Linger Bench
Alvin Tjitrowirjo es el diseñador de alta talento indonesio que se comprometió a introducir el diseño moderno y contemporáneo de Indonesia a nivel local el resto del mundo. A través de la marca alvinT, que se dedicó a la reactivación de la industria del diseño de Indonesia y comunicar carácter distintivo diseño de Indonesia y materiales de alta calidad y la artesanía, que representa la cultura de Indonesia a través de los ojos modernos.

hickey heart

hickey heart distortion

Human, ultra human or a poetic of deformation? Observing series “Distortions” by young photographer Hickey Heart (23 years old), is like taking a disturbing trip into our online lives 24h/24h, among small epiphanies, existential dilemmas and everyday solitudes.

Marta Soul

Marta Soul idilios

De esta serie, Idilios, escribe, “Idilios (palabra española lírica de” romances “en Inglés) muestra una serie de recreaciones romántica basada en experiencias amorosas representado por la misma mujer (el alter ego del artista) besando a hombres diferentes en distintos lugares. La serie se construye en un contexto ideal para acentuar la experiencia del amor romántico. Una tienda de joyas, un campo de golf y un hotel de lujo aparecen como los lugares apropiados en los que a la etapa romántica.



Brookhart Jonquil’s abstract sculptures expand on the discourse of postminimalist art. Using unusual and highly aestheticized construction materials and consumer goods—such as two-by-fours, mirrors, neon lights, and magicians’ flash paper—Jonquil mines the histories of postwar abstract sculpture and scientific imagery.

Marketa Martiskova

Marketa Martiskova

Ensemble “Protest”
Graduate from the Royal Academy in Antwerp Markéta Martišková left to study in Belgium after finishing her studies at The Academy of Fine Arts and Design (VŠVU) in Bratislava. Antwerp has become her second home and her strongest source of inspiration for new ideas and work. Being a designer, Markéta communicates through symbols, typography and prints. She also always tries to use new techniques. The theme of each of her collections contains a certain element of wit and draws on the designer’s imagination. She creates collections for women as well as children.

Mattia Paco Rizzi + Jessica Bergstein-Collay

Mattia Paco Rizzi + Jessica Bergstein-Collay   Taumascopio

‘Taumascopio’ is an art installation designed and realized by parisian architect-artist mattia paco rizzi for the 2014 kanal playground festival in brussels, belgium. the structure is completely covered with mirrors and as a result, offers a complete visual camouflage along the molenbeek’s canal. as its exterior panels fold, the overall massing creates a kaleidoscopic effect that reacts to heat. during the temperature’s evolution throughout the day, the surfaces present an ever-changing reflective effect. ‘the ‘taumascopio’ invites us to reflect in poetic vein on public space, like a box of delights that gives us multiple visions and allows us to see the city differently,’ says rizzi. ‘the mosaic of reflections sends our thoughts in new directions and invite us to create new ideas.’

Maurizio Cattelan


gold toilet at the guggenheim

Cuando hablamos de Maurizio Cattelan, lo hacemos, seguramente, de uno de los artistas más influyentes de la actualidad. Nacido en Padua, Italia, en 1960, vive y trabaja en Nueva York. Podríamos definirlo como un escultor, ya que la mayor parte de su obra es escultórica, pero creo que sería más correcto decir de él que es un creador de imágenes. Su obra es realmente irónica y crítica, con la sociedad en general y con el mundo del arte contemporáneo en particular.

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov The Strange City

илья кабаков и эмилия
The Strange City

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov are Russian-born, American-based artists that collaborate on environments which fuse elements of the everyday with those of the conceptual. While their work is deeply rooted in the Soviet social and cultural context in which the Kabakovs came of age, their work still attains a universal significance.

awol erizku

awo lerizku my new sculpture oh what a feeling

My new sculpture oh what a feeling
Distressed by the lack of representation for people of color in art history and museums and galleries, Awol Erizku aims to rectify this omission in his photographs, sculptures, and video installations, which are centered upon subjects of color. In his words, “There are not that many colored people in the galleries that I went to [growing up] or the museums that I went to. I was just like, when I become an artist I have to put my two cents in this world.” He does this in a critically acclaimed series of photographic portraits, re-crafting famous painted portraits by artists like Vermeer and Caravaggio by replacing their white subjects with contemporary black ones. By re-staging these and other iconic works of art, Erizku engages in critical discourse with the past, cracking open the canon with historically repressed voices.

