Tom Lovelace

In Preparation No.04
Tom Lovelace works across photography, sculpture and performance, where concept prevails over form and his methodology is one of deconstructing conventions of a conceptual understanding of ‘discipline’. Primarily using the industrial landscape as his sourcing ground, he seeks to manufacture an ephemeral subject, creating environments and interventions that exist solely for the camera.


独特的视觉和声音安装。 一种三维金属结构,铰接在桥周围,并由视频映射设备进行动画处理。 通过电视屏幕的集成而产生的混乱,模糊了真实与虚拟之间的界限,并突显了进入三维世界的通道。
由创意标签1024架构开发的项目(Pierre Schneider和FrançoisWunschel,EXYZT集体的创始人),由WELOVEART制作。

Maxim Zhestkov

Elements is an experimental art film by Maxim Zhestkov about nature, physics, art and love. More than 2 billion elements / particles governed by tensions and forces of nature were used to tell stories and show emotions through the motion of collective behavior.
The film is a trial to explore the idea that everything around us and inside us is made from simple elements / blocks which can be arranged in complex relationships and become compound structures. We could project this idea into emotions, behaviours, thought processes, relationships, life, planets and the 23.


بيتر غريناواي
פיטר גרינווי
피터 그리너웨이
Питер Гринуэй
The Pillow Book
Beautiful to behold and impossible to forget, THE PILLOW BOOK is auteur Peter Greenaway’s erotically-charged drama about love, death, revenge and the indelible nature of our earliest memories. Each year on her birthday, Nagiko (Vivian Wu) would became her father’s canvas, as he painted the creation myth in elaborate, elegant calligraphy on her body. Years later, she continues the practice with a succession of lovers, including a bisexual translator (Ewan McGregor) who becomes a pawn in an escalating game of vengeance against her beloved father’s exploitative publisher. Told in a series of chapters and featuring innovative cinematography and picture-in-picture techniques, Roger Ebert called THE PILLOW BOOK “a seductive and elegant story [that] stands outside the ordinary.”

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Ed Atkins

생명/사랑의 일을 얻으십시오
이 새로운 프로젝트는 특히 디지털 통신 및 텔레프레즌스 분야에서 신체와 기술이 서로 얽혀 있는 방식에 중점을 둡니다. ATKINS의 작업에서 항상 그렇듯이, 기술은 문자 그대로의 용어가 아니라 그 자체에 대한 이론적, 심지어 우화적 심문으로 분석됩니다.


“Movrin’s main inspiration has always been his childhood, where tradition, God and meat were the subject of everyday life. As an only son of a butcher in a small Slovenian town, surrounded by woods and bears, his growing up marked him with a roughness that he transcends in his designs with a special kind of romanticism. In this hard provincial life meat became his medium of expression, as a child he would carve steaks in a way that would appeal to his bewildered eye. There were, however, also fresh issues of Vogue magazines in the house, brought from trips to Trieste, that stirred up his imagination.” Black Sheep

mode:Niko Riam


Кристиан Болтански


R.I.P 1944-2021

Preoccupied with collective memory, mortality, and the passage of time, Christian Boltanski creates paintings, sculptures, films, and mixed-media installations that approach these themes in a range of styles, symbolic to direct. Boltanski often makes metaphorical use of found objects, as in No Man’s Land (2010), an enormous pile of discarded jackets set to the soundtrack of thousands of human heartbeats, suggesting the anonymity, randomness, and inevitability of death. In Monuments (1985), electrical bulbs cast a seemingly bittersweet light on pictures of child holocaust victims. Describing his interest in personal histories, Boltanski has said, “What drives me as an artist is that I think everyone is unique, yet everyone disappears so quickly. […] We hate to see the dead, yet we love them, we appreciate them.”

