Tabor Robak


EXO is Tabor Robak’s new project. Synthetic meditation that mixes Samsara’s like visuals with demoscene techniques, EXO is a visual feast. A first-person experience reaching transcendental levels, literally and metaphorically. Available for both PC and MAC. Born in Portland, Oregon, Robak lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Sarah Oppenheimer

Sarah Oppenheimer’s work explores how individual and collective action can shape the spaces we inhabit. A master of architectural manipulations, her work is interactive, psychological, performative, and at its heart, deeply social.


Usando folhas gigantes de aço inoxidável polido, a estrutura de Smith reflete o céu em constante mudança. Ele descreve que ‘Open Sky’ é “inspirado pelas constantes mudanças de luz, cor e forma que são apresentadas no ambiente natural e construído”. A peça foi pensada para que os visitantes da semana do design possam interagir com o ambiente natural e despertar o sentimento de aventura.


Объем – один из проектов, который можно было бы назвать прилагательным «поэтический». Эта светящаяся и звуковая скульптура, состоящая из нескольких колонн, оживает, когда участники путешествуют в ней. Чем больше посетителей, тем больше «лес» украшается чарующими красками и звуками, гармонично сочетающими взаимодействие с погружением.

Powerhouse Company

Loop of Wisdom
Architecture studio Powerhouse Company has created a reception building topped with a circular walking trail as part of a development in Chengdu, China. The structures beneath the walking trail will act as a sales pavilion and reception block for the new Unis Chip City development in Chengdu’s Tianfu New District, which is under construction in the southern part of the city. Powerhouse Company connected these two structures with a bright red rooftop walkway, named Loop of Wisdom, which is designed to make the reception block more useable than if it was a standalone building.

FILE LED SHOW Neuroscientific-Installation





We are invited to São Paulo for our vertical light and sound installation which will transform the facade of São Paulo’s one of the most important architecture which is Fiesp Led Building.
We started this project with the idea that Neuroscience and simultaneous movement of both eyes between two or more phases of fixation in the same direction algorithms, and we transform the high-resolution led screen into a media canvas which transformed into living architecture.


Máquina de síntomas
En ‘We Need Sanctuary’ (2016) y ‘Symptom Machine’ (2017), Cooper presenta el cuerpo como un espacio disputado para la comunicación y la representación. Utilizando imágenes generadas por computadora, se combinan situaciones y personajes para pensar a través de la política del trabajo explotador y la experiencia somática de la producción y distribución de imágenes. Ambas obras presentan escenas de cuerpos generados por ordenador; tanto femeninos como no humanos que se vislumbran en los mismos bordes de la pantalla. Sus manos se tocan; se mueven hacia atrás en una cinta transportadora; y la sangre gotea de la boca de la niña mientras el no humano barre el piso detrás de ella.

Magnus Westwell

Magnus Westwell


What do you picture when you listen to music? This raw and rhythmically driven  piece  takes us inside the mind of  Magnus  Westwell and how  they  visualize  music.
Qu’est-ce que tu imagines quand tu écoutes de la musique ? Cette pièce brute et rythmée nous plonge dans l’esprit de Magnus Westwell et de la façon dont ils visualisent la musique.
Was stellst du dir vor, wenn du Musik hörst? Dieses rohe und rhythmisch getriebene Stück führt uns in die Gedanken von Magnus Westwell und wie sie Musik visualisieren.

Synichi Yamamoto, Seiichi Sega & Intercity-Express

This project was made by inspiration from law of nature and cosmology such as, “View from Inner Earth” ”Wrapped up in Nothing” “Re-mix the Border” “Constructal Law” “Emerging Moments” “Universal Architecture”, and “Superstring Theory”.Science and art have been getting closer in media art scene. Visualization of data and visualization of wave shapes has been actively pursued.

The Andromeda Strain

Less faithful to the original text than Robert Wise’s 1971 film, the current version, whose executive producers include Tony and Ridley Scott, retains the essential elements of the plot: a government satellite on an intergalactic germ-related fact-finding mission crashes into a small town out West, emitting a deadly pathogen that kills everyone nearby save for an unhealthy older man and a baby whose survival is an epidemiological mystery. The military is called in to contain the disaster, and a team of high-status scientific researchers is assembled to determine the capacities of whatever is causing this plague and thus forestall the end of civilization.

cinema full

Peaches & Pussykrew

Fill the Whole
Como parte do espaço virtual Cyberia do CTM Festival, a música pioneira Peaches se juntou aos artistas visuais Ewelina Aleksandrowicz e Andrzej Wojtas, também conhecido como Pussykrew, para criar uma experiência única de videogame. Intitulado Fill the Whole, o jogo é descrito como um “exercício experimental de amor próprio e aceitação” que permite ao jogador explorar a positividade corporal e a liberdade de gênero.