patrizio di renzo

patrizio di renzo  Pure Poison

باتريسيو دي رينزو
Pure Poison

From photographs to cinema, black and white to colors, true to false, the approach of Patrizio Di Renzo is eclectic and subtle. Patrizio is very meticulous to the shape and the staging of his subject, maybe the specific touch of the fashion photographer. Patrizio expresses his taste for representing his mysterious path, which is often explored by numerous artists. Patrizio Di Renzo might create his photographs as he explored the ways of his own secret world. He wishes to keep away from realism, from details of ordinary life, to take us to an imaginary world, sometimes fantastic. It seems that his creativity leads him to new horizons. His creations cannot by defined in a particular current.



Peace Pavilion
La struttura autoportante, sviluppa 4 metri in altezza con una superficie occupata complessiva di circa 20 mq. L’intera struttura portante è stata realizzata utilizzando 77 mq di membrana in pvc riempita con 20 mc di aria compressa. Superiormente è chiusa da una membrana completamente trasparente per offrire riparo in caso di pioggia ma al tempo stesso consentire alla vista di continuare ad ammirare il paesaggio.

Behnaz Farahi

Behnaz Farahi  Caress of the Gaze

Caress of the Gaze
For Caress of the Gaze, Farahi worked with AutoDesk, PIER9 (where she is currently an Artist in Residence) and MADWORKSHOP to create a kind chest-covering cape covered with a beautiful layer of feather-like quills. While they appear soft to the touch, the quills can actually detect the gaze of another (a man, as shown in the video below) and expand and contract as his eyes move around the body. A microcontroller connected to the cape’s camera can also detect the age and gender of the onlooker, perhaps helping the wearer to discern their motives.



Plasticine Cave
Gary Card is a young and amazing English designer, a graduate of Central Saint Martins, who made the “Plasticine Cave” installation for Spring Studios Gallerya few years ago. He is redefining boundaries by using plasticine in huge quantities and making us feel disturbed by all those skulls. The installation consists of 2 thousands gawking faces sculpted out of almost 3 tonnes of white plasticine, giving a huge and dramatic cave where the combination of materials and light give an outstanding interior space.



Tower no5 vhs tapes
It’s not hard to recognize that technology trends come and go, but what happens to all of those out of date products that the world no longer uses? Unfortunately a lot of the merchandise takes up landfill space, but there are a select few that step up to the recycling plate with ideas to repurpose the old products. Lorenzo Durantini’s creative vision for the large plastic rectangle VHS units we were all once googley eyed over, has taken to recreating them into powerful art sculptures.



Cite Des Affaires
Санкт-Этьенский «Деловой центр» с необычным дизайном экстерьера находится на участке Avenue Grüner в районе Chateaucreux рядом с железнодорожным вокзалом. Выбранное место строительства является жизненно важной точкой взаимодействия между центром Сент-Этьена и новым районом Chateaucreux с крупным транспортным узлом. Центр также является полюсом группировки нескольких государственных органов, которые будут созданы там регионального развития администрации, налоговой службы, Epora, Сент-Этьен Métropole, и так далее. Это здание на 1500 рабочих мест запроектировала фирма Manuelle Gautrand Architecture.

Tony Matelli



Using an often hyperrealistic idiom, Matelli describes the more disquieting sides of human beings and human society. His sculptures straddle the boundary between uneasiness and humour: in a number of the works he turns innocence into absurdity, such as when animals or humans are maltreated by various weapons and devices. He was born 1971 in Chicago, IL and lives and works in New York, New York.

Emily Motto

Emily Motto  My cell

Эмили Мотто
My Cell

I make playful sculptures that perform and evolve throughout, and beyond, my creation – especially in terms of their shape, and the physicality of the unstable materials that I build them from. When creating parasites I was inspired by how the materials I made and used fed off each other’s properties; the net, dough and string of my recent sculpture series structurally supporting each other, and these responses creating new, and often quite fragile, forms



פינה באוש
بينا باوش

В 1954—1958 училась балету в Эссене, затем в Нью-Йорке. В 1962 вернулась в Германию, стала солисткой Эссенского балетного театра, с 1969 — его руководительницей. В 1973 возглавила труппу современного танца в Вуппертале. В дальнейшем Бауш со своей труппой создают спектакли, навеянные атсмосферой и пластикой тех городов, где они выступают: Будапешта, Палермо, Стамбула, Токио, Лиссабона, Гонконга, Мадрида, Рима, Лос-Анджелеса, Сеула, Вены и др.



