Charlotte Gyllenhammar

Charlotte Gyllenhammar

Шарлотта Гилленхаммар

Charlotte Gyllenhammar arbetar huvudsakligen med skulptur, installation och film. Gyllenhammars konstverk beskrivs ofta som obehagliga med en ständig närvaro av utsatthet och hot.



Мартине Фейпеля и Джина Бехамейла
Martine Feipel i Jean Bechameil to autorzy fenomenalnej w swojej prostocie instalacji, która została zaprezentowana na Biennale w Wenecji. Sześciomiesięczna praca zaowocowała aranżacją o bardzo surrealistycznym, sennym charakterze. Kształty prostych, codziennych elementów zostały zaburzone, powykrzywiane jakby straciły swoje stabilne funkcje. Obserwując zdjęcia mamy wrażenie, że coś dziwnego dzieje się z naszym umysłem. Obrazy poruszają się, wykręcają tak jakby miały się rozpaść, zniknąć.



Korean artist Kyuin Shim creates work that your pupils will interpret as a straight up science fiction novel. One body of work in particular, “Black Black,” is a series of gruesome depictions of black mannequin bodies gone haywire. As a digital artist and sculptor, he works compiling 3D renderings of real images. These sculptures, with the glossy stature of high fashion, the black mannequins are enrobed in large blisters. In varying states of vulnerability, his sculptures are suffering implosion and meltdown; a person who has ripped his head off gives himself fellatio, another is on his hands and knees, expelling their entire insides.

Brigitte Niedermair

Brigitte Niedermair  THE SCOPE Be more flexible!

女权艺术家 摄影作品
THE SCOPE Be more flexible!

Originaire du Sud du Tyrol, Brigitte Niedermair déploie dès son adolescence son énergie créatrice : peinture et dessin en sont les premiers signes– elle se lance à vingt ans dans la photographie. développe sa pratique des portraits féminins. […] A travers commandes et travaux personnels se pose la question de la condition féminine. Interrogeant traditions, religions et modernité, en les articulant à des sujets tels que l’avortement et l’insémination artificielle, elle propose une vision duelle, entre sacré et profane, ascétisme et érotisme, héritage culturel et émancipation.

fabrice hyber


POF 51
Fabrice Hyber sets out to examine the way we communicate and mimic the endless affinities between ideas. What interests Hyber is engaging people with everyday life to invent new modes of behavior. In his mental spa with Faust, he deploys one of his POF’s (Prototypes d ‘Objets en Fonctionnement, created between 1991-2012) to interpret and resolve the complexity of reality by constantly searching for possible, or impossible, hypotheses, a kind of activism to explore endless possibility and infinite variations for art-making.

Martin Kersels

Martin Kersels

Tumble Room
Mr. Kersels was born in Los Angeles and attended UCLA for both his undergraduate and graduate educations, receiving a BA in art in 1984 and an MFA in 1995. His body of work ranges from the collaborative performances with the group SHRIMPS (1984-1993) to large-scale sculptures such as Tumble Room (2001). His interest in machines, entropy, sound, and dissolution has produced work that examines the dynamic tension between failure and success, the individual and the group, and the thin line between humor and misfortune.



Flying sculptures
Thomas Lanfranchi uses lightweight materials to create environmentally responsive sculptures. Many of his projects have been wind blown, taking the form of kites or wind socks. He has installed these pieces at sites across France and on buoys at sea. On a recent visit to Australia he made a journey around the outback, creating and documenting a new airborne sculpture each day to suit the site. Working with a type of plastic commonly used for shopping bags, Lanfranchi is able to make very large structures that are capable of being supported by the lightest breeze.



