Caitlin Franzmann

Drawn Together, Held Apart

Caitlin is an artist that is interested in intentional social connection in public spaces. She creates experiences that allow participants to quietly communicate and listen to one another. In the live component of her installation, Caitlin hosts an conversation entitled ‘talking and listening about talking and listening’. ‘Drawn Together, Held Apart’ (2017), a custom made table with inbuilt surface transducer speaker, motion sensor activated LED lighting, proximity speakers and audio. Visitors rest their ears on the glass and listen.


file 2023

file 2023
Call for Entries

FILE – Electronic Language International Festival – is receiving proposals for authorial works and educational projects (talks and workshops) in Art and Technology, from Brazilian and international artists, who are interested in being part of our 2023 exhibitions. Applications will be open from December 19th to February 15th.This announcement opens the opportunity to participate in the 22nd. Edition of the Electronic Language International Festival, which is scheduled to take place at the FIESP Cultural Center, in São Paulo, from July 5th to August 27th. The selected projects will also be able to collaborate in parallel events in different states of Brazil, to be held in the same year of 2023.

Jung Hsu and Natalia Rivera
Independent and distributed communication networks are at the core of self-organized communities. Based on the idea of biological peer-to-peer networks, which explore how microorganisms like bacteria communicate and collectively act, we have built a human biofilm-like connectivity enhancer.20

Andy Wen

Shenzhen Genzon Technology Innovation Center


Cette image vivante implique les possibilités infinies dans l’intégration de la technologie, de l’énergie et de l’innovation. La conception propose des ascenseurs-navettes et des terrasses partagées le long du côté centripète de chaque tour pour engendrer un environnement de bureau relaxant à expansion verticale. La zone ouverte s’étend longitudinalement et se rejoint naturellement au fond; accentué par l’éclairage intérieur, des contours d’étamines dorées émergent et les panneaux de verre incurvés se présentent comme des pétales, faisant allusion à la muse florale du projet.


Wayne McGregor


Atomos grows out of the smallest unit of matter. Bodies, movement, film, sound and light are atomised into miniature shards of intense sensation.Ten incredible dancers perform the unique style of Wayne McGregor – sculptural, rigorous, jarring and hauntingly beautiful. McGregor is accompanied by a team of sensational artists including longtime collaborators lighting designer Lucy Carter and filmmaker Ravi Deepres, and neo-classical ambient composers A Winged Victory For The Sullen.

Katherine Melancon

Vers un parlement du vivant II
Les plantes et les objets qui constituent l’oeuvre animée ont tous été glanés dans l’aménagement en face de la Maison de la culture, cet été, où l’installation est présentée. Que sont-ils devenus maintenant que l’automne s’est installé? Le sol qui accueille les plantes et les fleurs en train de dépérir fourni ses données de pH à l’installation qui module le rythme de l’animation selon son alcalinité ou son acidité. La nature agit sur sa propre sa représentation, elle a le dernier mot sur l’oeuvre initiée par un humain.

Hassan Ragab

AI conceptual architecture

Over the past few months, Hassan Ragab has been posting his Midjourney conceptual architectural work on LinkedIn and is clearly enjoying exploring the nuances of refining the AI output, mixing free flowing architectural styles with biomimicry materials such as feathers and plant structures.


Sahej Rahal

Wat als de hoeksteen van Sahej Rahal’s werk Antraal 2019 moet worden beschouwd, is dat we ons rationeel kunnen voorstellen wat het zou betekenen om te leven als de laatste mensen, machines die hun tijd van idee en geschiedenis hebben doorlopen sinds de komst van de eerste mensen of wij . Ze hebben de totaliteit van hun toevallige verschijning en betekenis van hun historische manifestaties afgewezen en ondermijnd als louter misvattingen over wat het betekent om in de tijd te dwalen, als een idee en niet alleen als een soort.

