Andrea Ling

The Wild Swans

The project is the creation of a series of kinetic garments that tell the story of “The Wild Swans” by Hans Christian Anderson. In the fairy tale, 11 princes have been turned into swans from a transformative spell cast by their wicked stepmother. Their sister, the princess, rescues the princes by collecting stinging nettles and knitting them, under a vow of silence and in great pain, into magical shirts so that her brothers can return to their human shape. She is very nearly done knitting them all when she runs out of time; she throws the sweaters onto her brothers to transform them, but the last one is incomplete, leaving her youngest brother forever with a swan’s wing instead of an arm.


גיאורג קנטור, לודוויג בולצמן, קורט גדל, אלן טיורינג
dangerous knowledge documentary
whose genius has profoundly affected us (infinity; entropy; incompleteness; thinking machine) , but which tragically drove them insane and eventually led to them all committing suicide.

Roman Ermakov

Роман Ермаков
live sculpture

Our perception — the only true reality. Creation as a feeling that generates the image, expressed in the form. Beauty manifesto calling to go beyond that limit imagination. The aesthetics of art can not be reduced to a clear set of building blocks with which you can strengthen or weaken the perception of contrast. Beauty should not be subjected to analysis, that is communication and the call to participate in the transformation of the emotional to the visible.The process of creating — is the alignment of the mosaic, many repetitions of simple and pure elements, which form a collection, harmonious in its incompleteness.

danae io

The lips, the lisp, the slip of the tongue
The video explores voice modelling, voice donation, algorithmic prediction and the incomputable. The work examines in parallel the process of modelling the mouth to the process of modelling the voice, questioning modelling as a scientific/technological technique, by considering it as a means of producing reality, rather than merely an observational tool. What leaks from the model? Can the multiplicity and complexity of the voice be contained in an algorithmic model?
file sp 2019 videoart

Oleg Soroko

After Form
Transformation, fluidity, incompleteness, self-organization are inherent to this forms and images. My mission is to create and bring to our reality images and forms, that was impossible to create with traditional…

Compagnie Marie Chouinard

Cet événement danse vous propose un programme double signé par l’incomparable Marie Chouinard. Première œuvre au programme, Henri Michaux : Mouvements découle de la découverte, par la chorégraphe, du livre Mouvements du poète et peintre Henri Michaux. Avec cette œuvre, Marie Chouinard repousse les limites de ses exceptionnels danseurs en orchestrant une véritable transe pour incarner les dessins à l’encre de Chine de l’artiste français.

Du Zhenjun


Il primo sinonimo di disordine che compare sul dizionario è babele, con la lettera minuscola
Du Zhenjun trasforma il mondo in una nuova torre di Babele, ma non pensate che questa Terra lo sia già? Non c’è già troppo disordine, ingiustizia e incomprensione?
Il primo sinonimo di disordine che compare sul dizionario è babele, con la lettera minuscola. E nemmeno a farlo apposta tutte le conseguenze della confusione voluta da Dio sono qui, come a giustificare questo aggettivo. Incarniamo la superbia e la supremazia sul mondo, lo stesso che Egli voleva che abitassimo.
Nelle immagini proposte da Du Zhenjun osserviamo una composizione standard: al centro è sempre presente un’interpretazione della Torre, varie forme, varie strutture, varie visioni. Poi tutt’intorno aleggia un’atmosfera grigia, l’atmosfera della realtà. Un ammasso di cose, persone e edifici. Sono parti di fotografie, o meglio di reportage giornalistici, di guerra e non solo.
L’origine della fonte di luce non la individuiamo, è nell’aria: tutto è illuminato, come nelle stampe composite di fine ottocento, antenate del fotomontaggio.

Du Zhenjun

Le premier synonyme de trouble qui apparaît dans le dictionnaire est babel, avec une lettre minuscule
Du Zhenjun transforme le monde en une nouvelle tour de Babel, mais ne pensez-vous pas que cette Terre l’est déjà? N’y a-t-il pas déjà trop de désordre, d’injustice et d’incompréhension?
Le premier synonyme de trouble qui apparaît dans le dictionnaire est babel, avec une lettre minuscule. Toutes les conséquences de la confusion voulues par Dieu ne sont pas non plus ici, comme pour justifier cet adjectif. Nous incarnons la fierté et la suprématie sur le monde, la même qu’Il voulait que nous habitions.
Dans les images proposées par Du Zhenjun on observe une composition standard: au centre il y a toujours une interprétation de la Tour, des formes variées, des structures variées, des visions variées. Puis une atmosphère grise plane tout autour, l’atmosphère de la réalité. Une masse de choses, de personnes et de bâtiments. Ce sont des parties de photographies, ou plutôt de reportages journalistiques, de guerre et plus encore.
On n’identifie pas l’origine de la source lumineuse, elle est dans l’air: tout est éclairé, comme dans les estampes composites de la fin du XIXe siècle, ancêtres du photomontage.


بروس ماو
브루스 마우
ברוס מאו
A incomplete manifesto for growth

Jonathan Marshall

The Incomplete History of Walking


Polygonal Horse II

Gregor Gaida’s sculptures have something almost unreal, in them surrealism is powerful, there is transfiguration, symbol and narration; creates incredibly exciting sculptures in which even the elements: wood, resin and concrete mix without losing their contrasting nature. Its themes can be seen as three-dimensional snapshots, with fictional protagonists fighting and being advanced, extracted and distant from their original framework of action. In his sculptures, Gaida literally shapes this approach and stories without finishing them; many of his subjects are also physically cut in half, incomplete and, therefore, to be completed.


جنيفر روبل
제니퍼 루벨
Portrait of the Artist

Jennifer Rubell, the American artist and niece of Studio 54 co-founder Steve Rubell, brings a maternal touch to this year’s Frieze Art Fair with her autobiographical piece Portrait of the Artist. The pristine white nude, cast from steel-reinforced fibreglass, reclines like an odalisque at the Stephen Friedman Gallery stand. The sculpture is a replica of Rubell’s own eight-months-pregnant body, except it is eight metres high: the large belly, which is carved out to leave an egg-shaped void, can accommodate a fully grown adult. Spectators are able to clamber into the artwork and curl up inside as if they are the artist’s unborn child.Rubell’s intention was to create a monumental gesture of unconditional motherly love. There is a feminist statement here, too: Rubell has appropriated a style and scale historically reserved for male leaders to show, she says, “an emotion that is intensely personal and un-heroic”. The artist adds that watching members of the Frieze audience enter in the sculpture’s womb is “tremendously satisfying” – in her eyes the enlarged form was “incomplete until the first viewer entered”. Amid the hustle of Frieze’s mini-city there is something undeniably appealing about the opportunity to put your feet up in the foetal position in the name of art. Not to mention the comfort factor.