“This is the Berlin Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection’s full-color, 6.4 million-triangle 3D scan of the Bust of Nefertiti. I was able to obtain this data after a three-year freedom of information effort directed at the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, which oversees Berlin State Museums.” Cosmo Wenman

Driessens & Verstappen

Breed (1995-2007) is a computer program that uses artificial evolution to grow very detailed sculptures. The purpose of each growth is to generate by cell division from a single cell a detailed form that can be materialised. On the basis of selection and mutation a code is gradually developed that best fulfils this “fitness” criterion and thus yields a workable form. The designs were initially made in plywood. Currently the objects can be made in nylon and in stainless steel by using 3D printing techniques. This automates the whole process from design to execution: the industrial production of unique artefacts.
Computers are powerful machines to harness artificial evolution to create visual images. To achieve this we need to design genetic algorithms and evolutionary programs. Evolutionary programs allow artefacts to be “bred”, rather than designing them by hand. Through a process of mutation and selection, each new generation is increasingly well adapted to the desired “fitness” criteria. Breed is an example of such software that uses Artificial Evolution to generate detailed sculptures. The algorithm that we designed is based on two different processes: cell-division and genetic evolution.


antivirus mask and 3d makeups

“She tries to fantasize what complete aesthetic freedom of one’s appearance would look like. Her goal is to encourage a fun and creative approach to make up and self expression. By completely thrashing all preconceptions of what make-up is and how it’s used, Ines collaborates with various artists, musicians and models to produce her own fantastical versions of reality“. Teo Sandigliano

clement valla

Valla claimed to have collected a series of 60 “surrealistic” images, or that, at least, give that impression, during a long period “playing” in Google Earth.“The images are a kind of mirrors for a fun house.They are strange illusions and reflections of the real ”Despite the strong distortions, which easily resemble a surrealist painting, the images of the work do not have any manipulation of tools like Photoshop, for example.”The images are screenshots of Earth with basic color adjustments”, “This is a construction of 3D maps on two-dimensional bases, creating these fabulous and unintended distortions”.



The Pangolin Scales Project demonstrates a 1.024 channel BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) that is able to extract information from the human brain with an unprecedented resolution. The extracted information is used to control the Pangolin Scale Dress interactively into 64 outputs.The dress is also inspired by the pangolin, cute, harmless animals sometimes known as scaly anteaters. They have large, protective keratin scales covering their skin (they are the only known mammals with this feature) and live in hollow trees or burrows.As such, Pangolins and considered an endangered species and some have theorized that the recent coronavirus may have emerged from the consumption of pangolin meat.Wipprecht’s main challenge in the project’s development was to not overload the dress with additional weight. She teamed up 3D printing experts Shapeways and Igor Knezevic in order to create an ‘exo-skeleton like dress-frame (3mm) that was light enough to be worn but sturdy enough to hold all the mechanics in place


Formalidade Cerimonial
O trabalho de Frederik Heyman é um ato de equilíbrio que incorpora várias mídias – incluindo vídeo, instalações e fotografia – muitas vezes em um ambiente digitalmente alterado. Em seu trabalho, Heyman explora a memória e a duração, usando fotogrametria e digitalização 3D para retratar e representar a passagem do tempo. As marcas registradas do trabalho de Heyman são mecânicas e tecnológicas: fios, rodas, letreiros LED de rolagem, armações de metal, pinças, lâmpadas industriais, telas e câmeras. Corpos – ao contrário dos humanos – estão sujeitos a uma dinâmica incomum com essas armadilhas tecnológicas. Em Cerimonial Formality (2020), uma contorcionista está presa em uma gaiola de metal enquanto um espectador, preso a fios, observa.