Laurent Grasso

OttO (solo exhibition)
OttO (the film)
Structured around a set of brand-new works and around the eponymous film, the exhibition interconnects sacred spaces, animistic beliefs and scientific theories. Each of these works concerns imperceptible and yet active phenomena that have in common the real or supposed effects of electromagnetic waves, vibrations and frequencies. Perrotin Paris



Structurée autour d’un ensemble d’œuvres inédites et autour du film éponyme, l’exposition interconnecte espaces sacrés, croyances animistes et théories scientifiques. Chacun de ces travaux concerne des phénomènes imperceptibles et pourtant actifs qui ont en commun les effets réels ou supposés des ondes électromagnétiques, des vibrations et des fréquences. Perrotin Paris

Nicolas Bernier

frequencies (light quanta)

The project is part of an ongoing process entitled «frequencies», exploring basic sound and light dichotomic systems. Here, frequencies (light quanta) stems from a fascination towards science, light, and granular synthesis allowing to create clouds/grains of sounds. The conceptual focus lies in the quantum — the smallest measurable value of energy —, on the smallness of matter. The whole project is based on the possible conceptual relationships between basic quantum physics principles applied to the audio-visual creative process: particles, probabilities, wave/particle duality and discontinuity. Metaphorically structured around these notions, the audio-visual composition stems from 100 sound and light micro-sequences that develop themselves, generating an ever expending but yet disruptive form in time and space. With the use of randomness, the vectorial graphics are always creating new ways to look at the visual, physically superimposing pattern images.

Leonhard Lass & Gregor Ladenhauf

Der Eidolon spaltet sich
Der Eidolon spaltet sich untersucht die Konstruktion menschlicher Form und Identität in einem narrativen Bereich. Es reflektiert und verkörpert den Bildschirm als Portal und Kontaktfläche sowohl als physisches als auch als virtuelles Gerät.

Lisa Park

“Blooming” is an interactive audiovisual installation that highlights the importance of human connection. It takes the form of a life-size 3D Cherry blossom tree, which is a common symbol of social ties and transience of life in East Asian culture. As a response to participants’ skin-to-skin contacts, heart rate, and gestures, “Blooming” blossoms according to their intimacy. As audience members hold hands or embrace, the digital Cherry tree flowers bloom and scatter. When they let go off their physical contacts, the flower return to its pre-bloom state. The color of the flowers turns white or red based on participants’ heart rate as they interact with each other. (the faster the heart rate, the redder the tonality; the slower the heart rate, the whiter the tonality). In addition to the visual responses, sounds are also modulated according to the tree’s different stages: pre-bloom, blooming, petals falling.


Интерактивное аудиовизуальное танцевальное представление
Breakdown исследует двумерный симулированный мир, в котором его физические правила постоянно меняются и ими манипулирует внешняя сущность. Обитатель этого мира находится в постоянном движении, чтобы приспособиться к его характеристикам. Он взаимодействует с физическими правилами и развивает диалог с сущностью, контролирующей силы. В конце концов, обитатель нарушает правила мира и попадает в новый мир, новое измерение.

Davide Balula

Mimed Sculptures,(Henry Moore, Moon Head)

“Artistas vestidos com uniformes brancos e luvas de manuseio de arte rosa se movem em torno de pedestais de vários tamanhos. Eles gesticulam, imitando os contornos de esculturas – Le-nez de Giacometti (1947), Hang up de Eva Hesse (1966) e Paisagem inconsciente de Louise Bourgeois (1967 -8), entre outros.
Como se fosse um jogo de charadas da história da arte, você se pega adivinhando com o que eles estão manipulando, qual é a superfície e a textura dos objetos. Através dessa performance, a nova relação sensual com essas obras é formada. No entanto, você não pode deixar de fazer a conexão com o comentário sobre a arte de manipular em si – pode o mundo da manipulação de arte, instalação de exposições e, de fato, venda de obras de arte estar se tornando tanto uma arte quanto a própria obra de arte? ” Maisie Skidmore

Natasa Teofilovic

Eins zu eins
Das Kunstwerk 1:1 wurde als 3D-Ambiente entwickelt, d.h. eine im Raum platzierte 3D-Charakteranimation (3D-Animationsprojektion). Die Animation präsentiert den Schatten einer unsichtbaren virtuellen Figur oder einer virtuellen Figur, die auf der “Gegenseite” der virtuellen Ebene platziert ist. Der Titel des Kunstwerks „1:1“ ist das Symbol für „Vollmaßstab“. Dies bezieht sich auch auf die Beziehung zwischen zwei Entitäten, wie “eins zu eins”.