Neri Oxman

Computational growth across material and urban scales offers a framework for design through self-organization, enabling the generation of vast, diverse forms exhibiting characteristics like those that emerge through the biological growth processes found in Nature. In this project, we construct an oriented volume spanned by surface normals of the shape at every point. The value of the oriented volume drives the iterative deformation of the shape. Depending on the parameterization of this process, we can obtain distinctly different growing forms. Importantly, the emergence of these forms is driven only by the time evolution of a geometric operator acting on the shapes iteratively, thereby connecting geometry and growth through an algorithm. To form the Man-Nahata landscape, the buildings of the urban landscape are transformed through repeated morphological closing operations, where the field of influence follows a gradient from the center to the outskirts of a circular region.

Mar Reykjavik

La risa de la barriga
La risa de la barriga es lo que sucede en una situación de umbral, en el momento en que sus entrañas se sacuden y chocan entre sí. En el espacio vacío que se crea justo encima del estómago cuando te revuelven las entrañas. Este movimiento de balanceo hacia arriba y hacia abajo dibuja un camino similar a una sonrisa. Nunca se instala en la misma posición, sino que estalla en una risa voluble y vivaz y se complace en expandirse fuera de sí mismo, lejos de cualquier centro. Donde se pierde el control y se restablece la inestabilidad. Mar Reykjavik estudió Bellas Artes en la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, especializándose en imagen en movimiento, instalación y acción.

Roman Ermakov

Роман Ермаков
live sculpture

Our perception — the only true reality. Creation as a feeling that generates the image, expressed in the form. Beauty manifesto calling to go beyond that limit imagination. The aesthetics of art can not be reduced to a clear set of building blocks with which you can strengthen or weaken the perception of contrast. Beauty should not be subjected to analysis, that is communication and the call to participate in the transformation of the emotional to the visible.The process of creating — is the alignment of the mosaic, many repetitions of simple and pure elements, which form a collection, harmonious in its incompleteness.


Рене Лалу

René Laloux, criou Gandahar, seu último filme de animação. Baseado no romance de Jean-Pierre Andrevon Les Hommes-machines contra Gandahar Esta fascinante animação adulta combina a famosa imaginação de Laloux com a do designer de animação Philippe Caza. “A minha busca começou com um enigma. “Em mil anos, Gandahar foi destruído, e todo o seu povo massacrado. Há mil anos, Gandahar será salvo, e o que não pode ser evitado será.” -Sylvain. Este filme está no planeta Gandahar, onde a paz reina e a pobreza é desconhecida. O estilo de vida utópico é perturbado por relatos de pessoas nas fronteiras periféricas sendo transformadas em pedra. Enviado para investigar, o Príncipe Sylvain (João Shea) cai e é resgatado pelas experiências genéticas deformadas e horrendas que correram mal e deixado para defender-se por si mesmos. Com sua ajuda, Sylvain descobre que a Metamorfose, um cérebro gigante também criado em uma experiência, está tentando destruir Gandahar.
René Laloux created Gandahar, his last animated film. Based on Jean-Pierre Andrevon’s novel Les Hommes-machines against Gandahar This fascinating adult animation combines Laloux’s famous imagination with that of animation designer Philippe Caza. “My quest began with a riddle. “In a thousand years, Gandahar was destroyed, and all his people slaughtered.


Coro pêndulo
Pendulum Choir é uma peça coral original para 9 vozes A Cappella e 18 macacos hidráulicos. O coro é constituindo por um corpo vivo e sonoro. Esse corpo se expressa por meio de vários estados físicos. Sua plasticidade varia de acordo com sua sonoridade. Varia entre sons abstratos, sons repetitivos e sons líricos ou narrativos. Os corpos dos cantores e suas vozes brincam com e contra a gravidade. Eles se tocam e se evitam, criando polifonias vocais sutis. Ou, apoiados por sons eletrônicos, rompem sua coesão e explodem em um voo lírico ou se dobram em um ritual obsessivo e sombrio. O órgão viaja da vida à morte em uma alegoria robótica onde a complexidade tecnológica e o lirismo dos corpos em movimento se combinam em uma obra com acentos prometéicos.
Pendulum Choir is an original choral piece for 9 A Cappella voices and 18 hydraulic jacks. The choir is constituted by a living and sonorous body. This body expresses itself through various physical states. Its plasticity varies according to its sound. It varies between abstract sounds, repetitive sounds and lyrical or narrative sounds. The singers’ bodies and their voices play with and against gravity. They touch and avoid each other, creating subtle vocal polyphonies. Or, supported by electronic sounds, they break their cohesion and explode in a lyrical flight or bend in an obsessive and dark ritual. The organ travels from life to death in a robotic allegory where technological complexity and the lyricism of moving bodies combine in a work with Promethean accents.


