bohyun yoon

To Reverse Yourself


My work poses the question: how does reality becomes exquisitely animated by certain social control systems such as politics, mass media, technology, science, and etc. It is my artistic goal to reveal how human beings are fragile and delicate in these social environments. By living in Korea, Japan and the U.S, I have first-hand experience in diverse social systems and have come to view my life experiences as raw material for my research. With my research in mind, my art utilizes the body as the tool for an intensive investigation of the public and private; examining the relationship between how people understand their body and how this understanding represents themselves in the greater context.
Currently, I am curious about human perception developing parallel with the ever-evolving progression of technological world. Thus, I question technology’s relationship to reality and illusion; asking what is reality? My work takes advantage of illusion to explore and answer this question, and often my artistic materials consist of the body and mirrors. I use mirrors for integrating reality and illusion.


“The Breathing Cloud” is a monumental floating organism. The work transforms a space by its motion, light, and rhythmic breathing. With this light art the phrase “let a room come to life” gets a new meaning. The clouds skin looks fragile and soft, and the movements are rhythmic, yet random, so the whole room feels like a living being. The technology is designed so that the strong LED modules and the mechanism support the pervasive breathing. It gets physically bigger and smaller and embraces with its bright light space.

Nicole Zisman

I frequently entertain the idea that everything we perceive might actually not be real at all, that the world around me could actually just be my senses lying to me. The idea that “reality is a hoax” completely freaks me out, so naturally it became the concrete starting point for my collection. From this, I began to develop different ways of “imagining” garments, of finding ways of putting things that are not really there into existence. I wanted to blur the lines of real versus imagined//artificial. Print was the best facilitator of this goal.

The Collective

2°C is a unique AI generated art installation imagined through the mind of a machine. Utilising machine learning algorithms trained on thousands of archival images of geometric structures of man made cities and naturally occurring organic corals forms, the AI takes this learned data to visualise an otherwise unseen coral city. 2°C is about coral bleaching, one of the phenomenon mainly caused by rising sea temperature brought about by climate change. To prevent the massive, irreversible impacts of ocean warming on the coral reefs and their services, it is crucial to limit the global average temperature increase to below 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

Yunchul Kim

Chroma V
“Chroma V”는 50m 길이의 거대한 뱀이 크고 복잡한 매듭으로 접혀 있습니다.이 거대한 조각품은 금속과 새로운 기술에서 파생된 재료로 만들어진 웅장한 작품입니다.한국관 중앙에 위치하며 전시의 또 다른 작품인 “아르고스 – 부풀어오른 태양”과 연결된다.”Chroma V”가 “Argos – The Swollen Suns”의 신호를 수신하자마자 뱀이 살아나고 금속 고리의 무지개 빛깔 반사로 두근거립니다.

Carla Chan

Falling Black
Unfalling Black is an augmented reality experience that reveals digitally manipulated weather formation in an enclosed environment. Treating the mobile device as a digital window, the work uncovers the displacing choreography of rain, storms and snow, occurring all around the audience and yet witnessed only through the computerized lens.

Children of the Light

Spiraling into Infinity
Spiraling into Infinity appears as a phantasmagoria of light at play; a radiant scramble of energy, a mirage from the subatomic realm, a doodle-made-magic. In the work the freedom of the creative act, moments of wonder and the therapeutic power of light come together.

Studio Drift

Breaking Waves
Cientos de drones iluminados bailaron alrededor de Elbphilharmonie y realzaron la arquitectura de formas fascinantes. Breaking Waves acentúa nuestra misión de llevar el arte a los espacios públicos para que pueda llegar a una audiencia grande y amplia. Queremos crear instalaciones físicas que permitan al público experimentar y sentir el arte con todos sus sentidos.

Studio Smack

Tribe City
Hundreds of beings and dreamlike and dystopian elements inhabit the digital and autonomous works that are part of this project. “It’s a portrait of the masses,” summarise the artists, whose fascination with group dynamics, technological phenomena and the ego are expressed in Tribe with an eclectic selection of individuals who bring to life deeply recognisable social attitudes. Collective behaviour and manipulation are recurring themes in SMACK’s work, which often uses popular visual references and light-hearted aesthetics to present us with an uncomfortable reflection of who we are.