Cloud Pink

The installation invites participants to “touch the pink clouds” drifting on a giant fabric screen suspended in the air.
Lying down on a hill with your pupils filled with the endless blue sky, perspective of your eyesight suddenly gets distorted and clouds drift at the tip of your nose. You stretch your arms up to the sky to touch the clouds but can’t reach. Another world right above your head, clouds.

Alter-Projects and Servaire & Co

Alter-Projects and Servaire & Co have partnered to design Metronome, an oscillating installation at the London Design Biennale created to trigger memories through sounds and smells. The installation is a room with a scent-diffusing physical metronome at its centre accompanied by an ASMR soundscape by designer Steve Lastro.


DNA (genes)

A gene is a sequence of DNA that contains genetic information and can influence the phenotype of an organism. Within a gene, the sequence of bases along a DNA strand defines a messenger RNA sequence, which then defines one or more protein sequences. The relationship between the nucleotide sequences of genes and the amino-acid sequences of proteins is determined by the rules of translation, known collectively as the genetic code. The genetic code consists of three-letter ‘words’ called codons formed from a sequence of three nucleotides.

tabor robak

balenciaga collaboration
A 25 minute video loop with previously unreleased tracks by DJ Hell, made in collaboration with Balenciaga.

Here is a dramatic tension in his work between the real and the imagined in his use of often-appropriated digital objects to create virtual landscapes, which frequently contain elements – animals, machines, fragments of videogames – that are recognisable from our day to day life. This creates a symbiotic relationship between the digital and the real. In a very real way digital space has now become an intangible reality. The worlds built by Robak have a distinctly cinematic sensibility that hyperbolises the shine and dramatic effects of 3D rendered animation. The aesthetic of his work is supremely important, drawing the viewer into a truly alluring, indulgent and strangely gratifying environment. There is a further challenge to the void between high-art and the worlds of 3D animation and gaming, in the intersection between depiction and simulation. This can be partially attributed to the vernacular of advertising Robak is so proficient at utilising.


Рене Лалу

René Laloux, criou Gandahar, seu último filme de animação. Baseado no romance de Jean-Pierre Andrevon Les Hommes-machines contra Gandahar Esta fascinante animação adulta combina a famosa imaginação de Laloux com a do designer de animação Philippe Caza. “A minha busca começou com um enigma. “Em mil anos, Gandahar foi destruído, e todo o seu povo massacrado. Há mil anos, Gandahar será salvo, e o que não pode ser evitado será.” -Sylvain. Este filme está no planeta Gandahar, onde a paz reina e a pobreza é desconhecida. O estilo de vida utópico é perturbado por relatos de pessoas nas fronteiras periféricas sendo transformadas em pedra. Enviado para investigar, o Príncipe Sylvain (João Shea) cai e é resgatado pelas experiências genéticas deformadas e horrendas que correram mal e deixado para defender-se por si mesmos. Com sua ajuda, Sylvain descobre que a Metamorfose, um cérebro gigante também criado em uma experiência, está tentando destruir Gandahar.
René Laloux created Gandahar, his last animated film. Based on Jean-Pierre Andrevon’s novel Les Hommes-machines against Gandahar This fascinating adult animation combines Laloux’s famous imagination with that of animation designer Philippe Caza. “My quest began with a riddle. “In a thousand years, Gandahar was destroyed, and all his people slaughtered.


« Il y a une certaine forme de critique sociale dans chaque publication, mais elles ne correspondent pas à des faits précis. J’aime jouer avec des situations courantes et les présenter de manière ambiguë et inconfortable. Pour moi, ce n’est pas important de trop se concentrer sur le contenu dans un sens car je cherche à agiter le spectateur et à le forcer à penser par lui-même. Ils doivent trouver leur propre explication à ce qu’ils voient » Extraweg


Зеленый, желтый и розовый
Эта работа была создана по случаю персональной выставки художника в 2017 году в Esther Schipper, Ich rede zu Dir wie Kinder reden in der Nacht. Пройдя порог выставочного пространства, посетители оказываются погруженными в нематериальную цветную абстракцию, в которой исчезли любые пространственные или временные ориентиры.


כסא קשת
Bow היא התוצאה האחרונה של המחקר הנרחב והמתמשך ש-ZHA מבצעת בתחומי הדפסת תלת-ממד וניסויים בחומרים. הכיסא משלב עיצוב וטהור המבוסס על תהליכי אופטימיזציה מבניים המצויים בדרך כלל בטבע, עם חומרים חדשניים ושיטות ייצור מתקדמות ביותר. הדפוס והשיפוע הצבעוני מתאחדים בהגדרה מחדש של היחס המרחבי המסורתי בין הרהיטים לתפאורה שלו.