جيمس توريل
ג’יימס טורל
설치작품 제임스 터렐
Roden Crater

特瑞爾的作品挑戰人們快速觀看藝術作品的習慣。 他認為觀者在一件藝術作品上花費的觀看時間太短,以致於無法認真欣賞作品本身。
詹姆斯·特瑞爾自己闡述: “我將光當作一種材料, 但是感知才是我的媒介。我希望你能看你所看,感你所感。”他希望他的作品可以增強人們的感知,並且將這個感知延伸到一個供人沉思和啟示的場所。

Philippe Parreno

Philippe Parreno 6

فيليب بارينو

Philippe Parreno, geboren 1964 in Oran, Algerien, lebt und arbeitet in Paris. Nach Abschluss seines Studiums der Mathematik hat Parreno an der Kunstakademie Grenoble studiert, er hat seit etwa 1990 seine Konzepte, Projekte und Filme im Kunstkontext ausgestellt. Parreno’s Werk beschäftigt sich mit der Frage nach dem Status des Bildes und den Formen der Ausstellung. Es verbindet Aspekte aus Kunst, Film, Theater, Design und entwirft transitorische Orte für temporäre, kulturell-ästhetisch definierte Gemeinschaften. Seine komplexen Szenarien aus Bild, Objekt, Sound, Projektion und Licht haben die Wahrnehmung und Erfahrbarkeit des Formats ‚Ausstellung’ neu definiert.

Coop Himmelb(l)au

Coop Himmelb(l)au Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles Paradise Cage.jpg

Paradise Cage
Museum of Contemporary Art
Los Angeles

Known as the punk rockers of architecture Coop Himmelb(l)au was founded in Vienna in 1968 by Wolf Prix, Helmut Swiczinsky and Michael Holzer. With the exhibition ‘Wiener Supersommer’ in 1976 they delivered an aggressive alternative to the usual urban architecture and stated their name as a provocative, mould-breaking studio not afraid to go beyond the scope of architecture.



후세인 샬 라얀

Hussein Chalayan wurde in Zypern geboren und schloss 1993 an der Londoner Central St. Martins School of Art and Design ab. Bereits 1994 gründete er sein eigenes Mode­label und in den Jahren 1999 und 2000 wurde er zum British Designer of the Year ernannt. Seit 2002 zeigt er seine Kollektionen in Paris und 2008 wurde er zum Creative Director von Puma berufen. Chalayans Kreationen zeichnen sich durch innovatives Design, wunderschöne Schnitte und ein puristische Ästhetik aus. Museen auf der ganze Welt widmen ihm Ausstellungen, unter anderem das Museum of Modern Art, New York, das Musée de la Mode et du Textile, Palais du Louvre, Paris oder das Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo. Neben seinem Modedesign macht Hussein Chalayan Filme und ist in Theater- und Tanzproduktionen involviert.

Jo Ann Callis

Jo Ann Callis

Other Rooms
Since she emerged in the late 1970s as one of the first important practitioners of the “fabricated photographs” movement, Jo Ann Callis has made adventurous contributions in the areas of color photography, sculpture, painting, and digital imagery. For her, photography is another studio tool to be used, along with the sets she creates and the models she directs, to render the sensual tones and textures of fabric and food, or to animate clay figures of her own making. The persistent inventiveness of Callis’s work has made her a force in Southern California art and in recent photographic practice.



LED Eyelash
LED Eyelash is a clever product that speaks to many women’s desire for bigger eyes. It features a sensor to turn on and/or off. The sensor can perceive the movements of the pupil in the eyes and eyelids. If you wear it and move your head, LED Eyelash will flicker following your movements. It is as simple to use as wearing false eyelashes and as easy to remove as taking off a piece of jewelry.



Бойс, Мартин
마틴 보이스
מרטין בויס
Do Words Have Voices

Since 2005, Boyce’s work has drawn largely from an encounter with Four Concrete Trees, a group of sculptural pieces by the Martel Brothers made in 1925. Five years on, and Boyce’s work is an increasingly abstractive and virally pervasive aggregator, a lens through which everything must be seen. Like a strongly held belief or an indisputable fact, this is the world as infinite and varied as it ever was, just with one of the basic settings tweaked.

Eugenia Loli

Speech on Days Past

“It’s important for me to ‘say’ something with my artwork, so for the vast majority of my work there’s a meaning behind them. I usually do this via presenting a “narrative” scene in my collages, like there’s something bigger going on than what’s merely depicted. Sometimes the scene is witty or sarcastic, some times it’s horrific with a sense of danger or urgency, some times it’s chill. I leave it to the viewer’s imagination to fill-in the blanks of the story plot.”