Tze Goh nació y creció en Singapour. Es un enamorado de la arquitectura de Tadeo Ando y finalizó sus estudios de moda en la Saint Martins de Londres. Esta pieza pertenece a su colección de graduación.


onformative   anima

»ANIMA« is a sculptural installation developed to explore the relationship between itself and its surroundings through the use of movement, texture, light and sound. The installation consists of a giant glowing sphere measuring two meters in diameter. This larger-than-life entity is suspended from the ceiling, as if in mid-air, in a darkened room. The luminescent sculpture acts as the sole light source for the space, drawing viewers in as it reacts to their presence.

robert gober

robert gober Untitled Door and Door Frame

Untitled Door and Door Frame
Robert Gober’s work focuses around the themes of sexuality, relationships, religion, politics and nature. Working mostly in sculpture, surprisingly Gober doesn’t use found objects as a part of his work, but recreates these found objects himself and handcrafts them in his studios. Objects such as sinks, doors, cribs, chairs and body parts feature heavily in his work but yet all meticulously handmade. All the objects and installations in which Gober creates have a certain humorous element to them be it the half body that sticks out from the wall or the sink that has legs coming out of it.

Jasna Dimitrovska

Jasna Dimitrovska Three Machines on Transparency

Three Machines on Transparency
Three Machines on transparency is a project that is imagined as an “exhibition by appointment” where the artist guides the audience throughout the gallery installation. The machines represent artefacts that “do” philosophy or prototypes that materialize ideas. By demonstrating their functionality the artist synthesizes philosophical concepts into the corporeality of the physical prototypes.

Rainer Gross

Rainer Gross  Abbeye de Noirlac

Abbeye de Noirlac
Ces installations sont avant tout des « sculptures ». En tant qu’objets, elles se découvrent tout d’abord à travers le prisme des sens, c’est-à-dire que leur perception dépend de la sensibilité de chacun face à leur tridimensionnalité et leur présence plastique, leur tactilité et qualité graphique, en tant que « dessin dans l’espace ». En même temps, le langage des formes retenues peut aussi renvoyer de façon discrète à un autre niveau de lecture, à savoir la représentation du caractère éphémère et instable de toute chose et de la futilité des actions humaines.

Stefan Tiefengraber

Stefan Tiefengraber User Generated Server Destruction

User Generated Server Destruction
The visitors of the website can trigger six hammers and drop them onto a server that is located in the exhibition. This server hosts exactly the same website, which also shows a video stream to follow what’s happening with the piece. The installation ends when the server is destroyed and thus can not host the website any more. It is then presented as an object along with the documentation of the process.



Энтони Гормли
أنتوني غورملي
Another Place (100 cast iron figurative sculptures)
Antony Gormley has over the past 30 years revitalised the human form in sculpture through a radical investigation of the body as a place of memory and transformation. “I am interested in the body”, he says, “because it is the place where emotions are most directly registered. When you feel frightened, when you feel excited, happy, depressed somehow the body registers it.”



White Bouncy Castle
The visitor’s unavoidable inclusion in the idiosyncratic kinetics of Dana Caspersen and William Forsythe’s «White Bouncy Castle» creates a choreographic space where there are no spectators, only participants. The choreography that appears, led by Joel Ryan’s encompassing soundtrack, is the result of complete physical destabilisation and the resulting social absurdity. The inadvertant euphoria that results from the situation is infectious and, in some cases, addictive.

dan tobin smith

dan tobin smith  color-codes kipple

댄 토빈 스미스
дан Тобин Смит
color-codes kipple

The work references the fictional concept of ‘kipple’, as described by science fiction writer philip k dick’s 1968 novel ‘do androids dream of electric sheep’, later adapted into the film ‘blade runner’. ‘Kipple is useless objects, like junk mail or match folders after you use the last match or gum wrappers or yesterday’s newspaper. When nobody’s around, kipple reproduces itself…the entire universe is moving towards a final state of total, absolute kippleization.[…]

sankai juku

sankai juku   Kagemi  Beyond the Metaphor of Mirrors

Kagemi: Beyond the Metaphor of Mirrors

山海塾(さんかいじゅく)は、1975年に設立された天児牛大(あまがつ うしお)主宰の舞踏グループ。日本国外での評価が高く、世界のコンテンポラリーダンスの最高峰である パリ市立劇場 (Theatre de la Ville, Paris) を拠点として、およそ2年に一度のペースで新しい作品を発表し続けている。1980年に日本国外での公演を開始して以来、世界43ヶ国のべ700都市以上で公演を行っている。