Cosentino and Benjamin Hubert

“È il sogno di un designer. Il processo è altamente tecnologico ma anche abbastanza artigianale; è una divisione intrigante. E parte di questo processo consiste nel rimuovere ogni traccia di acqua dal materiale usando un calore e una pressione incredibili. L’idea dell’installazione era di reintrodurre l’acqua, o almeno i giochi di luce che si ottengono dall’acqua, l’effetto della luce che gioca su un ponte su un fiume. È qualcosa che cattura sempre l’immaginazione.’ Raggiungere questo effetto ha richiesto tempo, fatica e trucchi algoritmici. “Volevamo ottenere il massimo effetto dalla cosa più piccola”, afferma Hubert. “Inizialmente abbiamo provato a usare un sottile strato di acqua in movimento sul vetro, ma ci è sembrato troppo letterale. Poi abbiamo pensato al modo in cui una sfera di vetro può diffondere la luce.’

Akiko Nakayama

Lebendige Malerei
Ich male gerade. Ich möchte eine Szene zeichnen, die in Bewegung bleibt. Ich habe mit “ALIVE PAINTING” angefangen, mit Liquidität eine sich ständig verändernde Figur zu zeichnen. In “ALIVE PAINTING” zeichnen wir Bilder, indem wir mit Materialien mit unterschiedlichen Eigenschaften miteinander reagieren. Auf diese Weise versuche ich, die ästhetischen Freuden hervorzuheben, die durch den Fluss und die Farbe der Elemente und den rohen Fluss entstehen. Zusätzlich zu den chemischen Eigenschaften des Materials treten durch äußere Faktoren wie Wind, Schwerkraft und Vibration unerwartete Reaktionen auf, so dass die nicht reproduzierbare Szenerie langsam wieder erscheint und das Erlebnis selbst mit dem Betrachter geteilt wird.

Jeff Wall

Picture for Women

Dans Picture for Women, nous voyons trois entités principales distinctes, mais entrelacées – une femme, un appareil photo et un homme. On suppose que la femme est le modèle et que l’homme est le photographe qui prend la photo, suggéré par sa main serrant le câble de déclenchement de l’appareil photo. Le premier est positionné à gauche de l’image, le second à droite, tandis que l’appareil photo est au centre.

tangerine dream

quantum gate
Edgar Froese – Thorsten Quaeschning – Ulrich Schnauss – Hoshiko Yamane
Quantum Gate is roughly the 150th release and roughly 30th main studio album by Tangerine Dream. It is the first full-length album since the death of founder Edgar Froese in 2015, and is largely based on ideas and musical sketches left by Froese.The album was preceded by and is companion to the 2015 mini-album Quantum Key.
This album earned the group the most press they have had since the release of 1988’s Optical Race due to the revived interest in the group following Froese’s death


Quantum Gate (2017) ist ungefähr die 150. Veröffentlichung und das ungefähr 30. Hauptstudioalbum von Tangerine Dream. Es ist das erste Full-Length-Album seit dem Tod des Gründers Edgar Froese im Jahr 2015 und basiert weitgehend auf Ideen und musikalischen Skizzen, die Froese hinterlassen hat. Dem Album ging das Mini-Album Quantum Key aus dem Jahr 2015 voraus und ist dessen Begleiter.
Dieses Album brachte der Gruppe die meiste Presse ein, die sie seit der Veröffentlichung von Optical Race von 1988 aufgrund des wiederbelebten Interesses an der Gruppe nach Froeses Tod hatte

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Saturation Sampler
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s work Saturation Sampler, uses AI computer vision to track onlookers and extract the most saturated color palettes from their bodies and clothes, creating a gridded composition from the footage where viewers catch glimpses of their reflections in the pixelated field. With the widest color gamut available and an unparalleled 160-degree viewing angle, Luma Canvas delivers a unique viewing experience unlike any other. The direct emissive nature of the display’s LEDs creates a visceral and material encounter with Lozano-Hemmer’s interactive work, meaningfully situating his digital work within the physical realm.