Principles of Motion
For Principles of Motion, UVA uses a rotating LED disc to create an abstract rotating and shifting kinematic landscape that plays with the viewer’s perception of movement and reflects the phenomenon of persistence of vision (sparkler’s trail effect / pov display). By varying the luminosity of the LED, the kinetic landscape moves and gives the viewer a sense of space and time. While observing the abstract rotating patterns and rhythms, the optic nerve of the recipient replicates the effect of an afterimage on the eye.

Doug Aitken

The Garden
The Garden is a living artwork that embraces the dichotomy between the natural environment and a synthetic man-made experience. Aitken’s The Garden installation brings the viewer into the center of the artwork and asks them to physically immerse, participate and become the subject of the installation. Set inside a dark warehouse space the viewer walks inside, their eyes adjusting to become aware of thick lush jungle growing under artificial grow lights. Walking closer, the viewer enters inside the jungle and discovers a huge rectangular glass cube. Inside the glass room is a man-made environment replete with generic elements of modern life: tables and chairs, a cabinet, a sterile tableau set under bright raking lights.

Hana Yoo

Bare Life
Bare Life depicts a loosely structured, contested concept of freedom tied to various cases and agents: killing and being killed, machines recognizing pain, and the complex ecosystem of empathy that occurs in response.


As We Are Blind
As We Are Blind calcule et interprète en temps réel ces données physiologiques sous la forme d’une production musicale et photographique unique. Le spectateur pose la main sur un capteur mesurant son activité électrodermale, une action permettant de dresser sa cartographie émotionnelle. Les valeurs recueillies, qui représentent des variations propres à chaque individu, sont d’abord converties sous la forme d’une image révélant son champ électromagnétique. Puis, ces données physiologiques sont analysées par un programme informatique capable, en suivant des règles de composition préétablies, de les transcoder en partition musicale.


Coleção interna
Mudando as convenções sobre o corpo e a beleza, a “Coleção interna” exibida no FILE representa a anatomia interna em uma forma vestível externa. Unindo anatomia, moda e tecnologia, cada peça é criada por tecnologias de manufaturas manuais e digitais. Ao retratar designs inspirados na anatomia, esta obra comunica que, quando compartilhamos nossa semelhança e o que se passa dentro de nós, é oferecida a oportunidade de encontrar a beleza dentro de nós e nos conectarmos com os outros.

Heavy Duty Love

Lucy Mcrae
A cautionary narrative in an uncomfortable, complex debate on the scientific acceleration directing our evolutionary path —from gene-edited babies to CRISPR to AI — Heavy Duty Love is a mental health prop existent as a tactile mechanical structure, asking, “As we head toward a life designed from scratch, will we seek new types of intimacy?”. Realised as a speculative domestic device compensating for a lack of human touch in early life, Heavy Duty Love sandwiches the body between layers of soft, dampening materials normally used in contemporary camping or construction.

Aram Bartholl

Pan, Tilt and Zoom
Three motorized CCTV dome cameras are installed on the gallery floor. The built-in auto-tracking function makes the cameras follow any motion in the room. While moving its lens the center of the weight of the device shifts and the whole camera starts to roll on the floor. As a result the software is confronted with even more motion which needs to be tracked. From time to time the cameras bump into each other or start to follow and trigger each other movements.

