Shohei Fujimoto

Intagible #Form
In this artwork “intangible #form [2019]”, focusing on how do we see the intangible as tangible using 420 kinetic laser modules. I’ve tried to generate virtual consciousness, presence and behavior of life in this time. And then I’ve been exploring what are we getting the surfacing consciousness and presence from the thing is in front of us or are we giving these to them? I think that when paying attention to consciousness, it could be a trigger to sense that we are human ourself.

Pierre Malphettes

la fumee blanche
Le travail de Pierre Malphettes est à l’image d’une de ses œuvres, il agit sur nous comme un attracteur étrange. En travaillant principalement des matières intangibles telles que l’air, la lumière, l’eau, ou bien encore des matériaux bruts, de construction (la bâche, le caillebotis), Pierre Malphettes matérialise des espaces mentaux qui évoquent le voyage, le parcours. La poésie naît d’un déplacement contrarié, impossible,

Wim Vandekeybus

Speak low if you speak love
For Wim Vandekeybus love is perhaps the most intangible and capricious of all our inner states of mind: it moves mountains, and creates immeasurable heights and depths. It gives strength, but causes devastating pain when it turns against you. Love inspires poetry: it is exalted and cursed.

Koen Hauser

Koen Hauser is known for his intangible body of work flowing between fine arts, fashion and applied photography. Always looking for innovative ways of applying different visual styles and techniques both old and new, Hauser creates strong images that are contemporary and timeless, elegant and alienating.