أوسكار دياز
Оскар Диаз
אוסקר דיאז
오스카 디아즈
Poster Plant

Oscar Diaz is a Spanish product designer who lives and works in London. He obtained a master’s degree in Product Design at the Royal College of art, after studying fine art and industrial design. In a very particular mix of craft and technology, he seeks out new elements in common objects and situations. Diaz’ approach is versatile, investigative, and playful.



Una exploración de la estética intrínseca de momentos mundanos, es lo que hace el artista suizo Fabian Burgy con su obra compuesta por escultura, instalación e imagen digital. Intervenciones conceptuales revisten habitaciones blancas en las que la transformación juega un papel fundamental, pues el artista retoma “objetos” o situaciones cotidianas y las sitúa en una figuración distinta a lo acostumbrado partiendo del rigor de la técnica y en búsqueda de un sentido de comunicación entre la pieza y el diseño.



Катарина Trudzinski
Katharina Trudzinski is a talented artist who is making a name for herself through the creation of abstract 3D collages and paintings. Dabbling in all things contemporary, Katharina Trudzinski’s work is as thought-provoking as it is artistic. Both the sculptures and paintings will inspire people to look into their depths to either figure out the meaning behind each or to simply lose themselves in the haphazard twists and turns.

Oh Seung Yul

Oh Seung Yul  The Ability to Blow Themselves Up

The Ability to Blow Themselves Up
Born in Korea in 1981, Seung Yul Oh moved to New Zealand in 1997 and graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland in 2005. He has exhibited widely in New Zealand and Korea. In 2013 he was recipient of the SEMA Nanji Residency in Seoul and in 2011 was recipient of the Harriet Friedlander New York Residency, supported by the Arts Foundation of New Zealand. His work is represented in the collections of the Auckland Art Gallery; The Museum of New Zealand – Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington; and the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. He lives and works in Auckland and Seoul.

Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano    The New Pathe Foundation Headquarters

The New Pathe Foundation Headquarters
Renzo Piano Building Workshop designed the “organic creature” in the courtyard of a 19th-century block to house the new headquarters of the Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé – dedicated to preserving the history of French film company Pathé and promoting cinematography.
The egg-shaped form connects to the surrounding Haussmann-era buildings at four points. Its form curves away from the existing buildings and its top peeks over the roofline.



كلير مورجان
클레어 모건
Heart of Darkness

British artist Claire Morgan creates stunning installations out of organic materials including animal taxidermy, seeds, and insects. Morgan often uses taxidermied birds in her works, suspending the birds among intricate arrangements of thistle seeds, bees, or other small objects.

Morehshin Allahyari

Morehshin Allahyari  Dark Matter

Dark Matter
“Dark Matter” is a series of combined, sculptural objects modeled in Maya and 3D printed to form humorous juxtapositions.; The objects chosen for the first series are the objects/things that are forbidden or un-welcome in Iran by the government. The objects that in many other countries people use or own freely but under Iranian government laws (for several reasons) are forbidden or discouraged to use.


AKATRE   sang

Valentin Abad, Julien Dhivert y Sebastien Riveron son los fundadores de Akatre. Se conocieron estudiando arte en 2002, y poco después de recibirse decidieron formar su propio estudio, con el objetivo manifiesto de encontrar constantemente nuevas aplicaciones y combinaciones, procurando evitar la inmovilidad. Aquí una muestra del éxito que han tenido en la búsqueda de su meta.

Jeremiah Barber

Jeremiah Barber   Bring To Mind

Bring To Mind
Jeremiah Barber is a visual and performance artist based in San Francisco, California. He completed an MFA in art practice at Stanford University and a BFA at Columbia College, Chicago. A former member of Marina Abramovic’s Independent Performance Group, his work has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, and the Chicago Cultural Center. Working in public spaces at times for an audience of none, his work explores themes of toil, transcendence and the illusive human spirit.