Philip Vermeulen

Philip Vermeulen toont de installatie Fanfanfan in het Kunstenlab, waarin hij natuurkundige verschijnselen als licht, geluid en beweging manipuleert. Het kinetische ‘hypersculptuur’ beweegt met zo’n hoge snelheid dat de fysieke eigenschappen van de materialen voor je ogen lijken te vervormen.


This documentation video captures a few minutes of a continuous, generative collage. The source for the collage is one hour of edited signals captured from KTTV (198 – 204 MHz @ 34°13′29″N, 118°3′47″W) in August 2015.
The sound was created by Philip Rugo


KTTV Cette vidéo de documentation capture quelques minutes d’un collage continu et génératif. La source du collage est une heure de signaux édités capturés par KTTV (198 – 204 MHz @ 34°13′29″N, 118°3′47″W) en août 2015.

Le son a été créé par Philip Rugo



Ein Duett von Mensch und Roboter
Huangs Pionierarbeit ist geprägt von seiner Faszination für die Partnerschaft zwischen Mensch und Roboter. Kontinuierliche Bewegung verwebt er mit mechanischen und multimedialen Elementen zu einer Tanzform, die mit dem Datenfluss korrespondiert, den Performer zum Tanzinstrument macht.

Ryoichi Kurokawa

ad/ab Atom

Kurokawa then analyses, filters and distorts this data into an artistic rendering of an atomic space in which the laws of quantum mechanics would theoretically be visible. “The term ‘ad’ in the title means ‘to/toward’ etymologically as a prefix in words of Latin origin and ‘ab’ means ‘away from'”. he explains. “It is recombinant of neologism ‘adatom/abatom’ which means ‘to atom/from atom’, where the laws governing nature blur“.


Palloncini Neri
L’artista e fotografo lituano Tadao Cern ha creato un’installazione suggestiva, composta da più di 400 palloncini, disposti rigorosamente e geometricamente in molte linee. Intitolata ‘Black Balloons’, questa particolare composizione nasce dalla curiosità e dall’esperienza di Tadao Cern nel ‘collegare due palloncini’ e nel realizzare una nuova composizione uno per uno, che ha dato all’artista un processo creativo come un ‘gioco d’infanzia’ e poi si è trasformato in un esperienziale processo di creazione di un nuovo tipo di arte.

Doug Aitken

Sonic Fountain II

An excavation filled with milky water, Sonic Fountain is surmounted by nine taps distributed in a grid which taste according to a precisely written score. In the water, microphones record the sound of drops of water – sound broadcast live in space, like a concert. In the artist’s words, Sonic Fountain “is a deliberately abstract work that bares architecture and reveals its rhythm, tempo and language”.

Stan Douglas

When one spacecraft embarks on its journey, another is launched at the same time in a parallel reality. Alice, a solitary astronaut, is teleported to a distant planet, and so is her double. When Alice and her ship return, she assumes her mission has failed and she has somehow returned home; but she has, in fact, arrived at a world where everything is the reverse of what she once knew. Doppelgänger presents a nuanced and layered parable that powerfully addresses the slippery notion of objective truth, and the position of the ‘other’ in contemporary society.

Interactive Architecture Lab

Paralull is een installatie met meerdere schalen die zich in omgevingslawaai nestelt. Het werk genereert publieke betrokkenheid bij de geluidskwesties die door de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie naar voren zijn gebracht, door stadslawaai soepel te temperen tot het meest vergelijkbare geluid dat in de natuur te vinden is. Volgens sommige onderzoeken naar blootstelling aan natuurlijk geluid en de biofilie-hypothese, kan deze overgang mensen verlossen van de geluidshinder die wordt veroorzaakt door stadslawaai, en zorgen voor een hoger niveau van ontspanning na lawaai.

Dark Matter

INVERSE combines 169 moving black spherical objects into a seemingly living entity. Monochromatic, sometimes threatening in its appearance, the ensemble presents in silhouette against the bright background.