Konrad Smoleński

Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More
Das ursprüngliche Konzept des Projekts wurde von der illusorischen Natur der Zeit inspiriert, wie sie von Julian Barbour definiert wurde. Dieser britische theoretische Physiker untergräbt die Bedeutung der Zeit, während er eine Vision eines zeitlosen Universums heraufbeschwört. Eine der Grundideen dabei ist, dass die Gegenwart als dreidimensionale Momentaufnahme wahrgenommen wird und die chronologische Abfolge von Ereignissen nichts anderes als das Ergebnis unserer Erinnerung an individuelle „Jetzt“ ist. Daher ist Zeit laut Barbour nur ein Gefühl der Zeitlichkeit, verstärkt durch Aufzeichnungen dessen, was wir glauben, dass es in der Vergangenheit existiert hat.

Michele Spangher

High Rise
Seis tubos de aluminio horizontales, cada uno tan alto como cada piso del edificio, cuelgan del techo, creando una larga línea de perspectiva central que representa metafóricamente los seis pisos de la fábrica. Los parlantes colocados dentro de las tuberías emiten ondas sonoras sintonizadas con los armónicos de las frecuencias de resonancia del edificio, para crear, no solo visualmente, sino también acústicamente, una percepción espacial de Fabbrica Alta.

Theo Triantafyllidis

An undisclosed location. Dry land under a scorching sun. Something abominable has happened here in recent memory. Now a ritual is taking place. The remains of what was once human are flickering in darkness. Nature is reclaiming what is hers. She is savage and unforgiving. She is laughing at us. Her sinister laughter echoes in the emptiness. Ritual re-imagines the notion of site-specificity within the mediated landscape. The digital and physical work for this exhibition sit in a forgotten mining town somewhere in the California desert. The viewer is invited to interact with Triantafyllidis’ new live simulation, sculptures and custom electronics blurring the line between the real life and online experience

Jesper Just

映画 Servitudes (2015) は 1 つのロケ地で撮影されていますが、複雑なテーマがあります。アイデンティティ、女性らしさ、官能性、エロティシズムの間の緊張、そして私たちの社会に蔓延している若さと美しさの妄想を探っています。映画の舞台であるワン ワールド トレード センターは、歴史的な文書であり、意味のあるものであり、それ自体が演技者となり、不在による喪失を示し、最高の回復力を証明しています。

Julia Beliaeva

Human Flag
Julia Beliaeva ist eine ukrainische Künstlerin, die Technologien wie 3D-Scannen, 3D-Modellierung, 3D-Druck und virtuelle Realität einsetzt. Sie reflektiert das Umdenken von Tradition und traditionellen Medien in einer sich ständig verändernden virtualisierten Welt. Sie interessiert sich dafür, wie Technologie uns und unser Bewusstsein beeinflusst, und wie die neueste Technologie Sinn machen und traditionelle Medien aktualisieren kann. Insbesondere arbeitet Julia viel mit Porzellan, um über das Erbe und die verlorenen Traditionen durch eine Kombination aus neuen Technologien und der in der Ukraine beliebten Keramikindustrie nachzudenken, die heute verloren gegangen ist.

La Turbo Avedon

Pardon Our Dust
Pardon Our Dust è una nuova installazione digitale – una simulazione e narrazione virtuale – in cui l’avatar-self di La Turbo Avedon accompagna i visitatori attraverso diversi paesaggi e spazi del mondo virtuale, che – alludendo al titolo della mostra e allo sviluppo di Web3 – sono in un costante stato di costruzione e decostruzione.

Sandrine Deumier and Myriam Bleau

Evocación de un jardín cibernético diseñado en múltiples escenarios, Realness contempla una potencial simbiosis entre el ser humano y un estado de naturaleza redescubierta. A través de la ecosofía y el mutualismo entre especies, este trabajo explora la posibilidad de identificarnos con una naturaleza mutante, un estado de devenir vegetal o la experiencia de vidas infrahumanas.