Avatar do artista
“Para quem não a conhece, Shu Lea Cheang é uma figura da net art e do movimento ciberfeminista que surgiu na década de 1990. Na época, morando em Nova York, ela também era membro ativo do coletivo de vídeo ativista Paper Tiger Television (assim como a cineasta francesa Nathalie Magnan). Desde então, o trabalho de Cheang tem lidado com “questões que incluem sexo, futuro, gênero, ecologia, dinheiro, mídia e comida [para] englobar filme, instalação, trabalho online, processos sociais e intervenção direta nos sistemas sociopolítico, técnico e estético, e os imaginários que os compõem ”. Matthew Fuller


Magenta Moon Garden
Designed to spark conversation around sustainability, tech and media skills in a playful and intuitive way, this interactive, walkthrough video installation comprises three distinct visual environments (Sunrise Garden, Moon Garden, Magenta Moon) enriched with intuitive, interactive real-time elements. The stunning environment and experience is flanked by online contents and events that tackle topics from hate speech to climate change, flanked by a wide spectrum of online contents, talks and on-site workshops.


“There is a certain kind of social criticism in each publication, but they do not correspond to specific facts. I enjoy playing with common situations and presenting them in an ambiguous and uncomfortable way. For me, it is not important to focus on the content too much in one direction because I seek to agitate the spectator and force them to think for themselves. They must find their own explanation to what they are seeing,” Extraweg


„In jeder Veröffentlichung steckt eine gewisse Art von Gesellschaftskritik, aber sie entsprechen nicht bestimmten Tatsachen. Es macht mir Spaß, mit alltäglichen Situationen zu spielen und sie mehrdeutig und unbequem darzustellen. Mir ist es nicht wichtig, den Inhalt zu sehr in eine Richtung zu fokussieren, denn ich versuche den Zuschauer zu agitieren und zum Mitdenken zu zwingen. Sie müssen ihre eigene Erklärung für das Gesehene finden.“ Extraweg


« Il y a une certaine forme de critique sociale dans chaque publication, mais elles ne correspondent pas à des faits précis. J’aime jouer avec des situations courantes et les présenter de manière ambiguë et inconfortable. Pour moi, ce n’est pas important de trop se concentrer sur le contenu dans un sens car je cherche à agiter le spectateur et à le forcer à penser par lui-même. Ils doivent trouver leur propre explication à ce qu’ils voient » Extraweg



Jacqueline Hen

Light High
The installation LIGHT HIGH is aimed at guiding the perception through targeted acoustic and visual phenomena into border areas in which ambivalent experiences set in and the habitual experience of space is abolished.[…] A mirrored ceiling together with a thin reflecting surface of water on the ground and a grid arrangement of lights are creating the spatial illusion of an infinite vertical space of light and darkness. By traversing a small bridge, the visitor can cautiously discover the immersing endlessness beneath his/her feats and above his/her head.


Soundcrash с гордостью представляет новатора электронной музыки – Squarepusher! Начав свои звуковые эксперименты в 1994 году, Squarepusher постоянно стремится раздвинуть границы и пределы электронной музыки. В мае 2012 года Squarepusher выпустил свое последнее музыкальное предприятие «Ufabulum», музыкальный альбом, созданный исключительно с помощью цифрового программирования, гарантируя, что его влияние на сегодняшнюю глобальную музыкальную электронную сцену как никогда важно. Для своего первого шоу альбома «Ufabulum» в Лондоне Squarepusher возьмет на себя исторический мюзик-холл Hackney Empire со своим крупнейшим световым шоу на сегодняшний день! Это уникальная возможность увидеть одного из пионеров электронной музыки в необычной обстановке.


This documentation video captures a few minutes of a continuous, generative collage. The source for the collage is one hour of edited signals captured from KTTV (198 – 204 MHz @ 34°13′29″N, 118°3′47″W) in August 2015.
The sound was created by Philip Rugo


KTTV Cette vidéo de documentation capture quelques minutes d’un collage continu et génératif. La source du collage est une heure de signaux édités capturés par KTTV (198 – 204 MHz @ 34°13′29″N, 118°3′47″W) en août 2015.

Le son a été créé par Philip Rugo


Ke Jyun Wu

“Clairvoyance means the ability to perceive objects and matters beyond ordinary senses. We named this work as Clairvoyance because it perfectly describes the curiosity people have about the future. This grand artwork tells the story of how curiosity intrigues imaginations and improves technology, both of which urge people to move on.” Ke Jyun Wu

PROTOROOM Metamedia Collective

PROTOROOM은 테크놀로지 매체 기반의 키트(KIT)로 작업을 하는 메타미디어 콜렉티브이다. 여기서 키트는 감각하고 사유를 이끄는 메타적 매체로서, 컴퓨팅 매체의 근본적인요소를 직접 감각하는 기회와 함께 생태계의 일부화된 테크놀로지에 대한 사유과 담론을가능하게끔 연결해주는 매개자가 된다. 이를 이라는 주제로 전시, 워크숍 등의 작업으로 풀어내는 연작을 이어가고 있다. 2014년 부터 후니다 킴과 김승범이 활동하고 있다. 최근에는 전시 X 워크샵이란 형식으로 2016년 일본에서 NTT 인터커뮤니케이션센터[ICC] ‘Media Art as an Awareness Filer ’와 백남준아트센터 “우리의 밝은 미래 – 사이버네틱스 환상 “에서 기획전에 참여하였다.