GK-0G – Floating Habitat

The GK-0G is the minimum size prototype of a scalable floating installation.
It is composed of five tetrahedral frameworks, its basic structural elements, arranged like sections of an orange. It is enveloped with a cover which acts as an interface between internal and external environments.Flotation is gained by tetra balloons inside the tetrahedral frameworks. As the only choice at this moment, helium is encapsulated inside the tetra balloons made of an impermeable film.This model is meant to verify that it can float and move in the air. It is considered that different degrees of flotation can be gained by combining tetra balloons in different ways.



file festival

“Simulacri” è un arrangiamento sperimentale optophysical. Al centro ci sono quattro pannelli per monitor LCD, assemblati sotto forma di un quadrato cavo e installati all’altezza degli occhi al centro della stanza. L’insieme appare internamente sventrato, ricoperto di vegetazione e abbracciato. Un groviglio di cavi e dispositivi di controllo si riversa al centro della riversa. Tutt’intorno diverse lenti d’ingrandimento pendono da catene. Il raggio abbagliante senza immagini dei monitor sembra come se le immagini fossero cadute da loro. Ciò che rimane è l’essenza del mezzo: la luce. È un’esperienza impressionante e meravigliosa quando le immagini appaiono improvvisamente dal bianco puro al semplice sguardo attraverso una pellicola apparentemente trasparente. Ma se giri l’obiettivo davanti ai tuoi occhi, la struttura polarizzante della pellicola crea sbalzi di colore o addirittura immagini negative complementari.

Sean Follmer, Mac Schwager & Allison Okamura

An untethered isoperimetric soft robot
The simplest version of this squishy robot is an inflated tube that runs through three small machines that pinch it into a triangle shape. One machine holds the two ends of the tube together; the other two drive along the tube, changing the overall shape of the robot by moving its corners. The researchers call it an “isoperimetric robot” because, although the shape changes dramatically, the total length of the edges – and  the amount of air inside – remains the same.

Shih Chieh Huang

Shih Chieh Huang combineert zijn jarenlange fascinatie voor technologie en de materialen van het moderne leven om alledaagse gefabriceerde objecten om te zetten in nieuwe en opmerkelijk complexe sculpturale vormen. Huang verheft het bouwen van circuits, het opnieuw bedraden van transistors en andere hardwarebewerkingen tot een kunst die niet alleen onze zintuigen verbindt, maar ook ons ​​gevoel van menselijkheid tussen het virtuele en analoge bestaan ​​van vandaag.

Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub

Moses und Aron
Oper in drei Akten Arnold Schoenberg
Jean-Marie Straub
Moses und Aron, known in English as Moses and Aaron, is a 1975 film by the French filmmaking duo of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet based on the unfinished opera of the same title by c. During its 1975 run at US festivals, it was also known as Aaron and Moses, and was frequently reviewed as such.
It is one of three films based on Schoenberg works Straub and Huillet directed, the other two being Einleitung zu Arnold Schoenbergs Begleitmusik zu einer Lichtspielscene , a short film made directly before Moses und Aron, and, over two decades later, an adaptation of the one-act comic opera Von heute auf morgen. The film retains the unfinished nature of the original opera, with the third act consisting of a single shot with no music as Moses delivers a monologue based on Schoenberg’s notes.The film was shot on location in Italy and Egypt. It utilized the same team of cinematographers as Straub and Huillet’s Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach. The soundtrack and cast of the film is the same as the 1974 recording conducted by Michael Gielen (Philips 6700 084).The original German version of the film was dedicated to Holger Meins, a former cinematography student who joined the Red Army Faction in the early 1970s and died on hunger strike in prison. This dedication was censored by German broadcasters for the film’s first transmission in 1975. The English subtitles of Schoenberg’s dense German libretto were prepared by assistant Gregory Woods, who is credited on the DVD.The film was shown at the 1975 Cannes Film Festival, but was not entered into the main competition.