Juri Hwang

Somatic Echo
“Somatic Echo” is an experimental sound art and research project that utilizes bone conducted sound as a method to investigate human audition and create an unusual and mesmerizing aesthetic of the body as a medium of sound. The installation uses a reclining chair and a sound mask to play an 8-channel sound composition through 8 transducers placed on the user’s head: 6 channels in the face and 2 in the back of the head. The transducers transmit sound through the bone structure of the skull directly to the listener’s inner ear, bypassing the outer ears, which normally are the gateway for auditory signals. The listeners experience the soundscape through both their auditory and tactile senses perceiving a sonic image shaped by the sound traveling through the head structure and through vibrations applied to the skin. This set up lets us experience sound through our body and our body through sound.

Sara Sadik

Ultimate Vatos
Les vidéos, performances, installations et photographies de Sara Sadik prennent la forme de mangas, de jeux vidéo, de docu-fictions ainsi que de films d’animation CGI. Ce faisant, l’artiste aux racines maroco-algériennes explore les manifestations de ce qu’elle appelle « Beurcore« – la culture des jeunes qui a émergé parmi les membres de la classe ouvrière de la diaspora nord-africaine. Beurcore définit à la fois une identité hybride et un mouvement collectif constitué à travers la musique comme le rap et le hip-hop, la langue, la mode, des symboles spécifiques et les médias sociaux.

Eva Mattes + Franco Mattes

My Little Big Data
O ensaio em vídeo de 24 minutos My Little Big Data foi realizado em colaboração com o analista de dados Vladan Joler, a quem os artistas entregaram voluntariamente todos os e-mails trocados nos últimos 13 anos (mais de 70.000 e-mails pessoais enviados e recebidos) e vários meses de histórico de navegação.
O vídeo analisa a enorme riqueza de informação que muitas vezes revela detalhes íntimos da vida privada dos dois artistas, como preferências políticas ou culinárias, processos de trabalho, locais visitados ou locais onde viveram, de forma a criar um retrato de extraindo e examinando esses dados pessoais e metadados.


Barbara Lanzarote, Rachel Lamot, Kim Rosario

The Ontology that Never Was
Glosopeda herontdekt het verleden vanuit een neotoekomstig perspectief. The Ontology that Never Was herschept een archeologische context in zijn natuurlijke omgeving waarin wordt ingegrepen door digitale materialisatie, en doet denken aan de visie van Gavin Lucas op de materiële wereld als een archief van het proces van (de)materialisatie: de spanning tussen de krachten van het verzamelen van materialen en artefacten en de tegengestelde kracht van verspreiding. De ontologie van de objecten versus de verspreiding, uitwissing en verplaatsing van hun oorspronkelijke setting.

Eli Cortiñas

The Body is The House, The House is But Haunted
Eli Cortiñas’ artistic practice traverses contemporary and historical visual cultures, which she dissects using montage and collage, displacing limiting attributions and creating space for feminist and decolonial narratives. These methods gradually reveal specific patterns which are often inherent in the images themselves. Juxtaposing what seems disparate, drawing parallels and uncovering commonalities, Cortiñas lays bare traditional conventions of representation and identifies surprisingly rigid narrative patterns.

Isaac Arthur

The Megastructure Compendium
Science & Futurism
In the future humanity may build enormous structures, feats of mega-engineering that may rival planets or even be of greater scope. This episode catalogs roughly 100 major types of Megastructure, from those that are cities in space to those that rival galaxies.

David Bowen

plant bot is a time based interactive art installation where the fates of a living plant and a computer are interdependent. Essentially the plant attempts to train a computer using image recognition. Through this process the computer will learn to recognize when the plant needs water based on images it takes of the plant. If the plant appears healthy, the computer will maintain a regular water regiment. If the plant does not appear healthy to the computer it will attempt to aid the plant by adjusting to what it “thinks” the plant needs based on the images gathered. As the computer becomes more intelligent and hence more adept at caring for the plant, the plant will conceivably thrive and grow in proportion. If the computer is unsuccessful, conceivably the opposite will occur.

