Tilman Küntzel

Falling Chandelier
L’installation audiovisuelle Fallen Chandelier est basée sur une sonification d’un système de contrôle provoquant le scintillement de quarante ampoules à l’intérieur d’un lustre tombé. Vingt starters interconnectés, similaires à ceux que l’on trouve couramment dans les tubes fluorescents, génèrent un rythme lumineux irrégulier. Cela se produit au moyen de bilames qui sont chauffés dans un tube et entrent ainsi en contact les uns avec les autres en séquence rapide. Ce processus est audible. Chaque démarreur génère son propre rythme, qui a un son différent selon la marque, la composition et le degré d’usure des démarreurs. « J’écoute d’abord beaucoup de starters avant de les utiliser pour une installation dans le sens de la composition. »

Yunchul Kim

The work Argos is a 41-channel muon particle detector. It reacts with a flash each time a muon particle emitted by the universe is detected in the air – a mechanism that is carried over to another work titled Impulse. Taking the form of a chandelier, Impulse is a work consisting of numerous cylindrical tubes that extend out like the hanging branches of a tree as clear fluid flows through them. Every time Argos detects a particle, it transmits a signal to Impulse, with the result that we can see with our own eyes the air bubbles and motion of the fluid running through the artwork.

ingo maurer

oh mei ma weiss
The Oh Mei Ma Weiss Chandelier (also known as the Oh Mei Ma White Chandelier) by Ingo Maurer is fashioned from six sheets of aluminum with a matte-white lacquered textured paint finish. This stylish Ingo Maurer lamp is a sensation to behold. Ingo Maurer’s Oh Mei Ma Weiss is a true classic and a fine example of Ingo Maurer’s artistry. Oh Mei Ma Weiss is composed of 6 thin aluminum shades which are suspended from thin metal cables. The aluminum paper shades are nested above each other to create a soft diffusion of light throughout a space.

Ingo Maurer

The original Birdie suspension lamp was designed by Ingo Maurer himself in 2002. Birdie is the smaller version of the Birds Birds Birds chandelier and is suited for ceiling heights of 230 to 260 cm. With 12 halogen low-volt bulbs, extra produced by Ingo Maurer, and handmade wings of goose feathers this lustre becomes an extraordinary design lamp. The individual wires can be turned, bent and shaped whichever way you like.

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

The Gabriel Chandelier

“We thought that in the final analysis it was not perhaps necessary to give a delineated form to this piece of lighting but rather to try to arrange it so that the form naturally found its line from gravity[…] Because it is effectively the number of pieces of crystal which make it up, the weight and the length determine this form rather than a curve which we would have drawn.”


The Grand Staircase chandelier (above) is comprised of a large 1.2m diameter fresnel lens, rimmed by a white Corian ring, and suspended in front of a rose-gold plated cradle housing 9 high power LEDs. “As the white light generated by the LEDs passes through the lens, a pattern of 9 overlapping rings is created, adorning the ceiling with a unique crystalline rose.”


Chandelier with The LEGO Group
Coup de cœur pour le travail de Tobias Tostesen basé au Danemark, qui a imaginé un énorme chandelier composé de près de 8000 briques transparentes de Lego. Ayant lui-même construit pièce par pièce cette oeuvre d’art[…]

Hwang Kim

CCTV chandelier
“CCTV Chandelier : Virtual Doppelganger Simulator” is an interactive installation that can reflect viewer’s Virtual Doppelganger. You can look objectively into yourself in a third person’s point of view.
This machine have around 12 CCTVs surrounding and hanging near viewer’s face and engineering viewer’s experience to show their Virtual Doppelganger in the connected monitors. This wearable visual system then allows the participant to see his/her own body or the surrounding environment from a third person’s perspective even when he/she is moving. Therefore, you yourself, viewer and visitor is displayed as an object in the gallery.

Jason Rhoades

Джейсон Роудс


как Заха Хадид и Патрик Шумахер
The Vortex Chandelier

Le look du chandelier VorteXX est particulièrement futuriste, et a été décrit comme « une réminiscence de la double hélice avec l’apparence d’une forme fluide infinie, pulsant et luisant en apesanteur ». Cette lampe est fabriquée à partir de 60 moulages individuels et des tous derniers modules de LED permettant de générer de la lumière indirecte dans différentes teintes. Un système de gestion de la lumière imaginé par l’extra-terrestre le designer permet de programmer toutes sortes d’atmosphères lumineuses.