cinema full

Bruce Nauman

Nature Morte
Nature Morte focuses on Nauman’s long relationship to his own studio, a variation on his four unique multi-projection videos, Mapping the Studio (2001). Three viewing stations, each consisting of an iPad linked to a wall-sized projection, provide an interactive exploration of the 3D studio space. Only now the artist is absent, and the participant becomes performer as he/she manipulates the large scale video projections on an iPad using touch control. The participant is free to navigate anywhere throughout the space, selecting broad vistas or individual objects. Using a hand-held 3D scanner, Nauman recorded hundreds of images that allow participants to select an object and locate close-up anything found there, and further reorient the image to see an object from above and below, and at times inside-out. The resulting mobility intensifies the experience of the viewer/performer. Presenting a static, but immersive re-creation of his studio space, Nauman’s pieces once again play at the tenuous lines between the body and space, perception and physical material.

Sang Jijia

As it were
As it were, Sang Jijia’s first creation for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, is about communication – about the joy of getting through to someone else, but also about everything that gets lost or is misunderstood. As humans, we share the same space but are detached from one another. We know what we want to say, but intentions can become confused.


Minimum Maximum
Sie ist vor allem durch die Pionierarbeit auf dem Gebiet der elektronischen Musik bekannt geworden. Musikstücke der Band beeinflussten zahlreiche Musikstile wie Synth-Pop, Electro-Funk oder Detroit Techno. Die New York Times bezeichnete die Band als die „Beatles der elektronischen Tanzmusik“.

Patrik Hübner

Chimes is an interactive, audio-reactive experience that translates the sound of a room into digital wind, setting in motion an exploration of space, music and time. The installation invites the viewer to surrender to the interplay of spatial sound, touch, air, movement and noise and to discover ever new facets in a constantly changing environment.


Present Shock
Present Shock confronts the viewer with a barrage of statistical clocks representing real-time information about the world—from life-changing global events to the banal trivia of everyday existence—highlighting how the speed and volume of data in the Information Age present new challenges to our limited cognitive apparatus. Many of the statistics presented occur at timescales and spatial horizons that similarly defy our perception or comprehension. Disturbing the inertia of the here and now, they reveal the fluctuating state of dynamic transformation that characterizes life on earth.

Jennifer Townley

A circular axle is able to rotate by the use of 36 universal joints hanging from perspex rods and transmitting their rotary motion onto the next. In between the joints, 36 stainless steel objects are attached that rotate at the same speed as the axle. One of the objects has a slightly thinner body, making room for two integrated timing pulleys and thin cogged belts that connect it with the drive mechanism situated on the upper circular frame. The objects are made from thin sheet material and are carefully balanced by placing several counterweights inside their hollow bodies and by perforating their tails, reducing the amount of material furthest away from the axle. During the entire revolution their centre of gravity perfectly aligns with the position of the axle so that a stable rotation is ensured.


وكامبانا الاخوة
האחים קמפנה


Inspired by Brazilian street life and carnival culture, brothers FERNANDO AND HUMBERTO CAMPANA combine found objects – such as scrap wood and scrap fabric – with advanced technologies to create a vibrant, energetic and definitely Brazilian approach to design.
Die Brüder FERNANDO UND HUMBERTO CAMPANA lassen sich vom brasilianischen Straßenleben und der Karnevalskultur inspirieren und kombinieren gefundene Objekte – wie Holzreste und Stoffreste – mit fortschrittlichen Technologien, um einen lebendigen, energischen und definitiv brasilianischen Designansatz zu schaffen.
Inspirados na vida de rua brasileira e na cultura carnavalesca, os irmãos FERNANDO E HUMBERTO CAMPANA combinam objetos encontrados – como sucata de madeira e sucata de tecido – com tecnologias avançadas para criar uma abordagem vibrante, energética e definitivamente brasileira ao design.

Universal Everything

Primordial is a generative artwork made from code, depicting a stylised, coloured take on cellular microscopic life. The flow of organisms projected onto the floor are audio responsive, moving and growing to the pulse of sound. These creatures navigate the space in their own freeform way, naturally encouraging viewers to flow into the exhibition.