Shaun Hu

Shaun Hu is een nieuwe mediakunstenaar gevestigd in New York City. Zijn kunstwerken zijn nauw geïntegreerd met technologie en onderzoeken de relatie tussen mens, natuur en samenleving in het tijdperk van digitale technologie vanuit een uniek perspectief.


Shaun Hu is a new media artist based in New York City. His artworks are closely integrated with technology and explore the relationship between humans, nature and society in the age of digital technology from a unique perspective.

FILE LED SHOW Neuroscientific-Installation





We are invited to São Paulo for our vertical light and sound installation which will transform the facade of São Paulo’s one of the most important architecture which is Fiesp Led Building.
We started this project with the idea that Neuroscience and simultaneous movement of both eyes between two or more phases of fixation in the same direction algorithms, and we transform the high-resolution led screen into a media canvas which transformed into living architecture.


Mamoru Hosoda collaborated with Morinaga to create this great collection film. It begins with the formation of the clothes as Morinaga designed them, not through cut and drape but via cut and paste, and we see the garments as digital toiles made up of fractal contours true to the representation of futuristic facades stretching back to Metropolis and Tron. Then the dresses form more tangibly, but still in 2D, filling those vectored spaces with the angled jigsaw of reclaimed denim, chino cotton, and gabardine, plus reflective material (all seamlessly bonded) from which they are made. It slowly becomes kind of clear that we are seeing a fashion show in U, the virtual world which Belle’s heroine inhabits—and that it is also being streamed on U’s equivalent of YouTube. There are rooms within rooms within rooms.



Kris Verdonck

In IN (2003) an actress remains motionless for an hour in a display window filled with water. The distortion to her senses caused by the environment she is in makes her go into a trance. The sounds of her breathing and movement are amplified by microphones. and Stella Speziali

Nebulous en colaboración con la diseñadora stella speziali presentan una intervención espacial inmersiva en la bienal de diseño de zúrich 2021. la instalación interactiva denominada Nebulous, invita a los visitantes a pasear por una experiencia sin límites. los diseñadores combinaron la niebla y la realidad aumentada para formar este pabellón efímero e intangible que redefine el espacio.


조명 안개
매혹적이고 부드럽게 요동치는 안개의 움직임이 평범한 검은색 배경과 극명한 시각적 대조로 드러납니다. 안개의 구조와 움직임은 주변 기류와 관찰자의 움직임의 복잡한 상호 작용을 가시적으로 보여줍니다.

Casey Curran & Iris Van Herpen

Kinetic Sculptures
The ‘Minds in Motion’ crown is made in collaboration with artist @casey_curran. Eighteen transparent monofilament threads meander through a series of brass coils, engineered to continuously shape-shift its silhouette.

Studio Above&Below

Aquateque è un cortometraggio che esplora il fiume Ruhr attraverso una varietà di nuove tecnologie multimediali. Il progetto combina strumenti AI e AR per esplorare modi sostenibili di creare materiali digitali che fondono natura e calcolo. Il variegato ecosistema circostante viene catturato attraverso strumenti di programmazione audio, visivi e 3D e trasformato in uno spazio aumentato generativo.

Erika Marthins

In het werk Déguster l’augmenté integreert Erika Martins gegevens rechtstreeks in de oppervlakken van voedsel. Drie desserts worden aangevuld met animatie, beleving en geluidsbeleving. Een gecomprimeerde hap eetbare cultuur met de smaak van je eigen passie, zoals muziek het vertellen van verhalen en de klantervaring verandert. Om een ​​andere gepersonaliseerde ervaring te creëren, verandert het idee van hoe voedsel te eten en te consumeren. Met Déguster l’augmenté probeert de kunstenaar onze relatie met voedsel en technologie te heroverwegen om de grenzen van de mogelijkheden in de wereld van morgen te verleggen. Dit werk werd voor het eerst gerealiseerd als een bachelorproject bij ECAL.