Zeremonielle Formalität Frederik Heymans Arbeit ist ein Balanceakt, der mehrere Medien einbezieht – darunter Video, Installationen und Fotografie – oft in einer digital veränderten Umgebung. In seiner Arbeit erforscht Heyman Gedächtnis und Dauer, indem er Photogrammetrie und 3D-Digitalisierung verwendet, um den Lauf der Zeit darzustellen und darzustellen. Die Markenzeichen von Heymans Arbeit sind mechanisch und technologisch: Drähte, Räder, scrollende LED-Schilder, Metallrahmen, Pinzetten, Industrielampen, Bildschirme und Kameras. Körper unterliegen bei diesen technologischen Fallstricken – anders als der Mensch – einer ungewöhnlichen Dynamik. In Ceremonial Formality (2020) ist ein Schlangenmensch in einem Metallkäfig gefangen, während ein kabelgebundener Zuschauer zuschaut.

studio smack

PARADISE – A contemporary interpretation of The Garden of Earthly Delights

Lo Studio Smack, meglio conosciuto per il video musicale Witch Doctor di De Staat, ha rilasciato una nuova animazione: un’interpretazione contemporanea di uno dei dipinti più famosi del primo maestro olandese Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights. Nel loro ultimo lavoro, il gruppo ha ripulito il paesaggio originale del pannello centrale del dipinto di Bosch e lo ha ricostruito in un’allucinante animazione 4K. Le creature che popolano questo parco giochi al coperto incarnano gli eccessi e i desideri della civiltà occidentale del XXI secolo. Consumismo, egoismo, evasione, richiamo dell’erotismo, vanità e decadenza. Tutti i personaggi sono metafore per la nostra società in cui i solitari sciamano nel loro mondo dei sogni digitale. Sono riflessi simbolici dell’ego e dell’immaginazione delle persone come si vedono, a differenza della versione di Bosch, in cui tutti gli individui sembrano più o meno uguali. Da un Hello Kitty arrapato a un serpente del pene che caccia alla coca Da uno spybot incarnato a polli fritti senza testa. Questi personaggi, una volta figure di sogno dipinte con precisione, sono ora modelli 3D creati digitalmente. A tutti loro è stato dato il proprio ciclo di animazione per vagare nel paesaggio. Inserendoli tutti insieme in questo affresco sintetico, il quadro non è mai lo stesso. Ciò che l’animazione e il trittico di Bosch hanno in comune è che difficilmente riuscirai a sopportare tutto, puoi guardarlo per ore. “Paradise” è stato commissionato dal Museo MOTI nei Paesi Bassi per la mostra New Delights, che fa parte del 500 ° anniversario di Hieronymus Bosch. Una gigantesca installazione video di quest’opera è esposta nel Museo fino al 31 dicembre 2016.


Measured Gold

Der niederländische Künstler Mike Pelletier ist ein interaktiver Experte und digitaler Künstler. Er experimentiert mit neuen Möglichkeiten zur Verwendung von Microsoft Kinect und verwendet das Tool als 3D-Scanner. Dabei nutzt er die Ressourcen der Kamera, um unglaubliche mehrdimensionale Porträts zu erstellen. Durch Bewegen der Kinect-Kamera um das Objekt aktualisiert die Software die Daten ständig, um ein 3D-Modell zu erstellen. Nach einigen Minuten der Verfolgung kann ein sehr detailliertes Modell einer Person erhalten werden. „Mein Ziel war es, eine Skulptur zu schaffen, die ohne digitale Technologien nicht existieren könnte“, sagt der Künstler. Die Bilder werden auf Metallpapier gedruckt und hinter Plexiglas-Acryl montiert.

Jim Chen-Hsiang Hu

Hu atualmente aplica suas técnicas ao reino da moda, mas não necessariamente vê a tecelagem em 3D como algo restrito a esse campo. Ele diz: “Poderia ter um futuro possivelmente menos associado à moda … seria este o ponto de partida da arquitetura superleve?” Apropriadamente, o mais novo empreendimento de Hu é chamado de One More Dimension, como ele disse à 1 Granary Magazine em uma entrevista: “Eu queria introduzir mais um ângulo ou dimensão no design.” Ele explicou: “Visualmente, isso aparece como uma terceira dimensão nas roupas”. As peças de Hu refletem essa diversidade de material, textura e densidade. Certos artigos são mais parecidos com vestidos tradicionais, exceto por uma ou duas esculturas de tecido saliente, enquanto outros usam a técnica 3D para criar grandes faixas de tecido em malha, simulando golas de capuz exageradas ou delicadas, máscaras faciais e véus de renda. Essas peças de tecido vermelho são um jogo delicado e deliberado, alternando entre semissólido e vazio, tecido e rede, ao mesmo tempo que confunde os limites entre a superfície, a frente e o verso.