Ai Weiwei

Hansel & Gretel
Hansel & Gretel oscille entre architecture et art en explorant la perception de l’espace et le statut de l’espace public dans le contexte d’une surveillance omniprésente. Le titre fait référence au conte de fées des frères Grimm dans lequel un frère et une soeur se perdent dans la forêt – un endroit qui leur est familier. L’entrée de l’installation est une porte latérale discrète à partir de laquelle un étroit tunnel assombrissant guide le visiteur vers la vaste salle d’exercices presque complètement sombre. Des drones vrombissent au-dessus de la tête des visiteurs, suivent et transmettent leurs mouvements sur de grands écrans.

Olafur Eliasson

Orizzonti Tremanti
Olafur Eliasson transformeert de Manica Lunga met een nieuwe serie van zes meeslepende kunstwerken die lijken op wigvormige optische apparaten. Binnen elke installatie worden complexe vloeiende vormen in beweging gezien die een panoramische ruimte van 360 graden doorkruisen die breder lijkt dan fysiek mogelijk is. Dit zijn optische illusies die worden geproduceerd dankzij spiegels en lichtprojecties.


The shape of the piece alludes to the ‘pi’ number concealed in the geometry of the Pyramids, found when dividing the perimeter of a Pyramid by twice its height. The sphere is an invisible part of the resulting geometry, since a sphere with a radius as high as the Pyramid would have a circumference very close in length to the Pyramid’s perimeter. The surface of the artwork captures the Pyramids, the sky, the surroundings and the viewers in a multiple fragmented reflection. It references the role of the circular mirror in historical Egyptian symbolism, where it was linked to the sun and conveyed notions of creation and rebirth.

Michael Hansmeyer

Digital Grotesque III
Em sua série “Digital Grotesque”, Hansmeyer fabrica espaços arquitetônicos com a ajuda de algoritmos personalizados de aprendizado de máquina. Esses espaços não são pensados ​​no sentido usual: o papel do artista era apenas colocar em movimento e supervisionar os processos digitais que levaram à sua criação. É uma estratégia que tem mais a ver com “gerar” espaço do que plotá-lo no papel ou usar um software CAD. Ao aproveitar algoritmos, o artista pode produzir estruturas com um grau de complexidade que rivaliza com o mundo natural.


SMS Slingshot
file festival

The SMSlingshot est un lance-pierre numérique qui envoie des SMS colorés sur les murs, telles des billes de paint-ball. La recette est simple, ou presque : un vidéo projecteur, un lance-pierre en bois muni d’un pointeur laser et une radio à Ultra Haute Fréquence. L’utilisateur utilise le clavier du lance-pierre pour écrire son message, vise un mur et le bombarde. Son SMS s’inscrit dans une tâche de peinture colorée.
Der SMSlingshot ist eine digitale Schleuder, die wie Paintballs bunte Textnachrichten an Wände schickt. Das Rezept ist einfach oder fast: ein Videoprojektor, eine Holzschleuder mit Laserpointer und ein Ultrahochfrequenz-Radio. Der Nutzer schreibt mit der Schleuder-Tastatur seine Nachricht, zielt auf eine Wand und bombardiert diese. Ihre Textnachricht ist Teil einer bunten Lackierung.

SMSlingshot è una fionda digitale che invia messaggi di testo colorati ai muri come palline di vernice. La ricetta è semplice, o quasi: un videoproiettore, una fionda di legno con puntatore laser e una radio Ultra High Frequency. L’utente utilizza la tastiera a fionda per scrivere il proprio messaggio, mira a un muro e lo bombarda. Il suo messaggio di testo fa parte di un lavoro di pittura colorato.

Iris van Herpen & Dutch National Ballet

For the ‘Biomimicry’ film, Iris van Herpen and Dutch National Ballet explore the symbiotic relationship between the metamorphic force in which fashion and dance interlace. The film, directed by Ryan McDaniels, sees the mesmeric dancer JingJing Mao undulating into liquescent shapes and transcending into graceful figures that reflect her myriad of movements. The concept of the creation stems from the notion of biomimicry — the design and production of materials and systems that are modelled on biological processes. In line with Iris van Herpen’s continuous pursuit to materialise the invisible forces that structure the world, the film focusses on the bond between humanity and nature.