Erin O’Keefe

Erin O’Keefe   Mirror stick study

Mirror stick study
“I am a visual artist and an architect, and my work is informed by both of these disciplines. My background in architecture is the underpinning for my art practice, providing my first sustained exposure to the issues and questions that I currently contend with in my photographs. The questions that I ask through my work are about the nature of spatial perception, and the tools that I use are rooted in the abstract, formal language of making that I developed as an architect.”



رون جلعاد
רון גלעד

‘IX mirrors’ by israeli-born, new york-based artist ron gilad uses a series of ten embellished mirrors as a means of exploring self-reflection and perception, at milan’s dilmos gallery for salone del mobile 2011.



Анжела Глэйкар
Angela Glajcar scolpisce la luce. Con fine sensibilità al materiale (la carta) e alle sfumature cromatiche che si producono fra i giochi di luci ed ombre. Si avverte un movimento sacro, ascensionale, fra i fogli allineanti come fanoni.



朱塞佩 利卡里
The sky in a room

“Nature has always been a big passion and the relation of nature and man-made environments is something I often try to confront in my work. The Sky in a Room was first inspired by the forests’ fires that in 2007 destroyed a big part of the south of Europe. They were largely man-made fires, intending to generate new land available for building speculation. A sick tree was cut down by the municipality of Rotterdam, cut in smaller pieces, archived and re-built inside the exhibition space, against the architectural surfaces of the gallery. The trunk of the tree was removed in order to give the public a different physical relation to the tree itself and to the white sterilized space of the gallery. The dead tree presents its branches covered with a layer of moss and molds creating a suspended landscape.”




Like most of Banksy’s work, this piece welcomes ample political and social discussion from both sides of the spectrum while prompting the unavoidable question: shop till you drop?

James Seawright

James Seawright  Dome

James Seawright, born in 1936 in Jackson, Mississippi, was for many years Director of Visual Arts at Princeton University.
Recognized as one of the foremost technological artists since the late 1960’s, his works are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum and the Guggenheim Museum of New York, the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University, the New Jersey State Museum at Trenton, and other museums throughout the world.



안드레아스 거스키
أندرياس غورسكي
אנדריאס גורסקי

Andreas Gursky makes large-scale, colour photographs distinctive for their incisive and critical look at the effect of capitalism and globalisation on contemporary life. Gursky studied under Bernd and Hilla Becher at the Düsseldorf Kunstakademie in the early 1980s and first adopted a style and method closely following Becher’s systematic approach to photography, creating small, black-and-white prints.



Алехандро Ходоровский
La Montaña Sagrada (holy mountain)

Não é fácil digerir o cinema de Alejandro Jodorowsky. Menos ainda talvez seja escrever qualquer coisa a respeito de seus filmes. E a situação pode ficar ainda mais complicada quando tratamos de A Montanha Sagrada. Pode-se dizer que o filme representa o auge da confluência criativa entre Jodorowsky, o cineasta e Jodorowsky, o mago. Nunca antes um filme fora tão bem sucedido ao capturar a poderosa essência imagética dos símbolos místico e religiosos. E vale notar aqui que religioso não tem nada a ver com crenças institucionalizadas, mas com o aspecto humano que lida com tudo o que é misterioso, invisível e sobrenatural.

maarten baas

maarten baas team B  house-UP

team B

“I have encouraged these young architects to think and work in a freer, more playful way. I have been coaching both teams and guiding the creative process, getting people to kick around archetypes and suchlike,” he said.


teamlab  soft black hole

soft black hole


Justin Hodges

Justin Hodges

Romance & The Landscape
Romance & The Landscape by Justin Hodges disrupts the banality of the day to day by re-contextualizing images and objects and highlighting the intricacy of our relationship to our planet. According to the artist, the natural world is a container of sorts for many things, both human and otherwise. With that, he encourages us to think about the routines and convenience of our interactions.