Xavier Veilhan

легкая машина
Крупная фигура французской арт-сцены Ксавье Вейлан (родился в 1963 году, живет и работает в Париже) называет себя визуальным художником. Его работа, отказавшись от скульптуры, живописи, видео, фотографии и инсталляции, состоит в воссоздании реальности, особенно в ее биологических и технических аспектах, в архетипических, общих или прототипных формах, которые ставят под сомнение исторические и современные способы репрезентации.
Формальный универсализм, который, кажется, относится к идеалу классического искусства, уравновешивается своеобразием средств постановки произведений, ситуаций и построенной среды, современностью сюжетов и высокими технологиями. или персонажи, смоделированные с помощью техники 3D-захвата, световые приборы от Light Machines и т. д.), которые вызывают в воображении образы общества промышленного производства и потребления в странных и двусмысленных вселенных.


オランダのデザイナーAnoukWipprechtによるSpiderDress 2.0は、ファッションに統合されたテクノロジーの力と美しさを示すために取られたもう1つのステップです。最新のデザインで多数の3D印刷要素を目撃しましたが、スパイダードレスは、センサー付きのアニマトロニクス義肢で作成されており、個人のスペースを保護します。近接センサーと呼吸センサーを介して外部要因に応答するように考案されたこのピースは、センサーが刺激されると「クモの脚」を伸ばしたり縮めたりします。



Prof. Klaus Teltenkoetter & Prof. Bernd Benninghoff

Resonateはインタラクティブなライト&フランクフルトで開催されるライトフェスティバルルミナーレ2012のサウンドインスタレーション。 Resonateはpara3dで設計されています。ホルベインステグのフランクフルト中心部にあるコンテナ船の長さ40メートルの内部は、インタラクティブな光と音のディスプレイになります。鋼の船体の中に光る弦の構造が浮かんでいて、大気の音と画像を生成します。デジタルLEDの光と音の助けを借りて、訪問者はこの空間をインタラクティブな3次元空間構成として体験します。

Jan Nikolai Nelles and Nora Al-Badri

Imagens 3D do Busto de Nefertiti
Anos atrás, um escandaloso “roubo de arte” no Neues Museum em Berlim – envolvendo digitalizações 3D do busto de Nefertiti feitas ilegalmente – acabou sendo um tipo diferente de crime. Os dois artistas egípcios que divulgaram os scans alegaram que fizeram as imagens com um “sensor Kinect hackeado”, relata Annalee Newitz da Ars Technica. Mas o artista digital e designer Cosmo Wenman descobriu que esses eram scans feitos pelo próprio Neues Museum, que haviam sido roubados pelos artistas ou talvez por um funcionário do museu.


“做男孩做女孩”是涉及视觉,听觉,触觉和气味的多感觉实验。 根据经验,我们的身体不仅仅是眼睛和耳朵。 们是体验和挑战现实的工具。在装置中,我们通过嗅觉,触摸(通过红外灯和风扇),图像(在360度下使用3D胶片眼镜)和全方位声音的组合来激活所有感官,从而创造了一种幻


MÆ Motion Aftereffect
MÆ – Motion Aftereffect исследует захват движения, готовые 3D-модели и монологи, найденные в Интернете, от опыта с виртуальной реальностью в реальном игровом процессе до внетелесных переживаний и руководств по астральной проекции. В работе рассматривается влияние новых потребительских технологий, связанных с AR – дополненной реальностью, VR – виртуальной реальностью, MR – смешанной реальностью, XR – расширенной реальностью и видео 360 °. Монологи из Интернета обеспечивают инфраструктуру для работы; наушники-вкладыши транслируют Олафсон монологи на сцене, заставляя ее слушать и говорить одновременно. Это двойное действие – слушание и говорение – позволяет ей воплощать состояние присутствия, которое относится к потоковой передаче данных, обработке в реальном времени и играм. Как исполнитель она становится проводником, медиумом или интерфейсом, транслируя отредактированные монологи из Интернета для аудитории. Действие выполнения работы становится похоже на воспроизведение видео или VR-игры.