Karina Smigla-Bobinski

File Festival
与Tinguely的“Méta-Matics”相似,是“ ADA”具有灵魂的艺术品。它自己行动。在丁格利(Tinguely),成为一个疲惫不堪的机械人就足够。他费力地看了一下:这台机器除了工业上的自毁能力外什么都不生产。而Karina Smigla-Bobinski创作的《 ADA》是一种后工业的“生物”,是访客动画,具有创造力的艺术家雕塑,自我形成的艺术品,类似于一种分子杂种,例如纳米生物技术中的一种。它开发了相同的旋转硅碳混合动力,小型工具以及能够生成简单结构的微型机器。 «ADA»是更大的,美学上更复杂的交互式艺术制作机器。充满氦气,自由漂浮在室内,透明的,类似膜的地球仪,掺有木炭,在墙壁,天花板和地板上留下痕迹。尽管访问者感动,但«ADA»产生的标记是非常自主的。地球获得了活泼的气氛和黑煤的痕迹,看上去像是一幅图画。地球仪开始行动,制造出由线和点组成的线条,无论其强度,表达方式如何,访客都难以控制“ ADA”以驱使她驯化她,这仍然是无法估量的。不管他尝试什么,他都会很快注意到,《 ADA》是一个独立的表演者,用图画和标志signs满原始的白墙。越来越复杂的织物结构出现。这是视觉上的动作,就像计算机一样,在输入命令后也会产生无法预料的输出。并非徒劳的《 ADA》让人想起Ada Lovelace,他在19世纪与Charles Babbage一起开发了第一台计算机原型。 Babbage提供了初步的计算机,Lovelace是第一个软件。数学与她的父亲拜伦勋爵的浪漫遗产共生于此。 Ada Lovelace打算制造一种机器,该机器能够像艺术家一样创作诗歌,音乐或图片之类的艺术品。 Karina Smigla-Bobinski的《 ADA》秉承了这一传统,同时也是Vannevar Bush的创始人,他于1930年建立了Memex Maschine(内存索引)(“我们希望Memex的行为像复杂的步道网一样通过大脑的细胞”或提花织机,为了编织花朵和叶子需要打孔卡;或Babbage的“分析机”提取算法模式。 «ADA»在当今生物技术领域兴起。她是至关重要的表演机器,随着观众参与人数的增加,线条和点的样式变得越来越复杂。留下艺术家和访客都无法解读的痕迹,更不用说«ADA»了。而且,“ ADA”的工作无疑是具有潜在的人性化的,因为对这些标志和图画唯一可用的解码方法是,我们的大脑在睡觉时最多只能联想到这种联系:梦tru以求的严峻爵士乐。 (由Arnd Wesemann撰写)

Marije Vogelzang

Ешьте любовь Будапешт (Eat Love Budapest)

Дизайнер еды Мариье Фогельзанг исследует, что происходит, когда люди делятся едой. В своей работе дизайнер еды Мариье Фогельзанг рассматривает психологические аспекты еды. Ее дизайн – это переживание еды. Она задает вопросы о еде, связанные с дизайном, и создает проект, в котором рассматривается, что происходит, когда люди делятся едой с другими. Фогельзанг считает, что еда помогает создавать взаимопонимание между людьми из разных социальных групп. Фогельзанг любит «простую и чистую» пищу и считает, что есть проблема в том, чтобы проявить творческий подход и новаторский подход к еде, которая у нас есть. Дизайн питания иногда может помочь в человеке пробудить в себе ребенка, обнаружила Марие Фогельзанг. Это также может помочь вызвать воспоминания у людей, и Фогельзанг исследует некоторые возможности, которые это влечет за собой.

Carlos Motta

Patriots, citizens, lovers was developed in conversation with Ukrainian journalist Maxim Ivanukha as a commission of the PinchukArtCentre’s Future Generation Art Prize 2014 and is composed of ten urgent interviews with Ukrainian LGBTI and queer activists who discuss the critical and dire situation of lesbian, gay, trans and intersex lives in Ukraine in times of war[…] Social invisibility, physical and psychological abuse, political violence, and a deeply patriarchal culture frame the context for the difficult work of LGBTI activists who denounce discrimination and demand the transformation of the system.