StickMan is a minimal but full-body exoskeleton that algorithmically actuates the artist with 6 degrees-of-freedom. It is a gesture generating system capable of 64 possible combinations. Sensors on StickMan generate sounds that augment the pneumatic noise and register the limb movements. A ring of 6 speakers directs and circulates the sounds.

Anicka Yi

In Love with the World
“I wanted to expand on the ideas from Venice, to explore the poetic and philosophical potential of machines. How can humans and machines be companions and kin of one another, not fulfill this master-slave binary of machines or humans as overlords to the other.”Anicka Yi


Kuniko Kato

KUNIKO’s much-anticipated third studio recording features the works of Iannis Xenakis, whose work has had a huge impact within the world of music, and in particular on percussion repertoire.

Daniel Iregui

ANTIBODIES est une installation interactive qui suit les visages des participants et les incite à faire des expressions faciales. La pièce reflète à quel point nous sommes absents et détachés lors des appels vidéo – la forme aujourd’hui imposée de rassemblements sociaux. À la fin de chaque expérience, toutes les interactions deviennent partie d’une galerie d’êtres humains désincarnés.

Winnie Yoe

Smile, Please
Smile, Please es una instalación interactiva creada en respuesta a la coerción social de las emociones y la prevalencia de la IA de las emociones. La instalación cuenta con una máquina de evaluación y capacitación de sonrisas que capacita a los usuarios para que se conviertan en ciudadanos de “la sociedad preferida”, donde se les garantiza mejores perspectivas de futuro. El único requisito de entrada es que sonrían lo suficientemente bien.


Мобильное приложение FACED2FACED – попытка столкнуть зрителя лицом к лицу с собственным цифровым отражением. В специально созданном приложении заданы алгоритмы, которые максимально точно переводят портрет пользователя в 3D-модель. С помощью технологии дополненной реальности двойник «вживляется» в руку своего создателя и становится монструозным продолжением его тела.


“Eonta (beings) is so entitled as a homage to the ancient Greek philosopher and poet Parmenides. The original printed form of the title word is Cypriot orthography of Creto-mycaenean origin, lost for over 24 centuries and only recently deciphered. Eonta, written in Berlin during 1963-64, was first performed at the Domaine Musical concerts in Paris, conducted by Pierre Boulez, in December 1964. It makes use of stochastic music (based on the theory of probabilities) and symbolic music (based on logistics). Some of the instrumental parts, notably the piano solo at the opening, were calculated on an IBM 7090 computer at the Place Vendôme, Paris.”
(Iannis Xenakis)


أوركسترا حيوانية عظيمة
دعت Fondation Cartier الفنانين المرئيين المتحدون للتعاون في The Great Animal Orchestra ، وهو معرض يحتفي بعمل الموسيقي وخبير الصوت الحيوي والعالم بيرني كراوس. قام Krause بتسجيل الحيوانات لمدة 45 عامًا وجمع مجموعة من أكثر من 5000 ساعة من تسجيل الأصوات لأكثر من 15000 نوع فردي في بيئاتهم الطبيعية من جميع أنحاء العالم. ربط النهج الإبداعي لـ UVA معًا عناصر محتوى المعرض المختلفة في جميع أنحاء مساحة الطابق السفلي – مشاهد صوتية ، وبرامج طيفية وأعمال فنية – في تجربة متماسكة وغامرة تُضفي أبعادًا ثلاثية على تسجيلات Krause وتقترح مشاهد من العالم الطبيعي. تشكل الرسوم الطيفية منظرًا طبيعيًا تجريديًا ، وهو تفسير للمواقع العالمية المختلفة وأوقات اليوم التي قام فيها Krause بعمل التسجيلات الأصلية بطريقة تغلف الجمهور وتشجعهم على البقاء في الفضاء.