Synichi Yamamoto, Seiichi Sega & Intercity-Express

This project was made by inspiration from law of nature and cosmology such as, “View from Inner Earth” ”Wrapped up in Nothing” “Re-mix the Border” “Constructal Law” “Emerging Moments” “Universal Architecture”, and “Superstring Theory”.Science and art have been getting closer in media art scene. Visualization of data and visualization of wave shapes has been actively pursued.


beyond pages

The data projector loads images of a leather bound tome onto a tablet which a light pen activates, animating the objects named in it – stone, apple, door, light, writing. The soundscore immaculately emulates the motion of each against paper, save for the syllabic glyphs of Japanese script, for which a voice pronounces the selected syllable. Stone and apple roll and drag across the page, light illuminates a paper-shaded desklamp; door opens a video door in front of where you read, a naked infant romping, lifesize and laughing, in.

Frei Otto

Flexible Column

“Frei Otto “hesitates to pursue a project unless he is certain that its realization will be temporary enough to not be in man’s way.”
This position indicates a polite anarchism through death. A delicate rebellion against the monumental architectural quest.” Helen Levin


„Frei Otto „zögert, ein Projekt zu verfolgen, es sei denn, er ist sich sicher, dass seine Realisierung nur vorübergehend genug ist, um dem Menschen nicht im Weg zu stehen.“ Diese Position weist auf einen höflichen Anarchismus durch den Tod hin. Eine zarte Rebellion gegen die monumentale architektonische Suche.” Helen Levin


«Фрей Отто« не решается продолжать проект, если не уверен, что его реализация будет достаточно временной, чтобы не мешать человеку ». Эта позиция указывает на вежливый анархизм через смерть. Тонкое восстание против монументального архитектурного поиска ». Елена Левин

Mel O’callaghan

« Pneuma » de Mel O’Callaghan présenté dans notre exposition Seeing The Invisible, nous invite à nous joindre à une méditation de respiration rythmée alors que nous sommes confrontés à une sphère chatoyante de couleur et de lumière.

Lotte Geeven

In a universe from which no particle escapes, every voice eventually fades away. No matter how loud or often a call shouts or how urgent the message is. At least… in theory. But what about real life? As a roaring voice in full force rises from a protest over a square, it sets billions of atoms in motion above a crowd. “No justice, No Peace!” The message of vibrating particles charged with kinetic energy empowers the mass and shakes the established order on a verge of collapse. All according to the laws of nature. Dutch artist Lotte Geeven listened to these hotspots of change around the world after the streets and squares had been swept clean and silence had returned. Looking for an echo.

Taehee Kim

Interactive Painting
Noise can be music. Music can be noise. Music and Noise are nothing different. It is up to you.

Kuflex Lab

In the installation area, the human body is augmented with video projected virtual images. Viewer and technology enter a symbiotic relationship and as a result, bring to life wonderful biomorphic creatures. They change constantly – reacting to your every movement and turning into new and unique forms each time. The installation was inspired by the symmetry of living organisms, the structure of exotic insects, and reflections on extraterrestrial life forms.

Lebbeus Woods

The Light Pavilion
The Light Pavilion by Lebbeus Woods in collaboration with Christoph a. Kumpusch, in the Raffles City complex in Chengdu, China, by Steven Holl Architects.
The Light Pavilion is designed to be an experimental space, one that gives us the opportunity to experience a type of space we haven’t experienced before. Whether it will be a pleasant or unpleasant experience; exciting or dull; uplifting or frightening; inspiring or depressing; worthwhile or a waste of time, it is not determined by the fulfillment of our familiar expectations, never having encountered such a space before. We shall simply have to go into the space and pass through it. That is the most crucial aspect of its experimental nature, and we – its transient inhabitants – are experimentalists.Lebbeus Woods and Christoph a. Kumpusch

Brodbeck & de Barbuat

Les 1000 vies d’Isis
Les 1000 vies d’Isis (The 1000 lives of Isis) highlights the birth of an imaginary character created entirely by computer. A virtual identity whose daily life is imagined in images. The fictitious staging of these moments photographed in the South of France interrogates Photography and Portraiture by introducing a questioning on the nature of images, their link to reality and to the identity of the living.

