Ken Kelleher

While variety in composition and form is evident, Kelleher further experiments with material and color. Digital rendering techniques offer endless iterative opportunities. Multiple shifts in material, especially when applied to a singular form, allow for a variety of interpretations. Kelleher explains: ‘The visual expression I try to achieve is one that is open to interpretation. In one piece someone may see something playful, or whimsical, in another it may feel menacing.’

Alex May and Anna Dumitriu

ArchaeaBot: A Post Climate Change, Post Singularity Life-form
“ArchaeaBot: A Post Singularity and Post Climate Change Life-form” takes the form of an underwater robotic installation that explores what ‘life’ might mean in a post singularity, post climate change  future. The project is based on new research about archaea (the oldest life forms on Earth) combined with the latest innovations in machine learning & artificial intelligence creating the ‘ultimate’ species for the end of the world as we know it.

Sanja Marusic

Dutch-Croatian photographer Sanja Marušić uses an experimental approach to colour, composition, materials, and manipulations in her work to create dreamlike scenes that are at once cinematic and alienating.She travels the world in her production of these otherworldly images, finding settings and forms that play with our relation to the subconscious, simplifying the bodies of her subjects with geometric shapes, and abstracting the human form even further by incorporating stylised dance movements.Putting places above people, many of Sanja’s photographs are set in wide open futuristic spaces in an attempt to create surreal and alienating visual emotions. She often uses cool and bright colours as well as singular objects and accessories in order to create unique and enigmatic narratives.

Yann Marussich

Bleu Remix
In his spectacle-installation Bleu Remix, Yann Marussich returns to a theme originally explored in Bleu Provisoire (2001), a spectacle in which a mysterious blue liquid oozes through the layers of his skin as though it were the final effect or by-product of his body’s inner processes. In Bleu Remix, the artist once more invites the viewer to experience an intimate journey through the corners of his body. Each time the spectacle is performed, a different (local) musician accompanies Marussich. This unique, singular confrontation establishes a new relationship between the sound and image. The meeting of the two artists brings an element of risk and uniqueness to the event, as if the music explores the spectacle repeatedly, resulting in new ways of perception.

vincent leroy

slow drop
Slow Drop captura una imagen distorsionada y onírica de la ciudad. Todo parece volverse claro y natural. Slow Drop es gratis, fluido separado del mundo real y todas las limitaciones. Es una forma singular y pura, como si hubiera venido de otro universo. Da paso al sueño, a la contemplación.

Carlos Cruz Diez

a liberdade da cor
Espaço Cultural Porto Seguro‎
Sao Paulo/Brazil

Figura de singular trajetória na arte contemporânea, o franco-venezuelano Carlos Cruz-Diez (1923 – 2019) dedicou sua vida ao estudo da cor nas artes contemporâneas. Artista profícuo, autor de pinturas, fotografias e instalações, foi aos poucos afastando suas criações das formas, anedotas, símbolos e até mesmo signos, num radical mergulho na cor em si – liberta ao máximo do aspecto decorativo ou secundário na representação artística. Sua extensa obra é agora celebrada na mostra Cruz-Diez: a liberdade da cor, exposição em cartaz de 9 de novembro a 2 de fevereiro, no Espaço Cultural Porto Seguro, com curadoria de Rodrigo Villela.


Many photographers are driven by something singular in their imagery. It is the essence of how they see their work. Eventually it is how others will see their contribution as well. Jeff’s work is defined by the play of light and form. His goal is to translate those subliminal forms into imagery that is timelessly beautiful.

Isabel Nolan

A fixture for a solar storm
The startling objects of Isabel Nolan’s art take wildly unpredictable forms, — but they are at the same time the fully consistent outcomes of a singular, searching artistic sensibility. Nolan’s works evolve out of almost scholarly processes of investigation — intensive enquiries into cosmological and botanical phenomena, perhaps, or analytical scrutiny of literary and historical texts. These contrasting means of representing reality (and of comprehending its infinitely various components) provide divergent points of departure for Nolan as she attempts to somehow account for the enduring strangeness of the world, even in its most intimately familiar forms.

robert seidel

The nine virtual sculptures underlying vitreous resulted from experimental setups by Robert Seidel for generating three-dimensional clusters of fibrous refractions, as well as the gravitational lensing of different volumetric and chromatic densities. Singular elements gravitate towards each other, accumulating in a gigantic sculptural system, where each entity exists with its own visual axis and vanishing point. The impalpable luminous formations create prismatic interactions between the ridges and plateaux of the main colours floating in front of the infinite violet background.


Кейт Маккгваер
A la artista la fascina la idea de que la belleza puede ser mucho más que el ser bello, puede ser un fenómeno cultural por donde pasa su proceso creativo. Su obra invita el espectador a “mirar para dentro” y repensar en sus preconceptos teniendo casi siempre como resultado una interpretación racional. Todas esas sensaciones la artista consigue con esculturas singulares que se forman por camadas y que parecen querer tragarnos.