Brad Troemel and Lauren Christiansen
soup base

JOGGING uses the microblogging platform Tumblr as a stage for immaterial works of art both real and digitally manipulated. The site functions as an evolving sketchbook in which ideas are conceived and executed with a speed and immediacy unconstrained by physical or institutional limitations, with as many as twenty pieces of work posted per day. This is in deliberate contrast to personal websites and curated portfolios in which an artist limits his or her production in an attempt to carve out an identifiable brand. Instead, JOGGING sees itself as both artist and art object, composed of multiple pieces or individual works but functioning as a single schizophrenic body, an abstract machine.

Kim Asendorf

kim asendorf  mountain tour 22

Mountain Tour 2
Kim Asendorf is a conceptual artist working with digital media incorporating Internet culture and technology. His work ranges from online projects and performances to visual art and installations. He is widely know for the invention of Pixel Sorting, an image altering algorithm he made Open Source, the creation of file formats as work of art or The First Animated GIF Send Into Deep Space.

Suzy Lelièvre

Suzy Lelievre  echelle

Después de haber hecho sus estudios de Bellas Artes de Nîmes, seguido de Lyon, este joven artista se ha convertido rápidamente en un experto en pecados, metamorfosis, de todo tipo de elementos domésticos.
Es un diseño que se niega a la funcionalidad, jugando con los materiales y la producción de siluetas mutantes. Cuando Suzy Lelievre dibuja una valla de seguridad de una tienda, está es en papel. Una barandilla de protección puede perfectamente estar en yeso.
Suzy no toma ventaja de las cosas: cada objeto cotidiano se convierte en sus dedos en una forma incongruente. Produce figuras que están en la frontera entre el arte y el diseño.



Johanna Basford — шотландская художница, которая в наш компьютерный век предпочитает всем благам, которые могут предложить художнику-иллюстратору современные технологии — карандаш, и не более того. Запутанные рисунки создаются исключительно вручную и сохраняют при этом симметрию компьютерной графики. Предпочтение художница отдаёт растительным черно-белым орнаментам.



Romain Laurent is currently based in New York City and specializes in conceptual photography, moving image and short movies. He was born and raised in the French Alps and studied product design at the Ensaama National School of Applied Arts and photography at Gobelins.



精美雕塑艺术 非常设计师网
The work of Laurent Craste lies at the crossroads of two mediums, participating in the world of visual arts, but never stepping beyond its borders. Ceramics, linked by tradition to crafts, requires a technical knowledge and know-how so restrictive that artists are prompted to remain within canonical forms, never pushing their limits. Video art, the recent avatar of the moving image, does not always acknowledge its main ancestor, cinema. The innovative aspect of this work is the combination of the two mediums with the addition of humorous or dramatic short stories, encompassing an autobiographical element that never descends to self-righteousness.

Studio Gang


Mira Tower
A sophisticated curtain wall facade system allows the bays to be attached to a repeatable structural slab from inside the building, reducing the need for a tower crane on site and limiting energy consumption and neighborhood impact during construction. The bays allow for a high-performance facade that is 55 percent opaque without inhibiting nearly 180-degree-views in every unit. The high-performance facade, along with an innovative VRF cooling system, allows the building to exceed ambitious California Title 24 energy standards. This, along with a state-of-the-art graywater harvesting system, green roofs, and high-efficiency fixtures, puts the project on target for LEED Gold certification.


Sem título

Discrete Figures
‘Discrete Figures’ unites the performing arts and mathematics in a dramatic exploration of the relationship between the human body and computer generated movement (simulated bodies) born from mathematical analysis. As an additional layer of complexity, the performance piece utilizes drones, A.I., and machine learning in the quest for a new palette of movement to foster undiscovered modes of expressive dance that transcend the limits of conventional human subjectivity and emotional expression.



Джозефин Мексепер
Josephine Meckseper is adept at critiquing her environment. She questioned the prosperity of the art world by placing an “Out of Business” sign in the window of a gallery in Chelsea (a similarly cheeky “Help Wanted” sign attracted up to 20 applicants a day who had failed to get in on the joke). In 2012 she erected two 25-foot oil rigs in the heart of Times Square to remind unsuspecting tourists about the perils of capitalism and industrialization. Her work critically examines mass media, our consumption-obsessed society, and even our political systems.