Camille Legrand & Bart Hess

Titled with the Ancient Greek word for knowledge and understanding, the installation is born of the belief that we absorb knowledge through the senses, with the skin acting as an interface between the body and the world around us. ‘To illustrate the skin in states of transformation, I imagined it as a canvas for sensations felt and information absorbed. The digital manipulation in each film melds body and sensation, skin and material, reality and virtuality to express the effects of each product,’


Camminando sul muro
Gli artisti stavano in piedi, camminavano e correvano paralleli al pavimento lungo due pareti adiacenti mentre erano sospesi in speciali cablaggi fissati su cavi a carrelli su binari industriali lungo il soffitto.

A Writer’s Odyssey

A Writer’s Odyssey

Seis anos após o sequestro de sua filha, um homem é contratado para matar o autor de um romance de fantasia, mas o mundo do romance parece se cruzar com a realidade. No romance, Redmane é o governante de uma aldeia que ele comanda com punho de ferro. Um jovem herói está em uma missão para acabar com o governo de Redmane. De alguma forma, o romance parece estar impactando a vida no mundo real e, portanto, a corporação quer impedir o autor de continuar seu trabalho.

Coralie Vogelaar

infinite posture dataset

She moves by endlessly morphing to the rhythm of the device – strapped in the frame of the screen – following or giving instructions; part human, part machine. The design of the device is inspired by a gadget to cheat the step-counter on your smartphone. Technology tricked by technology. Her movements, caught within a motion capture like tight suit deconstructing her body parts, talk of complex and conflicting emotions, but her face, from which we usually read how someone is feeling, is hidden. But is the machine that is observing her deconstructed and re-sequenced postures actually capable of recognizing what the body is communicating? Are we?




Silk Pavilion II
Bloom is een interactieve installatie die reageert op de beweging en gebaren van het publiek. Met behulp van interactiviteit met laseraanraking genereert het publiek digitale bloemen in bloei die een geluidscompositie creëren die verandert naargelang de actie van de gebruiker. Gebouwd volgens een parametrische benadering van geluids- en visuele architectuur, wordt de installatie gepresenteerd als een systeem met een hoog proces van willekeurige creatie. In die zin is elke interactie uniek en onnavolgbaar. Het publiek communiceert rechtstreeks met de digitale wereld door middel van de beweging van hun handen, waardoor abstracte lichten en beelden ontstaan. Dit onderzoekt de praktijk van menselijke beweging om de expressie en communicatie van beweging te vergemakkelijken en om nieuwe paradigma’s te ontwerpen en te ontwikkelen voor interactie met computers door middel van beweging.


Espace aérien
En 2016, Dirk Koy a fondé le studio de motion design et de film expérimental «Dirk Koy Bild und Bewegung». Dans son travail, il utilise différentes technologies (drones / animation 2D et 3D / photogrammétrie / AR / VR) pour créer des images numériques en mouvement. Il explore l’interface entre réalité et virtualité et recherche également la composante picturale dans le contexte numérique. L’expérience joue un rôle central.


Système Environnemental Encapsulé
Cette machine est entièrement équipée d’une machine à brouillard comme pour envelopper les plantes dans un brouillard des deux côtés et d’un système d’alimentation en eau goutte à goutte qui peut être activé en fonction de la situation afin de maintenir l’état d’une plante et de contrôler la température et l’humidité intérieures. De plus, la forme cylindrique peut capturer entièrement la lumière naturelle à des angles de 365 ° depuis les verres, et elle peut correspondre à la croissance des plantes en ayant la plus grande échelle de hauteur de la série. Les ventilateurs au plafond jouent le rôle du vent et une plante peut écouter la musique des haut-parleurs étanches. La machine absorbe des éléments essentiels – pluie, vent, lumière et son – par des moyens artificiels et complète un petit monde où son cycle écologique est condensé. Cela nous permet d’admirer la beauté des plantes en n’étant pas affecté par l’environnement extérieur.

bohyun yoon

To Reverse Yourself


My work poses the question: how does reality becomes exquisitely animated by certain social control systems such as politics, mass media, technology, science, and etc. It is my artistic goal to reveal how human beings are fragile and delicate in these social environments. By living in Korea, Japan and the U.S, I have first-hand experience in diverse social systems and have come to view my life experiences as raw material for my research. With my research in mind, my art utilizes the body as the tool for an intensive investigation of the public and private; examining the relationship between how people understand their body and how this understanding represents themselves in the greater context.
Currently, I am curious about human perception developing parallel with the ever-evolving progression of technological world. Thus, I question technology’s relationship to reality and illusion; asking what is reality? My work takes advantage of illusion to explore and answer this question, and often my artistic materials consist of the body and mirrors. I use mirrors for integrating reality and illusion.