Bruce Charlesworth

Love Disorder
​Love Disorder is a one-room interactive environment, in which a video character talks to visitors and responds emotionally to their movements in the space. When you enter, you see a twelve-foot-high face on a video screen at the far end of the room. The face says: “I’ve been waiting for you” – or one of several other greetings. He’ll continue talking to you if you don’t move, but the emotional tone of what he says will change as you step closer to the screen – or turn away. This manipulative character uses a gamut of emotional ploys to stimulate your movement within the space. He knows if you’re coming or going, and the range of his response is varied and complex enough that most people find themselves interacting, as if directly addressed.

Antoni Rayzhekov

10VE:SEQUENCE FOR TWO is a duet for two amplified bodies equipped with wireless biofeedback and movement devices, measuring the performers heart-rate, stress-level, breath and movement. The synchronizations and correlations of the signals generate a musical representation of the occurring processes between their bodies.


Roy Andersson

World of Glory
World of Glory is a 1991 Swedish short film written and directed by Roy Andersson. Its original Swedish title is Härlig är jorden, which means “Lovely is the Earth”, and is the Swedish title of the hymn “Fairest Lord Jesus”. The narrative portrays a man in white make-up who guides the viewer through his life in a bleakly stylised world. The film was Andersson’s critical comeback to cinema, after many years in advertising

Maurice Benayoun

Maurice Benayoun and Tobias Klein
Brain Factory Prototype 2
Brain Factory is an installation that allows the audience to give a shape to human abstractions through Brain-Computer Interaction (BCI), and then to convert the resulting form into a physical object. The work examines the human specificity through abstract constructs such as LOVE, FREEDOM, and DESIRE. The project articulates the relationship between thought and matter, concept and object, humans and machine. Brain Factory uses Electroencephalography (EEG) data captured by BCI. As a brain activity is unique, we developed a novel calibration process of the individual data readings and associated emotional responses within a framework of binary outcomes. This is key for a real-time feedback – a biofeedback – between the virtual generative processes and the brain’s associated response.

John Tavener

Ikon of Eros

The tempo of the music changes frequently, illustrating love that at times may be almost austere and at other times ecstatic. In the second movement an ethereal female chorus is suddenly punctuated by deep percussion instruments and gives way to an almost erotic middle eastern beat, contrasting a pure spiritual love with a more physical, sensual form.

D.W. Griffith

Intolerance: Love’s Struggle Throughout the Ages
Regarded as one of the most influential films of the silent era (though it received mixed reviews at the time), the three-and-a-half-hour epic intercuts four parallel storylines, each separated by several centuries: (1) a contemporary melodrama of crime and redemption, (2) a Judean story: Christ‘s mission and death, (3) a French story: the events surrounding the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre of 1572, and (4) a Babylonian story: the fall of the Babylonian Empire to Persia in 539 BC. Each story had its own distinctive color tint in the original print, but not in the currently available versions.
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Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli, a leading and established name in the worldwide fashion scene, brought a new approach and meaning to luxury and beauty that attracted a universe of a young, modern and international generation of highly glamorous and sophisticated women from around the globe and has been praised by celebrities and fashion lovers


Une équipe de scientifiques s’est penchée sur la variation de la température corporelle en fonction des humeurs. Des résultats révélent que l’amour et le bonheur diffusent une chaleur dans tout le corps.

John Tavener

We shall see Him as He is
”Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when He shall appear, we shall be like Him; for we shall see Him as He is”. the First Epistle of St John, Chapter 3 verse 2
Tavener converted to the Russian Orthodox Church in 1977.[13] Orthodox theology and liturgical traditions became a major influence on his work. He was particularly drawn to its mysticism, studying and setting to music the writings of Church Fathers and completing a setting of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, the principal eucharistic liturgy of the Orthodox Church: this was Tavener’s first directly Orthodox-inspired music


ocean aqua
“Hello and welcome to the Art of Tremaine Harris. I am an artist born in 1984 in sunny Ft.Lauderdale, Florida. I have always loved to be creativity and to create. My passion comes from the inspiration of our designed universe made by the greatest artist, God and from multiple platforms of art, architecture, and design, but especially futuristic futurism.“


Hardcore Pink
Colin now works full time on his original sculptures, finding inspiration in old sci-fi movies, pinup girl/supermodels, anime, ambient electronic music and H.P. Lovecraft. In 2004 he started using silicone in his sculptures, a difficult material to use but one that helps him achieve his goal of true cartoon realism, a line drawing made flesh. He is not looking to create every imperfection and flaw, but to take the exaggerations and perfections of cartoons and make them into a realistic 3D form.