Сесилии Паредес
세실리아 벽

Cecilia Paredes(Perú) nacida en Lima, vive y trabaja entre su ciudad natal y Filadelfia, USA. La migración y re-locación han sido ejes centrales para el desarrollo de su trabajo artístico. Recurre en numerosas ocasiones a desechos naturales y pintura en el cuerpo como método para crear su propio lenguaje, re-inventando así mismo su posición dentro del paisaje.



فريدريك هيمان
פרדריק היימן

His work, humorous and surreal, helps to erase boundaries between photography, graphic design and space shaping. With many distortions (real or digital), not to mention strange and imposing installations, Heyman creates a world both unstructured and fascinating. Part of a new generation of photographers, his aim seems to give birth to a new kind of collaboration between all the arts, definitely modern and complex.

Elmgreen & Dragset

Elmgreen & Dragset 2222


Collaborating together since 1995 on performances in their early work and now more on creating objects, Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, raise in their interdisciplinary practice a set of questions concerning the spatial construction of the self and the enforcement of normative behaviours within the architectural frame. During the past few years, Elmgreen & Dragset have been working on the intervention and modification within the White Cube. They create awkward and often cynical situations with objects of everyday life, constantly redefining the familiar. These disruptions of reality are transferred to the gallery space, thus giving rise to new ambiguous spaces.



Palm Fronds
Dissatisfied with his job as a construction worker, Brooklyn-based artist Ryan Estep turned to art to fulfill his desire to unveil truths in the world around him…and never looked back. Estep paints with unlikely mediums like lipstick and drywall mud on linen to create existential works of art.


NUMEN:FOR USE    Tube Innsbruck

Tube Innsbruck
Le collectif d’artistes Numen/For Use, dont nous avions déjà parlé avec leur structure organique gigantesque installée dans le Palais de Tokyo, viennent de réaliser une nouvelle installation monumentale et immersive dans la galerie autrichienne Architektur Forum. Cette immense structure en corde baptisée simplement Tube propose aux visiteurs de déambuler à travers les tunnels tortueux de l’installation, découvrant l’architecture des lieux sous différents angles et perspectives tout en flottant à plusieurs mètres au dessus du sol…



Philippe Jusforgues, nació en Mónaco en 1967, pero en la actualidad vive y trabaja en París; gusta de explorar el retrato a través de distintos medios de comunicación (fotografía, collage, dibujo…) su obra tiene la particularidad de envolvernos en un mundo surreal, donde lo fotografía vintage se entremezcla con la fotografía contemporánea, dando como resultado bizarras imágenes y dibujos donde nada es lo que aparenta ser.



A student from Danish Design School, Ellinor Ericsson has designed a chair called TubeMe which was exhibited on the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011. In designer’s words, “The TubeMe chair is about a tactile interaction with a chair. You are able to braid the naked chair with pillow tubes creating your own upholster with the different textiles. While actually sitting in the chair you can interact with it by using the tubes or just throw them around you and fall asleep being embraced.”



Chcąc umiejscowić ją w jakiejś określonej estetyce, należałoby wskazać miejsce gdzieś na pograniczu sztuki i mody, ponieważ jej projektom daleko do prostoty i banału codzienności. Halina Mrożek, jedna z najbardziej obiecujących projektantek młodego pokolenia, w 2009 roku ukończyła Wydział Rzeźby na Akademii Sztuk Pięknych w Krakowie. Za pracę dyplomową Sculpt-couture została wyróżniona Medalem ASP.

Reed Esslinger

Reed Esslinger

Reed Esslinger’s work takes many forms, (sculpture, installation, video, writing, etc.) but almost always involves fibers and theatre. Having spent 3 years living on Réunion Island, an Outer Seas Department of France in the Indian Ocean, Reed’s interest in the island’s linguistic and cultural creolization have led to visual metaphors for the elusive process of relinquishing, adding, and transforming parts of one’s identity. She ultimately loves stories- whether absorbing, recording, or recounting them, and sees teaching as a natural occasion for mutual authorship and exploration.