Van Grimde Corps Secrets

Eve 2050
Nous sommes en 2050, dans un monde ou être humain ne signifie plus la même chose. Les avancées technologiques et biomédicales des 30 dernières années ont bouleversé le statut du corps et redéfini les identités. Certains humains ont embrassé les progrès technologiques, jusqu’à augmenter leurs corps avec des dispositifs artificiels. D’autres ont préféré s’hybrider avec d’autres espèces, faisant du biologique et du vivant leur technologie à eux. D’autres encore chérissent et honorent le corps originel, refusant toute modification corporelle ou n’ayant pas les moyens de s’augmenter. La web série Eve 2050 nous emmène au cœur de ce monde étonnant à travers 5 épisodes qui suivent le parcours d’Eve. Personnage symbolique, de toutes origines culturelles, à la fois enfant et adulte, homme, femme, transgenre, être de chair, virtuel ou artificiel. Eve 2050 propose un voyage inédit vers les corps et les êtres de demain.

Lu Yang

Delusional Crime and Punishment

Who created life? I think this is the question everyone has been asking themselves since childhood? At least I have many doubts, the subjective feeling of the existence of consciousness allows us to face the world from that source. Why do humans eat like this for energy? Why not get energy in other ways? Why do you need energy to exercise? Why is this so joyful and so painful? What is the need for pain, pleasure, fear, excitement, etc.?Upon careful analysis, it appears that the source of many desires comes from the design of our physical structure. If God designed human beings, why was he designed that way and why was he designed as a biological mechanism for sin and hell? Why do human beings have desires because of such a physical structure and even they don’t understand self-control, they have sins, and they have to go to another hell of punishment system to atone for their sins? Who created this series of systems?


Digitale Grotesk
Digital Grotesque is de eerste volledig meeslepende, solide, gesloten structuur op menselijke schaal die volledig 3D-geprint is uit zand. Deze structuur van 16 vierkante meter is gematerialiseerd met details op de drempel van de menselijke waarneming. Elk aspect van deze architectuur is samengesteld door op maat ontworpen algoritmen.

Barbara Foulkes

La caída deja de ser una caída cuando la veo y la percibo desde un punto de vista diferente, y si la vuelvo a voltear, vuelve a transformarse, y si la vuelvo a voltear, lo que fue en un principio ya se extravió, y si a esto le sumo repetirla infinitas veces, me encuentro en el “entre” de un punto de vista a otro.

Gerard O’Neill

O’Neill cylinder

O’Neill was inspired by the papers written by his students. He began to work out the details of a program to build self-supporting space habitats in free space.Among the details was how to provide the inhabitants of a space colony with an Earth-like environment. His students had designed giant pressurized structures, spun up to approximate Earth gravity by centrifugal force . With the population of the colony living on the inner surface of a sphere or cylinder, these structures resembled “inside-out planets”. He found that pairing counter-rotating cylinders would eliminate the need to spin them using rockets.This configuration has since been known as the O’Neill cylinder.

Alcala Nicolas

애니메이션 실시간 VR
File Festival
극단적인 기후 변화로 인해 우리가 알고 있는 세계가 천천히 죽어가는 동안 인류를 위한 새로운 행성을 찾기 위해 노력하는 뛰어난 과학자 Anaaya에 관한 20분(분) 애니메이션 실시간 VR(가상 현실) 단편; 그녀의 엄청난 작업을 돕기 위해 설계된 AI인 Melita. 이것은 인류의 다음 요람인 오로라를 찾기 위한 Melita의 여정으로 우리를 데려갈 훨씬 더 큰 이야기의 첫 번째 부분입니다.

Lawrence Lek


Lawrence’s accompanying soundtrack is a delicate lattice; complex, opaque and entirely synthetic. Diva’s yearning vocals, sung in English and Mandarin, cast classical melodies over billowing, intricately arranged songs. Her voice is created with a Vocaloid voice synthesiser, giving it an uncanny feeling. Her confessional lyrics draw empathy from the listener, as she reveals her fears of becoming an irrelevant influencer, obsolete in a machine-driven age.