“The Breathing Cloud” is a monumental floating organism. The work transforms a space by its motion, light, and rhythmic breathing. With this light art the phrase “let a room come to life” gets a new meaning. The clouds skin looks fragile and soft, and the movements are rhythmic, yet random, so the whole room feels like a living being. The technology is designed so that the strong LED modules and the mechanism support the pervasive breathing. It gets physically bigger and smaller and embraces with its bright light space.

Nicole Zisman

I frequently entertain the idea that everything we perceive might actually not be real at all, that the world around me could actually just be my senses lying to me. The idea that “reality is a hoax” completely freaks me out, so naturally it became the concrete starting point for my collection. From this, I began to develop different ways of “imagining” garments, of finding ways of putting things that are not really there into existence. I wanted to blur the lines of real versus imagined//artificial. Print was the best facilitator of this goal.

The Collective

2°C is a unique AI generated art installation imagined through the mind of a machine. Utilising machine learning algorithms trained on thousands of archival images of geometric structures of man made cities and naturally occurring organic corals forms, the AI takes this learned data to visualise an otherwise unseen coral city. 2°C is about coral bleaching, one of the phenomenon mainly caused by rising sea temperature brought about by climate change. To prevent the massive, irreversible impacts of ocean warming on the coral reefs and their services, it is crucial to limit the global average temperature increase to below 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

Yunchul Kim

Chroma V
“Chroma V”는 50m 길이의 거대한 뱀이 크고 복잡한 매듭으로 접혀 있습니다.이 거대한 조각품은 금속과 새로운 기술에서 파생된 재료로 만들어진 웅장한 작품입니다.한국관 중앙에 위치하며 전시의 또 다른 작품인 “아르고스 – 부풀어오른 태양”과 연결된다.”Chroma V”가 “Argos – The Swollen Suns”의 신호를 수신하자마자 뱀이 살아나고 금속 고리의 무지개 빛깔 반사로 두근거립니다.

Carla Chan

Falling Black
Unfalling Black is an augmented reality experience that reveals digitally manipulated weather formation in an enclosed environment. Treating the mobile device as a digital window, the work uncovers the displacing choreography of rain, storms and snow, occurring all around the audience and yet witnessed only through the computerized lens.

Children of the Light

Spiraling into Infinity
Spiraling into Infinity appears as a phantasmagoria of light at play; a radiant scramble of energy, a mirage from the subatomic realm, a doodle-made-magic. In the work the freedom of the creative act, moments of wonder and the therapeutic power of light come together.

Studio Drift

Breaking Waves
Cientos de drones iluminados bailaron alrededor de Elbphilharmonie y realzaron la arquitectura de formas fascinantes. Breaking Waves acentúa nuestra misión de llevar el arte a los espacios públicos para que pueda llegar a una audiencia grande y amplia. Queremos crear instalaciones físicas que permitan al público experimentar y sentir el arte con todos sus sentidos.

Studio Smack

Tribe City
Hundreds of beings and dreamlike and dystopian elements inhabit the digital and autonomous works that are part of this project. “It’s a portrait of the masses,” summarise the artists, whose fascination with group dynamics, technological phenomena and the ego are expressed in Tribe with an eclectic selection of individuals who bring to life deeply recognisable social attitudes. Collective behaviour and manipulation are recurring themes in SMACK’s work, which often uses popular visual references and light-hearted aesthetics to present us with an uncomfortable reflection of who we are.