Substance Numérique
La technologie paramétrique permet de générer un système auto-organisateur, c’est-à-dire d’ouvrir l’essence de l’univers comme une infinie variété de systèmes auto-organisateurs possibles. Le monde est en perpétuel processus d’auto-développement, mais ce n’est pas un chaos ni un ensemble de formes connues (cube, sphère, cylindre, à partir desquelles on peut tout construire comme le croyait Cézanne). Tout dans le monde (dans la réalité physique, biologique et autre) est dans des mouvements fluides, flexibles, fluides, accélérants et décélérants qui créent des tensions, des déchirures, des champs de force. Et ils sont incroyablement beaux (les attracteurs et les fractales sont leurs symptômes individuels) et ils existent avant la forme et après la forme. Ce n’est pas un solide ou des lignes dans un espace, mais quelque chose qui se tient avant et après l’espace.


受日本传统禅宗花园的启发,四个工业机器人手臂围绕着巨大的砾石网排列,然后醒来并开始耙地表。在一系列的日常表演中,这些“园丁”共同创作了描绘运动员动作的独特且不断发展的插图。由一系列分析奥运会和残奥会赛事视频片段的定制算法生成,一些插图描绘了随着时间的推移展开的运动,而其他插图则突出了壮观的体育时刻。 The Constant Gardeners 沉思传统、工艺和技术的作用,为游客提供一个安静的内省空间。这项工作探索了一种围绕机器人技术的新叙事,表明这项技术是一种能够进行艺术创造力和实验行动的力量,它在我们迈向更快乐、更健康的未来的旅程中起着决定性的作用。


Silence Dogood, הידוע גם בשם מזרקות חורף

הכותרת של יצירת האמנות הזו מגיעה משם העט הראשון של בנג’מין פרנקלין, שבו השתמש כשהעמיד פנים שהוא אישה שכותבת לעורך, שהיה אחיו המוציא לאור של העיתון. יצירת האמנות עצמה נוצרה בהשראת תורת החשמל של פרנקלין, שבה הוא אפיין את החשמל כנוזל יחיד הזורם בין מטענים חיוביים לשליליים. פרנקלין גם גילה שברק בעננים זהה לחשמל הסטטי. התגליות החשובות הללו יצרו שינוי פרדיגמה עצום עבור המדע והתרבות. האנימציה מפרשת בצורה פנטסטית את היווצרות החשמל בענן. בתוך ענן רעמים יש אינספור כתמי אבק קרח צפים ומתנגשים זה בזה. ההתנגשויות שלהם בונות מטען חשמלי שזמן נוסף ממלא את כל הענן. החלקיקים המפוסלים והמצוירים ביד דומים לציורי מערות שלפני התרבות, מה שמרמז על תיאוריית בריאה קדמונית מסוימת. הברק גם משורטט ביד באותה רמת עדינות. הקרח המימי של החלקיקים מזכיר את הרעיון של מזרקה קפואה.


태양의 공장
2015년 베니스 비엔날레 독일관에서 데뷔한 이 몰입형 작품에서 슈타이얼은 전례 없는 글로벌 데이터 흐름으로 정의되는 순간에 이미지 순환의 즐거움과 위험을 탐구합니다. 뉴스 보도, 다큐멘터리 영화, 비디오 게임, 인터넷 댄스 비디오 등 장르 간 충돌 – 태양의 공장은 빛과 가속을 모티브로 감시가 점점 더 가상의 일상적인 부분이 되었을 때 집단 저항에 여전히 사용할 수 있는 가능성을 탐구합니다. 세계. 태양의 공장은 모션 캡처 스튜디오의 강제 이동이 인공 햇빛으로 변하는 노동자의 초현실적 인 이야기를 전합니다.
Fábrica del sol
En este trabajo inmersivo, que debutó en el Pabellón Alemán de 2015 en la Bienal de Venecia, Steyerl explora los placeres y peligros de la circulación de imágenes en un momento definido por el flujo global de datos sin precedentes. Rebotando entre géneros (reportajes de noticias, películas documentales, videojuegos y videos de baile en Internet), Factory of the Sun utiliza los motivos de la luz y la aceleración para explorar qué posibilidades están todavía disponibles para la resistencia colectiva cuando la vigilancia se ha convertido en una parte mundana de una realidad cada vez más virtual. mundo. Factory of the Sun cuenta la historia surrealista de trabajadores cuyos movimientos forzados en un estudio de captura de movimiento se convierten en luz solar artificial.


De laatkapitalistische netwerkcultuur is geobsedeerd door het verbeteren van prestaties. TED-sprekers zijn cultidolen en delen hun geboden voor succes en productiviteit. Op sociale netwerken worden onze vrienden merken en merken worden onze vrienden. Zelfhulpboeken zijn uitwisselbaar met bedrijfsfilosofieën. In de vergaderzaal – en de weekendbijlagen – leren we onszelf vorm te geven, consequent te zijn, te opereren. Entropie verminderen. Maximaliseer de consistentie. Word een industrie van één. Je bent een motor. Op een dag vlieg je weg.