Irina Shaposnikova

The futuristic curves highlighted the collection’s minimalistic inspiration. The unusual creations brought to mind robotic-like fixtures, while exuding elegance and grace. We fell instantly in love with the cold yet fascinating faceted dresses.

T-HR3 Humanoid Robot

Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota has revealed its third generation humanoid robot, the T-HR3, which can be controlled and synchronized with the operator’s movements. The user wears data gloves and an HTC Vive VR headset that’s linked to cameras to show the robot’s perspective. T-HR3 stands 1.54 meters tall and weighs 75kg ( 5 feet, 1 inches / 165 pounds) and was developed to explore the possibility of assisting humans in the home, medical facilities, construction sites, disaster areas, and even in space.more


由杰奎琳·吉米·戈登(Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon)在旧金山Yerba Buena艺术中心(YBCA)的新展览系列“控制:文化中的技术,无时无刻不在发生”中建造,是一种塑造声音,运动和感知的装置。该装置雄心勃勃,具有建筑雄心,需要探索一个房间,房间内布满11.1.4环绕立体声系统和定制的减震声板,以突出艺术家所描述的“声音之间移动,声音内部移动之间的交换”的含义。雕塑,与其他人一起移动”,并在此过程中产生“亲密感”。借用消音室和声学测试实验室中使用的隔音板的材料和几何形状,戈登的身临其境的声音环境部署了临床声音设计,以进行探索和互动。
位于“戈登(Gordon)”空间中央的位置是“爱的座位(Love Seat)”,这是一对相邻的围墙,游客可以坐在那里聆听。聆听者共享一个共同的视线,但在身体上是分开的,他们可以在相对(相对)的声音隔离中享受片刻。在展览随附的文章中,“控制:文化中的技术”策展人策奇·莫斯(Ceci Moss)简洁地将戈登的方法描述为“调音的情绪”,以“进入并指挥”进入该空间的人。
不出所料,戈登竭尽全力地雕刻了《永远发生的一切》中的音响效果,在展览中她看到她与Meyer Sound Laboratories的专家紧密合作。她在下面的视频中简要地介绍了她的过程,并且值得深入研究创建者在该项目上的帖子,因为它提供了一些有价值的“细节”,以及合作者Jon Leidecker(又名Wobbly)和Zackery Belanger的评论。


Dumb Type
360 VR Video


Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon

It Only Happens All of the Time

Constructed by Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon within San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) new exhibition series Control: Technology in Culture, It Only Happens All of the Time is an installation that shapes sound, movement, and perception. Architectural in ambition, the installation tasks visitors with exploring a room lined with a droning 11.1.4 surround sound system and custom sound-dampening acoustic panels in order to foreground what the artist describes as the “the exchange between moving within the sound, moving within the sculpture, moving with someone else” and yielding an “intimacy” in the process. Borrowing the materials and geometries of the acoustic panels used in anechoic chambers and acoustic testing labs, Gordon’s immersive sonic environment deploys clinical sound design to engender exploration and interaction.Positioned in the centre of Gordon’s space is “Love Seat”, a pair of adjoined enclosures where visitors can sit and listen. While sharing a common sightline—but physically separated—listeners can enjoy a moment together, each within (relative) acoustic isolation. In the essay accompanying the exhibition, Control: Technology in Culture curator Ceci Moss succinctly describes Gordon’s approach as “sound modulating mood” to “both commune and command” those entering the space.As would be expected, Gordon went to great lengths to sculpt the acoustics within It Only Happens All of the Time and the exhibition saw her working closely with specialists at Meyer Sound Laboratories. She touches on her process briefly in the video below and the Creator’s Project post on the project is worth delving into, as it provides some worthwhile ‘making of’ details as well as comments from collaborators Jon Leidecker (aka Wobbly) and Zackery Belanger.