Two Moon

A travers ses dessins, ses installations et ses courts-métrages, Moon Hoon expérimente, fusionne, mélange, explose, et tente toutes les techniques possibles dans le but de briser les codes et les limites imposés dans l’architecture. C’est pourquoi son travail est reconnu à l’échelle mondial et est présenté lors d’expositions collectives et solo dans de nombreux musées comme La Biennale di Venezia (Venise) ou encore l’Arko Art Center et le Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain de Séoul.



Water Cathedral
Supported by a minimal external steel framework, the inverted cones are suspended from a wire grid to capture rainwater within a plastic bag. dripping at different pulses and speeds, water drops exit the textile covering to generate a cool atmosphere for visitors beneath the canopy. stalagmites formed with concrete blocks double as benches, strategically placing individuals below the streams of water.

Espen Sommer Eide

Espen Sommer Eide    Dead Language Poetry

Dead Language Poetry
What we lose when a language dies is a broad topic which is interesting from both a cultural historical, linguistic and philosophical point of view. With a background in art, music and philosophy, Espen Sommer Eide has used numerous approaches to observe the phenomenon. He is interested in the complexity in the process behind destruction, evolution and creation of language[…] ‘Dead Language Poetry’ is Espen Sommer Eide’s first solo exhibition.



에반 페니

Estas son obras del canadiense Evan Penny, que crea esculturas estiradas y sesgadas que superan los 2 metros de altura.
Algunas de sus otras obras incluyen retratos hiperrealistas, en los que usa silicona y otros materiales para imitar la textura de la piel y el cabello hasta el mínimo detalle del último folículo a gran escala.



New Age Demanded
“Inspired by classical Greek busts, Jon Rafman uses computer software to digitally render three-dimensional forms. The forms act as the structural surface on which two-dimensional Internet-sourced images are applied. The series is presented as large-scale archival pigment digital prints. Each print is created with its own specific texture and sculptural mutation. Rafman uses historically recognizable works from canonized artists like Mark Rothko, Georgia O’Keeffe, Piet Mondrian, and Wassily Kandinsky as the subjects of his appropriations.”

Iris van Herpen

Iris van Herpen

イリス ヴァン ヘルペン

”En todo mi trabajo trato de dejar en claro que la moda es una expresión artística, demostrando y llevando el arte, y no sólo una herramienta funcional y carente de contenido o comerciales. Con mi trabajo me propongo mostrar que la moda sin duda puede tener un valor añadido al mundo, que es atemporal y que su consumo puede ser menos importante. Usar ropa puede crear una forma muy emocionante de la auto-expresión. “La forma sigue la función” no es un eslogan con el que estoy de acuerdo[…]”



Hitchcock Hallway
Hitchcock Hallway is a series of 11 consecutive rooms. The rooms are connected by doors and they all look alike. One room leads to the next similar looking room which leads to the next similar room and so forth. The rooms are not alike. When moving into the rooms from the lobby all dimensions of the rooms slightly decreases, this makes the first room 13,21 m3 and the last room 5,26 m3. The change from one room to the next is unrecognizably subtle, but over several rooms it’s distinct.



“Cylinder” surgió de un deseo de crear objetos complejos que partiesen de los abrumadores detalles que tiene la naturaleza. Andy Huntington y Drew Allan querian crear formas generadas algoritmicamente de una forma rápida usando técnicas capaces de esculpir objetos extremadamente complejos. Sin embargo, en lugar de utilizar código para generar la complejidad, se dedicaron a capturar la complejidad natural que nos rodea.

Paul Kaptein

Paul Kaptein 998876

Artiste sculpteur de Perth en Australie. Il a choisi le bois qu’il décline en sculptures très élaborées. Souvent figuratif, le style est très contemporain avec une inspiration “surréaliste” et une grande maîtrise technique.



Temporary sculptures, perpetual motion, focus, energy and balance. mandalas are deconstructed shortly after their completion. This is an allegory, done as a metaphor of the impermanence of life. An incredible kinetic sculpture is built of palm branches by the sculptor, it is amazingly held together only by a feather.



Gray Nightmares
Robotics, cybernetics and developments in the field of artificial intelligence put the equally fascinating as disquieting idea of artificial life within our grasp. Nanine Linning’s new production SILVER addresses the intimate – and increasingly intrusive – relationship between the human and the technological, showing the beauty of its aesthetics, but also questioning its promise of ever increasing progress and self-improvement.