Ned Kahn

Вихрь высотой 10 футов образуется воздуходувками и ультразвуковым туманообразователем внутри скульптуры, установленной в атриуме, примыкающем к Зимнему саду. Вихрь постоянно менял форму в ответ на окружающие потоки воздуха, что придавало вихрю беспорядочный и естественный вид. Зрителей поощряли изменять форму вихря руками. Спокойное центральное ядро ​​вихря отчетливо видно. Интерактивные научные проекты Кана не оставляют сомнений в его знании метеорологических процессов. Благодаря своим огромным техническим способностям он демонстрирует универсальность турбулентных систем, таких как вихри ветра и воды. Он использует различные механические, пневматические и электрические технологии для проектирования, строительства и совершенствования своих установок. Так он создает ослепительно сложные, но исчерпывающие образы природы, которые откликаются на зрителя, соответствуют архитектурным структурам и раскрывают условия окружающей среды.


Rete Scintilla in Evoluzione
Rete Scintilla in Evoluzione utilizza 80 spark gap identici distribuiti regolarmente sotto forma di una griglia monumentale sopra il pubblico. Le scintille sono una metafora degli impulsi elettrici attraverso i quali i nostri nervi comunicano informazioni. Proprio come i neuroni formano reti nei nostri corpi, i ponti di scintilla formano una rete interconnessa nello spazio espositivo. La complessità nasce dalle interrelazioni tra i singoli ponti di scintilla. La struttura in rete costituisce il punto di partenza per un’installazione in cui il risultato è più della somma dei singoli elementi ma non potrebbe mai esistere senza questi singoli elementi. Il risultato è un ‘cosmo’ di scintille con regole e comportamenti propri.


Kim è noto per le sue sculture meccaniche che incorporano teorie scientifiche e matematiche e anche come compositore di musica elettroacustica. Per questa Triennale, Kim presenta Chroma III, che applica la teoria dei nodi in matematica per strutturare centinaia di celle polimeriche […]

Myriam Bleau and LaTurbo Avedon

Eternity Be Kind
LaTurbo Avedon performs Myriam Bleau’s music in a multiplatform audiovisual performance. Eternity Be Kind exposes the codified spaces of performance and hints at a different future for personal and musical representation. Navigating between hyper-pop, mythical symbolism and baroque hints, the artists propose a multilayered experience of collective mise en abyme.

Random International

Presence and Erasure
Presence and Erasure is a portrait machine that explores the reality of automated facial recognition and how people relate to their self-image, instinctively and emotionally. Within a given spatial domain, the artwork constantly scans for faces in the vicinity and photographs them. When the artwork’s algorithm detects a certain quality within a photograph, this image is temporarily printed at large scale by exposing a photochromic surface to light impulses. Each automated portrait remains for little more than a minute, before gradually dissolving into blankness. RANDOM INTERNATIONAL began to combine transient mark-making with automated portraiture early on in their practice, in 2008. Presence and Erasure marks the latest development in this body of work and assumes a minimal, industrial aesthetic that references their earliest studies on this theme. The physical impact of facial recognition and machine vision is emphasised by the exposure of the printing process itself, contrasted against the aesthetic of the high resolution portraits generated. RANDOM INTERNATIONAL intend this as a counter to the perception of surveillance footage as always being low quality, aiming to create a deeper reflection on the nature of surveillance today as well as the resounding cognitive and emotional dissonances.

Ian Cheng

“Entropy Wrangler,” Ian Cheng’s 2013 exhibition at Off Vendome in Dusseldorf, was an excellent introduction to the logic behind this artist’s practice. The centerpiece was a large projection in the gallery’s basement described as “a live computer simulation that changes and evolves, forever.” Like all of Cheng’s simulations, it was programmed with motion capture techniques that register the physical movements of performers that are then translated onto digital bodies. These bodies coexist as individual entities subject to the laws and dynamics of a causal, virtual world: avatars of people and common objects, like hammers and basketball players, rendered in basic three-dimensional form and caught in the zero gravity of the digital screen


Constelación de círculos de luz
Estas instalaciones específicas del sitio consisten en tubos LED especiales llenos de luz cálida. Una constelación de luz está formada por varios fragmentos lineales y formas de luz en forma de aro que varían en diámetro. Las luces están dispuestas en posiciones yuxtapuestas, algunas verticales y otras horizontales. Cuando se ve desde diferentes ángulos en el espacio, la instalación genera distorsiones, reversiones y varios dibujos de luz. A veces divide o corta el espacio mismo y, al hacerlo, la instalación llama la atención sobre los actos de composición, construcción y encuadre.