzle est créé autour des différences et des ressemblances entre le vrai corps et le corps virtuel.

Antoine Catala

Antoine Catala

Distant Feel
Antoine Catala répond à la très haute technicité des médias numériques actuels en s’aidant du lo-fi et de l’analogique. Parsemées d’humour et de jeux de mots qui dissimulent souvent une certaine gravité, ses œuvres s’enchaînent dans une continuité à la fois matérielle et conceptuelle et s’appuient aussi bien sur l’esthétique du projet de sciences que sur la sémiotique.



دانيال بورين
다니엘 뷰렌
Даниэль Бюрен
La cabane éclatée aux 4 salles

Heinrich Bulthoff

Leicht und filigran: Der Seilsimulator setzt neue Maßstäbe

Cable Robot Simulator
Max-Planck-Institut für biologische Kybernetik

Eight steel cables, each with 1.4 tons of tensions, hold aloft a caged platform with a seat for one person. Using a wireless VR headset, that person can simulate experiences like flight while being zoomed in dozens of different ways. Eight retracting cables connected to a winch pull on the cage. It’s like a giant, flying VR jungle gym.




When left unattended, she produces all her own beats, writes all her own words, makes all her own pictures and uses all her limbs and voice when she plays live. If not watched carefully BABii will write song after song, to the point where some have been put away for when she is older. The first of these songs will be heard on her debut LP ‘HiiDE’, out in 2019 on Deathwaltz Originals which was in parts co-produced by Adrian Sherwood and focuses on the key themes of hiding and secrets. Some tracks have already snuck out in strange forms on Iglooghost’s Diplo & Friends mix for BBC Radio 1 and have been heard while supporting him on tour around the UK.


ARS ELECTRONICA 2010 | repair - sind wir noch zu retten


File Festival
日本を代表する映像/音響アーティストの黒川良一。1999年より映像および音楽作品の制作を開始して以来、メディアアートをとりまく国内外の様々なアート・フェスティバルにおいてインスタレーション展示、オーディオビジュアル作品の上演を行う。過去の展示、上演には、イギリスのTate Modern、イタリアのVenice Biennale、ドイツのTransmediale、そして本国バルセロナのSonar等がある。またヒューマン・オーディオ・スポンジ(元YMO: 現Sketch Show + Ryuichi Sakamoto)などのミュージシャンの為にライブビジュアルの上演も行っている

frank kolkman and juuke schoorl

file sao paulo 2018 frank kolkman and juuke schoorl outrospectre

file sao paulo 2018
“Outrospectre” is an experimental proposal for a medical device aimed at reconciling people with death through simulating out-of-body experiences. In healthcare the majority of efforts and research focus on keeping people alive. The fear and experience of death is a mostly neglected topic. Recent (para) psychological research, however, suggests that the sensation of drifting outside of one’s own body using virtual reality technology could help reduce death anxiety. “Outrospectre” explores the possible application of these findings in hospital surroundings where it could help terminal patients accept their own mortality with more comfort.
This project investigates unanswered questions about mortality and ‘end of life’.



Please Smile
File Festival
“Please smile” is an exhibit involving five robotic skeleton arms that change their gestures depending on a viewer’s facial expressions. It consists of a microcontroller, a camera, a computer, five external power supplies, and five plastic skeleton arms, each of them with four motors. It incorporates elements from mechanical engineering, computer vision perception, to serve artistic expression with a robot.

Heatherwick Studio

Heatherwick Studio Zeitz MOCAA

The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

Heatherwick Studio au inaugurat în data de 22 septembrie 2017 un nou Muzeu de Artă Contem­porană în Africa de Sud – Zeitz MOCAA. Muzeul este amplasat în Cape Town în lungul celebrului V&A Waterfront. Frontul la apă, denumit cu sens istoric Victoria and Albe­­­rt, atrage zilnic peste 100 000 de oameni. Este amplasat la baza Muntelui Table, în golful natural al fostului port istoric, beneficiind de o deschidere superbă spre ocean, pe de o parte, şi spre vârfurile muntoase, pe de alta.

Stephen Murray

The Comedown Human Powered Rollercoaster

The Comedown Human Powered Rollercoaster
The Comedown is reminiscent of the late ’90s Human Powered Rollercoaster that made an appearance at the 1995 Toronto Cycle Messenger World Championships (edited, org text had wrong date), though at a smaller scale. Where the earlier HPR was large enough for two-up racing (video, images) The Comedown is single-file affair.

Objective Realities

automato farm Objective Realities
As things become smarter and connected, their roles in people’s lives are challenged. Things become closer and closer to us, eventually becoming “users” themselves. How will we understand objects’ needs and perspectives and potentially design for them?


Teun Vonk The Physical Mind

“The Physical Mind” is Vonk’s attempt to let participants experience the relation between their physical and mental states by applying physical pressure to the body. The installation consists of two inflatable objects in-between which a participant lays down to subsequently get lifted up and be gently squeezed between the curves of the two objects. While the lifting creates an unstable feeling, this stressful sensation is soon thereafter contrasted with the secure feeling of being gently squeezed between two soft objects. Besides this experience for participants, the installation also evokes feelings of empathy amongst bystanders who witness participants undergo the experience.