Melanie Bonajo exams the paradoxes inherent in our future-based ideas of comfort. Through her photographs, performances, videos and installations Bonajo examines subjects related to progress that remove from the individual a sense of belonging and looks at how technological advances and commodity-based pleasures increase feelings of alienation within the individual. Captivated by concepts of the divine, she explores the spiritual emptiness of her generation, examines peoples’ shifting relationship with nature and tries to understand existential questions by looking at our domestic situation, idea’s around classification, concepts of home, gender and attitudes towards value.

liu chang and miao jing

liu chang and miao jing beyond a river

Hills beyond a river
Music: “CHINA-瓷” by Mickey Zhang&WHAI

“Hibanana Studio is a creative art&tech studio, swinging at the intersection of audio-visual performance&installaiton, moving images and interactive installations. We are inventing new forms of the moving image for display surfaces of the future. A series of interdisciplinary research and practices range from video, sound, light, interaction and spatial experience leads us to artworks, commissions, and exhibition.”

Morphosis Architects

Morphosis Architects   Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics

مورفوسيس المعماريين
모포 건축가
Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics

The Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Caltech brings together a dozen different scientific groups into one structure. The Cahill Center designed by Morphosis Architects, Inc. conceptually acts as an astronomical instrument. A vertical volume pierces the building, tilting it open to the skies and resulting in an occupiable telescope. The Center also physically and symbolically connects Caltech’s South Campus with the the original complex of Spanish and Mediterranean buildings that comprise the historic North Campus. A series of interior corridors that run north to south serve as stitches, reinforcing the connection and serving to direct circulation.



فيليب توليدانو
פיליפ טולדנו
Филипп Толедано

Phillip Toledano é um fotógrafo multicultural desde que nasceu em Londres de uma mãe franco-marroquina e de um pai americano. Segundo ele, as fotografias devem parecer frases inacabadas para deixar espaço para perguntas. Seu método geralmente consiste em uma mistura entre a fotografia e várias instalações preparadas. O trabalho de Phillip Toledano já apareceu em muitos títulos como Vanity Fair, The New York Times, New Yorker, Esquire, GQ, The World, etc.

marcelo moscheta

marcelo moscheta 4441

Marcelo Moscheta is an artist based in Campinas, Brazil. As a traveler who looks at the world like the romantics of the 19th Century or the Great Explorers of the Artic, he has made installations, drawings and photographs born from his time in remote locations. Through uncommon materials and techniques his works addresses the notion of ephemerality and mankind’s efforts to understand and recreate physical and geographical aspects found in natural environments. He is interested in the landscape as a representational system from where man can measure his own world. Drawing, printmaking, photography and installations are his main media.

Tony Matelli

Tony Matelli 888

Tony Matelli is one of several artists who have become known for reinterpreting the tradition of hyperrealism in American sculpture. During recent years he has moved away from his earlier depictions of humans and animals towards examining signs of human presence.


Víctor Enrich

فيكتور إثراء

Si può ipotizzare lo stesso edificio in 88 modi diversi? Se si è fotografi, maestri dell’arte digitale e appassionati di architettura, sì. L’artista in questione è il catalano Victor Enrich, il progetto si chiama ”NHDK“ e l’edificio è un palazzone situato a Monaco di Baviera, in Germania.

Jon Noorlander

Jon Noorlander  knitted

After his organic digital sculptures, Swedish graphic designer and director Jon Noorlander comes back with a similar series titled Knitted. Still digitally, thanks to 3D modelisation softwares like Houdini et Nuke, he imagined abstract, free and organic shapes that make us think of wool threads, playing with different colors gradations.



روب مولهولاند
롭 멀홀랜드

Skytower, while referring to constructivist ideology also aims to introduce the factors of natural chaos and de-construction. This balance between order and chaos, force and reaction is observed and reflected in Skytower.

emmanuel bossuet

emmanuel bossuet 33

Paris-based Emmanuel Bossuet is one of the rare art directors of his generation to conceive his work with such an intense decorative dimension. Debuting as a graphic consultant at Philip Starck’s, he soon after established EEM as an agency aimed to one-of-a-kind projects. Studios such as Martine Sitbon or Sonia Rykiel requested him for his skill as a decorative designer.