Fritté Solaire
Dans cette expérience, la lumière du soleil et le sable sont utilisés comme énergie brute et matériau pour produire des objets en verre à l’aide d’un processus d’impression 3D, qui combine l’énergie naturelle et le matériau avec une technologie de production de haute technologie. Le frittage solaire vise à soulever des questions sur l’avenir de la fabrication et déclenche des rêves de pleine utilisation du potentiel de production de la ressource énergétique la plus efficace au monde – le soleil. Sans apporter de réponses définitives, cette expérience vise à fournir un point de départ pour une nouvelle réflexion.


Espace aérien
En 2016, Dirk Koy a fondé le studio de motion design et de film expérimental «Dirk Koy Bild und Bewegung». Dans son travail, il utilise différentes technologies (drones / animation 2D et 3D / photogrammétrie / AR / VR) pour créer des images numériques en mouvement. Il explore l’interface entre réalité et virtualité et recherche également la composante picturale dans le contexte numérique. L’expérience joue un rôle central.


Purple Light

À travers des photographies kiriliennes de son aura capturées pour la première fois en 2014, elle a commencé à étudier le champ aurique électromagnétique du corps humain:L’aura est une ellipse métaphysique 3D composée de 7 bandes de corps de lumière autour du corps physique. L’énergie de l’aura est transmise vers / depuis le corps via 7 centres d’énergie – des chakras («roue» en sanskrit) situés le long de la colonne vertébrale du corps humain, ce qui a inspiré sa collection d’études supérieures.Berenike traduit la légèreté dans toute sa collection, en dédiant 6 looks aux centres spécifiques et à leur couche de corps léger.


Pangolin Kleid
Das Pangolin Scales Project demonstriert ein 1.024-Kanal-BCI (Brain-Computer Interface), das Informationen aus dem menschlichen Gehirn mit einer beispiellosen Auflösung extrahieren kann. Die extrahierten Informationen werden verwendet, um das Pangolin-Schuppenkleid interaktiv in 64 Ausgaben zu steuern. Das Kleid ist auch von den Pangolin-niedlichen, harmlosen Tieren inspiriert, die manchmal als schuppige Ameisenbären bekannt sind. Sie haben große, schützende Keratinschuppen auf ihrer Haut (sie sind die einzigen bekannten Säugetiere mit dieser Eigenschaft) und leben in hohlen Bäumen oder Höhlen. Als solche gelten Pangoline als gefährdete Arten, und einige haben angenommen, dass das jüngste Coronavirus möglicherweise entstanden ist Der Verzehr von Pangolinfleisch. Wipprechts größte Herausforderung bei der Entwicklung des Projekts bestand darin, das Kleid nicht mit zusätzlichem Gewicht zu überladen. Sie hat die 3D-Druckexperten Shapeways und Igor Knezevic zusammengebracht, um einen “Exo-Skelett“ -ähnlichen Kleiderrahmen (3 mm) zu schaffen, der leicht genug war, um getragen zu werden, aber robust genug, um alle Mechaniken an Ort und Stelle zu halten


Prozedurales Tuch V//002
“Ich setze Experimente mit prozedural erzeugten Strukturen fort. Dieses Mal implementiere ich einen in Houdini zusammengestellten Algorithmus über dem weiblichen Körper. Alle in Houdini erzeugten Netze. Dann auf Sketchfab hochgeladen. Alle Bilder aus Sketchfab-Modell. Sie können es in 3D in jedem Browser über den Link in meinem Profil überprüfen.” Oleg Soroko

Freya Olafson

MÆ Motion Afterefffect
MÆ – Motion Aftereffect explores motion-capture, ready-made 3D models and monologues found online, ranging from experiences with virtual reality in live gameplay to out-of-body experiences and astral projection tutorials. The work addresses the impact of emerging consumer technologies associated with AR – Augmented Reality, VR – Virtual Reality, MR – Mixed Reality, XR – Extended Reality and 360° video. Monologues sourced from the internet provide the infrastructure for the work; an in-ear monitor feeds Olafson the monologues onstage, challenging her to listen and speak simultaneously. This dual action of listening and speaking enables her to embody a state of presence that references data streaming, live processing, and gaming. As a performer she becomes a conduit, medium, or interface, broadcasting edited monologues from the internet to the audience. The action of performing the work becomes like playing a video or VR game.