John Adams

John Adams Girls of the Golden West

Girls of the Golden West
The opera is inspired by the 1851/1852 letters of Louise Clappe, who lived for a year and a half in the mining settlement of Rich Bar (now Diamondville, California) during the California Gold Rush.

Rick Owens

Rick Owens India FW17 Glitter Womens

Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman
时装设计大师 Rick Owens 近年一直醉心于时装以外的艺术创作,在 2005 年更发布以卡板、大理石及驼鹿角制作的家具系列,先后于巴黎现代艺术博物馆及洛杉矶当代艺术美术馆展出。最近,意大利米兰三 年展设计博物馆(Triennale di Milano)将策划 Rick Owens 回顾展《Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman》,「总体艺术」(Gesamtkunstwerk) 之形式呈现,展出 Rick Owens 一系列时装及家具、电影、平面设计、出版物藏品和最新雕塑装置,探索他整个作品的论述、创意、进化与演变,看看他如何摧毁现有信仰和偏执,同时破坏封闭的道德观,叩问社会对于美学与接受的问题。

Milena Naef

Milena Naef Morphing

Milena Naef questions ‘existing’ structures that are inherent to herself. The work tries to create the right manifestation of the assumed duality between body and mind. She translates characteristics of a subjective experience into material, transforming the mental into physical to find a new relation between the two. Once tangible, the interaction with the concrete material allows for a space to ‘open’ in which a given context can be changed. The body itself with its physical presence and its absence becomes a vital aspect of the work.

robert gober

robert gober Untitled Door and Door Frame

Untitled Door and Door Frame
Robert Gober’s work focuses around the themes of sexuality, relationships, religion, politics and nature. Working mostly in sculpture, surprisingly Gober doesn’t use found objects as a part of his work, but recreates these found objects himself and handcrafts them in his studios. Objects such as sinks, doors, cribs, chairs and body parts feature heavily in his work but yet all meticulously handmade. All the objects and installations in which Gober creates have a certain humorous element to them be it the half body that sticks out from the wall or the sink that has legs coming out of it.



NYC Ballet
Diese neue Produktion des New York City Ballet basiert auf Das Unglaublichste, einem der letzten Märchen von Hans Christian Andersen. Die Geschichte von der schönen Prinzessin, dem einfallsreichen Erfinder und dem bösen Zerstörer verspricht ein Höhepunkt der diesjährigen Theatersaison zu werden. Dafür kleidet Dzama insgesamt 56 Tänzer ein, darunter auch 11 Kinder der School of American Ballet. Der Künstler, dem in den Frankfurter Deutsche Bank-Türmen eine ganze Etage gewidmet ist, verwandelt die Nachwuchstänzer in für ihn typische Fabelwesen, die sich durch bizarre Kulissen bewegen. The Most Incredible Thing” lässt Dzamas gezeichnetes Universum auf der Bühne lebendig werden.

Richard Quinn

London Woman SS 2020
London born designer Richard Quinn established his eponymous label in 2016, upon graduating the Fashion MA at Central Saint Martins. Specialising in womenswear and textiles, his collections are bold and emotive creating a forward thinking unafraid vision. Richard creates garments with attention to innovative fabrications, focusing on his ability to combine unique handcrafted skill, with a refined high fashion sensibility.

lauren kalman

lauren kalman

Lauren Kalman is a visual artist whose practice is invested in contemporary craft, video, photography and performance. Through her work she investigates beauty, adornment, body image, value, and consumer culture. Raised in the Midwest, Kalman completed her MFA in Art and Technology from the Ohio State University and earned a BFA with a focus in metals from the Massachusetts College of Art. She has been awarded residencies at the Corporation of Yaddo, Virginia Center for Creative Arts, and Santa Fe Art Institute. In addition she has received Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation, Puffin Foundation West and ISE Cultural Foundation grants.

Eric Klarenbeek, Designer of the unusual

Eric Klarenbeek, Designer of the unusual

Eye Jewellery
Eric Klarenbeek does special projects, or let’s say the unusual, for unusual people, projects or purposes. His studio connects creatives, designers, local crafts and clients by inventing new projects and products and believing our world can be so much better, more beautiful and honest. “My work is characterized by interaction and innovation. My products can be in motion, react on our presence or respond on developments in our society. I search for new meaning and principles in objects, for unexplored connections between materials, production methods, makers and users. Scale and appliance are irrelevant. I’ve designed jewellery, but also developed concepts to connect tourists to local craftsmen”, says Eric.

Erwing Hauer and Enrique Rosado


In Continua
The concepts of continuity and potential infinity have been central themes of Erwin Hauer’s opus from very early on in his career as a sculptor. In his native Vienna, he began to explore infinite continuous surfaces that evolved into perforated modular structures that were appropriate in architectural applications. Hauer’s sculptural walls are intricately woven forms that create a visual sense of infinity – a frozen poetry in motion. He patented these designs, developed the technology to produce them, and installed the modular, light-diffusing walls in buildings throughout the United States and seven other countries.

Joyce Lin

Joyce Lin Exploded Chair

Exploded Chair
This piece takes traditional conception of what a chair is, dismantles it, and places it in clear perspex containers. The maple-wood chair that sits loosely within its crystalline sarcophagus looks much like the archetypal kitchen seat. As the ‘Exploded Chair’ is moved, its wooden pieces rattle around inside their compartments. The piece is both familiar and disorienting, playful and disconcerting — a dichotomous piece on which to seat yourself.