File Festival
Vjsuave is Ygor Marotta and Cecilia Soloaga, a new media art duo, based in São Paulo, Brazil. As specialists in animation, moving projection and digital graffiti, they have realesed 4 short films, “Run”, “Homeless”, “La Cena” and “Trip” Their main performances are: “suaveciclo” – a tricycle adapted to project in the streets, live painting and animation with ipad, live audiovisual performance, video mapping and site-specific a/v installations. They want to comunicate love through light. Their performances are poignant, warm, and personal, crafted from hand-drawn and hand-painted media, transformed into digital animation, then projection-mapped in a way that seems to bring São Paulo’s streets alive. Characters dance and run across the urban landscape, with a convincing blend of simulated movement and real moving projection.


جنيفر روبل
제니퍼 루벨
Portrait of the Artist

Jennifer Rubell, the American artist and niece of Studio 54 co-founder Steve Rubell, brings a maternal touch to this year’s Frieze Art Fair with her autobiographical piece Portrait of the Artist. The pristine white nude, cast from steel-reinforced fibreglass, reclines like an odalisque at the Stephen Friedman Gallery stand. The sculpture is a replica of Rubell’s own eight-months-pregnant body, except it is eight metres high: the large belly, which is carved out to leave an egg-shaped void, can accommodate a fully grown adult. Spectators are able to clamber into the artwork and curl up inside as if they are the artist’s unborn child.Rubell’s intention was to create a monumental gesture of unconditional motherly love. There is a feminist statement here, too: Rubell has appropriated a style and scale historically reserved for male leaders to show, she says, “an emotion that is intensely personal and un-heroic”. The artist adds that watching members of the Frieze audience enter in the sculpture’s womb is “tremendously satisfying” – in her eyes the enlarged form was “incomplete until the first viewer entered”. Amid the hustle of Frieze’s mini-city there is something undeniably appealing about the opportunity to put your feet up in the foetal position in the name of art. Not to mention the comfort factor.


Зе, Сара
triple point

席女士说,她的展览被称为“三点”,主题是“定向与迷失方向”。 布朗克斯艺术博物馆的馆长Holly Block和评论家兼独立策展人Carey Lovelace为双年展提议了Sze女士并组织了展览,而布朗克斯博物馆则作为委托机构。 Lovelace女士周二在双年展美国馆外说:“萨拉(Sarah)是新一代的一部分,他们正在回归现代主义的观念,但以新的方式发展它们。” Sze女士正在向听众提问:“您生活中哪些对象具有价值,以及如何创造价值?” 她解释。 “我想展示我们在袋子里或商店的货架上认识并见过的残留有情感的物品。”


Crystal Aqua Trees
Installed in Sony Square in Tokyo and on display until January 14, the ‘Crystal Aqua Trees’ is a crystal work of art inspired by the concept of a fountain that can be seen as a spray of water as well as a Christmas tree. Designed by Torafu Architects, the project was inspired by the Trevi fountain in Rome, the “Ai no Izumi” (Fountain of Love) charity drive, which has been held by Sony every year since 1968. For this edition, the architects proposed a new embodiment as an interactive installation. More images and architects’ description after the break.In response to changes in the landscape of the street and the actions of people, the illumination will play beautiful music in harmony with a gorgeous light display. The movement of people is picked up by a sensor camera, which prompts the pillars of light illuminated by LEDs to change colors to create a glimmering structure.Whenever coins are deposited in the crystal donation box placed in front of the square, the installation responds by switching to a special performance, as if acknowledging the contributions made. Like water in a fountain, the polished black floor surface of the stage reflects the illumination, creating a wonderful scene in the middle of the streets of Ginza.