danae io

The lips, the lisp, the slip of the tongue
The video explores voice modelling, voice donation, algorithmic prediction and the incomputable. The work examines in parallel the process of modelling the mouth to the process of modelling the voice, questioning modelling as a scientific/technological technique, by considering it as a means of producing reality, rather than merely an observational tool. What leaks from the model? Can the multiplicity and complexity of the voice be contained in an algorithmic model?
file sp 2019 videoart


גיאורג קנטור, לודוויג בולצמן, קורט גדל, אלן טיורינג
dangerous knowledge documentary
whose genius has profoundly affected us (infinity; entropy; incompleteness; thinking machine) , but which tragically drove them insane and eventually led to them all committing suicide.

Andrea Ling

The Wild Swans

The project is the creation of a series of kinetic garments that tell the story of “The Wild Swans” by Hans Christian Anderson. In the fairy tale, 11 princes have been turned into swans from a transformative spell cast by their wicked stepmother. Their sister, the princess, rescues the princes by collecting stinging nettles and knitting them, under a vow of silence and in great pain, into magical shirts so that her brothers can return to their human shape. She is very nearly done knitting them all when she runs out of time; she throws the sweaters onto her brothers to transform them, but the last one is incomplete, leaving her youngest brother forever with a swan’s wing instead of an arm.

Oleg Soroko

After Form
Transformation, fluidity, incompleteness, self-organization are inherent to this forms and images. My mission is to create and bring to our reality images and forms, that was impossible to create with traditional…

Compagnie Marie Chouinard

Cet événement danse vous propose un programme double signé par l’incomparable Marie Chouinard. Première œuvre au programme, Henri Michaux : Mouvements découle de la découverte, par la chorégraphe, du livre Mouvements du poète et peintre Henri Michaux. Avec cette œuvre, Marie Chouinard repousse les limites de ses exceptionnels danseurs en orchestrant une véritable transe pour incarner les dessins à l’encre de Chine de l’artiste français.


بروس ماو
브루스 마우
ברוס מאו
A incomplete manifesto for growth

Jonathan Marshall

The Incomplete History of Walking