Pauline Thomas

Pauline Thomas

Gorgeous : In the neck of time
The idea of making tilt-up portraits came to me as a consequence of a low-angle auto portrait shot as I was happened to learn singing techniques, and a visit to the Erechteion temple in Athens. Originally, I had taken this autoportrait to get a visual understanding of the throat* role in the body mecanism when you need to produce a sound. It conjured up in me the intimate feel and the sensuality of a woman’s neck, violently challenged by the potent, erect jaw.

Bas van den Hurk

Bas van den Hurk Once Upon a Time You Dressed so Fine

Once Upon a Time You Dressed so Fine
Vibrerend tussen schilderkunst, mode, sculpturen, installaties en perfomances, richt van den Hurk’s werk zich op de handeling van het maken in zijn vele vormen. Hoewel de expositie bestaat uit statische objecten, is er een constante energie aanwezig. De afzonderlijke werken bevatten referenties en sporen van elkaar, zoals flessen gevuld met textielverf die gebruikt zijn bij het maken van de schilderijen.



The Sea Nymph
Сделанная из дерева, ткани и веревок, «Морская нимфа» представляет собой полноразмерную модель парусника, которую Джошу Бекмену удалось втиснуть в небольшое галерейное пространство. Корма корабля накренилась, нос ушел под воду, и совершенно очевидно, что «Морская нимфа» терпит бедствие. Единственное, но немаловажное НО: роль океана в этой инсталляции выполняет дощатый пол галереи.



Thorsten Brinkmann moves individuals enjoying his works in a way that is hard to describe. It’s not like his creations offend somebody or give birth to strong feelings, but there certainly is something strange and disturbing about them. His piece of resistence is photographing people in a classical manner while substituting parts of their body with objects of common use, ranging for boxes, materials, lamps or even furniture.

Daan Brinkmann & Nenad Popov

Daan Brinkmann & Nenad Popov

Cellwise is a generative projection specifically designed for the city hall of The Hague. During the festival the city hall becomes the new habitat of a kind of ‘visual lifeform’. From the façade’s neatly arranged grid of white tiles, structures of a more entropic nature emerge. Shapes start growing, bursting, dripping, crawling and creeping. Cellwise is exploring the city hall’s sterile architecture, while at the same time challenging it to look for its visual counterpoints.



oh, dear
Her pictures describe oniric situations, enchanted, sometimes spooky, but always with a touch of glam. In applaying different photo techniques as mirrored images, photo overlapping, refined photo processing, Elle Moss depicts lonely worlds, often autobiographical, almost exclusively feminine, in which all the characters tell feelings about suspension and alienation, entering into undefined space-time dimensions.

Julia Fullerton-batten

Julia Fullerton-batten   Crisps

جوليا فولرتون-باتن
ג’וליה פולרטון-באטן
줄리아 풀러 턴 – 판자

La reconocida y galardonada Julia Fullerton-Batten pertenece a una generación reciente de fotógrafos ingleses (aunque nació en Bremen, Alemania a una corta edad se mudó a Inglaterra) su trabajo es un balance perfecto que mezcla un interesante contenido, la naturaleza de sus modelos, escenarios inusuales, utilización de objetos, y una técnica de luz muy particular lo cual hace de su estilo algo único y personal.


GEOFFREY FARMER  Time Interrupted

Time Interrupted
Geoffrey Farmer (1967-) Nasceu em Eagle Island, Columbia Britânica, Canadá. Estudou na Emily Carr Institue of Art and Desgn, Vancouver e no San Francisco Art Institute, São Francisco. Residência artística na Kadist Art Foudation, Paris. Trabalha com projetos muitimídias incluindo desenho, fotografia, vídeo, escultura, performance e instalação baseados em assuntos da cultura popular. Vive e trabalha na Columbia Britânica. Participou das Bienais de Instambul, Bruxelas, Sidney e Montreal. É representado pela Catriona Jefries Gallery.