The lead single ‘ unreal’ is launched with a harrowing video adapted from the film.


file festival

The ReacTable is a collaborative electronic music instrument with a tabletop tangible multi-touch interface. Several simultaneous performers share complete control over the instrument by moving and rotating physical objects on a luminous round table surface. By moving and relating these objects, representing components of a classic modular synthesizer, users can create complex and dynamic sonic topologies, with generators, filters and modulators, in a kind of tangible modular synthesizer or graspable flow-controlled programming language.


Iwai’s Piano — As Image Media (1995), a later sound work, is related to these early interactive experiments. Here the user, seated at the piano, triggers a flow of images that depress the piano’s keys; a consequence of this action releases yet another flight of images. The resulting interactive installation synthesizes two different aesthetics: sounds (simple melodies), images and a mechanical object (the piano) with digital media. A projected score and computer-generated imagery transform the piano into image media, hence the work’s name. Sound is the triumphant component in these works, for it activates and shapes the visual work. But the visual aspect of Iwai’s installations is lovely. His interactive systems appeal to the creative impulses of adults and children alike with their celebration of animation, computer potential, and the joy of sound.07


Se não temos o poder para reformar nosso ambiente, precisamos encontrar possibilidades de meditação usando os significantes que preenchem as cidades. “Meditação” é uma meditação prática e alternativa que só funciona quando você se deixa perder. Inúmeros símbolos estão comprimidos dentro da obra, expressos em padrões irregulares de som através das três instalações audiovisuais, e o som se transforma, formando imagens de ondas. A mídia reproduzida, ao ser comprimida e suprimida, traz mais possibilidades de pensamento e escolha do que os valores contidos em sua própria forma. Através desses processos, “Meditation” pode ser a ferramenta certa para a meditação.


The Wizard of Oz experiment

The Videoinstallation “The Wizard of Oz experiment” by Dennis Neuschaefer-Rube shows the movie „The Wizard of Oz“ 5829 times side by side. The movies are arranged in rows from left to right and time shifted by exactly one second each. The video starts at the top left, with the first second of the film and finishes bottom right with the last second of the film. The projection is in a that repeats every 98 minutes.
A computer voice speaks the whole subtitles of the film „The Wizard of Oz.“ in a 68-minute loop.

Lu Yang

The Great Adventure of Material World

The Great Adventure in Material World/Material World Knight is the most adventurous video game artwork that Lu Yang has created. The Great Adventure in Material World/Material World Knight has combined all the protagonists in Lu Yang’s artworks from the past and created an alliance of these heroes. In this video game, the world can be indefinitely explored by players. It has also incorporated several other elements created in various works from the artist before”. Once players enter the video game, they will transform into knights in this Material World. As protagonists of the alliance of heroes in the Material World, they will explore the Universe, absorb energy, be destroyed and achieve rebirth. They will fight all sorts of emotions, desires and eventually with themselves.

Studio Above&Below

‘Semi-Diurnal Spaces’ is a site specific immersive installation in form of a full dome which makes use of local tidal and atmospheric data of South Wales. Locals were invited to experience their close-by waterbody through a meditative environment, connecting to it in a poetic, technological and tele present way. Tidal patterns and atmospheric data such as wind and humidity influence a digital NVIDIA FleX particle system in real-time. The site-specific data influences the gravitational forces, fluid viscosity and flow rate within the dome as a body, resulting in a living digital sculpture and AV experience connecting to aspects of the channel itself.

Ludmila Rodrigues & Mike Rijnierse

Sunset in Delft
Sunset in Delft es una escultura que recrea el fenómeno cotidiano del sol hundiéndose en el horizonte, y lo hace, dentro de una ciudad. Este enorme cuerpo de luz brillante se colocó sobre el agua, precisamente en el cruce de tres canales en la idílica ciudad de Delft, el lugar donde posiblemente se conocieron el científico Antoni van Leeuwenhoek y el pintor Johannes Vermeer, mientras realizaban experimentos pioneros con la óptica en el siglo XVII. . La vista panorámica de 360º de este sol hundiéndose en el agua subvierte la perspectiva habitual de la estrella celeste moviéndose sobre el horizonte.