Nanine Linning

Nanine Linning   Silver

Robotics, cybernetics and developments in the field of artificial intelligence put the equally fascinating as disquieting idea of artificial life within our grasp. Nanine Linning’s new production SILVER addresses the intimate – and increasingly intrusive – relationship between the human and the technological, showing the beauty of its aesthetics, but also questioning its promise of ever increasing progress and self-improvement.

fantastic norway architects

fantastic norway architects  Walking Berlin

Walking Berlin
Дизайнеры из студии “Фантастическая Норвегия” (Fantastic Norway) устроили в столице Германии перформанс “Ходячий Берлин” (Walking Berlin). Надев на себя подобия деревянных домов, затейники гуляли по городу, танцевали, катались в метро и на велосипедах.




Her nearby environment and the observations she makes in it form the starting point for Remty Elenga (Los Angeles, 1987) in creating new work. In doing this she likes to explore how we give meaning to various layers of reality, looking for contradictions in time and place, the visible and invisible, between what is real and what isn`t.



Conductive Bodypaint
영국의 베어 컨덕티브 스튜디오(Bare Conductive Studio) 가 개발한 ‘베어’는 일종의 전도성 잉크다. 일시성, 수용성 이라는 점과 음식, 화장품 첨가제로도 사용되는 비금속 전 도성 입자로 구성돼 몸에 직접 사용해도 안전한 것이 특징 이다. 특히 사용자의 움직임과 감각을 통해 전자 기기와 상 호작용할 수 있게 돕는 다리역할을 해 사람과 사람, 사람과 컴퓨터 간에 정보를 전달하고, LED와 같은 작은 전구에 전 력을 공급하는 데에 사용할 수 있다. ‘베어’의 사용법은 간 단하다. 붓이나 스프레이를 이용해 잉크를 몸에 바르면 하 나의 회로판이 만들어지는 셈인데, 여기에 전류를 흐르게 하면 된다.

Muti Randolph

multi randolph Deep Screen

Deep Screen
Muti Randolph lives in Rio de Janeiro and studied Visual Communications and Industrial Design at the Pontificia Universisade Católica do Rio de Janeiro. One of the pioneers in computer art, animation and 3d illustration in Brazil, he has been shifting from virtual 3d to real 3d spaces creating visual identities, graphics, illustrations, sets, and interior architecture projects for clients mainly in the entertainment, fashion and technology areas.

Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

Rino Stefano Tagliafierro  beauty

In questa interpretazione di Rino Stefano Tagliafierro la bellezza è riportata alla forza espressiva di un gesto che egli scaturisce dall’immobilità del quadro, animando un sentimento sottraendolo alla fissità museale. Come se in quelle immagini che la storia dell’arte ci ha consegnato fosse congelato un movimento che l’oggi può rivitalizzare grazie al fuoco dell’inventiva digitale.



Кима Холтерманда
קים הולטרמן
Church of the Holy Cross

Kim Høltermand navigates his world as if he’s the last man on Earth. He records built environments, simplifying the buildings and structures that interest him down to their simplest geometric elements. Wrapped in an atmospheric stillness, he removes all signs of passing from his subjects and hints at human intervention without ever allowing us to witness interaction. He leaves only symmetry and form.



Billy Kidd, 1980, USA, is a fashion, portrait and celebrity photographer. He grew up in Phoenix, Arizona but currently works and lives in Brooklyn, New York. Since 2007 he has been shooting commercial and editorial work. In 2010 his images of Paul Dano were selected for the PDN Faces contest aswell as the shots of Pharrell Williams and NERD for PDN’s The Look contest. Billy’s images are soft and rough at the same time, it is young, edgy and rebellious.


Kaarina Kaikkonen

Каарины Кайкконен
Forget Me Not

Kaarina Kaikkonen (born 1952) is known for installations that are modest and monumental at the same time – the scale is lofty, but the materials down to earth. Most often she uses recycled materials, such as clothes or paper. The meaning of a piece can arise from the great number and anonymity of the clothes’ former owners, such as in her jacket installations, or from the personal memories and emotions of the people who have used the objects. On the other hand, the jackets, shirts and ties she uses are connected to Kaikkonen’s deceased father, yet their sheer number steers associations towards crowds.

john houshmand

john houshmand

John Houshmand creates exquisite art pieces that combine wood, glass, acrylic, and steel into stunning furnishings. He works and selectively harvests trees from, as well as mills and kiln dries wood at his 900-acre, upstate New York farm. He believes that trees are becoming lost in our world of mass furniture production. Much like our philosophy at RWF, John strives to show what wood really looks like.