Charlie Behrens

Algorithmic Architecture
This short film is intended to encourage a creative audience to seek out Kevin Slavin’s talk Those Algorithms Which Govern Our Lives. It employs an effect which takes place in Google Earth when its 3D street photography and 2D satellite imagery don’t register correctly. This glitch is applied as a metaphor for the way that our 21st century supercities are physically changing to suit the needs of computer algorithms rather than human employees.

Raven Kwok

“A collaboration with Symmetry Labs at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts in San Francisco. Derivatives of multiple generative rules I designed in the past were adapted to an interactive LED floor. The video demo includes 6 visual sets and transitions in between. Set 01 is an adaption of 1DFBD, which was also used in a couple of projection mapping tests in 2014. Set 03 is derived from an untitled turbulence piece created in 2014 as well. Similar to Set 03, all agents in Set 04 are driven by 3D Perlin Noise flow field. However, instead of being an emitter spawning agents, each dot functions as an attractor intervening in the flow, same way as it did in 2BCD.”Raven Kwok


On stage, the ample white strapless dress of a still model serves as a screen for all kinds of projections that echo those of a big screen in the background. “Mixing 3D video with certified fairy tale stories and tailoring tradition” is the idea of the atypical Mountain Ash. Intel technology brings to life on the fabric all kinds of patterns simulating embroidery or painting on silk: stripes of neon lights, butterflies flapping their wings, “mapping” of crystal tassels or the northern lights …



Мигель Шевалье
מיגל שבלייה
미구엘 슈발리에
Power Pixels
L’exposition Power Pixels se compose de deux installations de réalité virtuelle génératives et interactives : Complex Meshes 2020 et Oscillations 2020, oeuvre présentée pour la première fois au public. Oscillations 2020 permet une visualisation graphique en 3D de la musique de Michel Redolfi. Une forme d’onde se génère en temps réel selon les fréquences et les amplitudes de la musique. Ces spectres sonores des différents sons de la musique génèrent des paysages imaginaires à l’infini. Image et musique se répondent dans une fusion de nature émotionnelle qui participe à une véritable synesthésie.


Marsha is a AI SpaceFactory’s NASA-award-winning design and prototype for a 3D printed Mars habitat. The prototype was printed nearly autonomously in 2019 within a 30-hour construction window. “Our 3D print technology uses a recyclable biopolymer composite which outperformed concrete in NASA’s strength, durability, and crush testing. ASTM lab tested and certified to be two to three times stronger than concrete in compression, our space-grade material is also five times more durable than concrete in freeze-thaw conditions.” Ai-Spacefactory

Dirk Koy & Bild und Bewegung

In 2016, Dirk Koy founded the studio for motion design and experimental film «Dirk Koy Bild und Bewegung». In his work, he uses different technologies (drones / 2D and 3D animation / photogrammetry / AR / VR) to create moving digital images. He investigates the interface between reality and virtuality and is also looking for the painterly component in the digital context. The Experiment plays a central role.


is a Dynamic Shape Display that can render 3D content physically, so users can interact with digital information in a tangible way. inFORM can also interact with the physical world around it, for example moving objects on the table’s surface. Remote participants in a video conference can be displayed physically, allowing for a strong sense of presence and the ability to interact physically at a distance.

Anouk Wipprecht

Faraday dress

While the odds of you getting hit by lightning is approximately one to one octillion, Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht and music performance group Arcattack have created a wearable a metal dress that discharges one million volts of electricity. Part futuristic, part anime-meets-high fashion, the dress comprises metal plates, 600 rings of chain mail, 3D ‘plasma ball’ mounts on the shoulders and a spiked helmet with a grille on the front.

Charles Atlas Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener

Tesseract is a collaboration between Charles Atlas, Rashaun Mitchell, and Silas Riener. It is an evening-length presentation in 2 parts separated by an intermission: a 3D dance film featuring 7 dancers and a live proscenium performance with 6 dancers. The film offers speculative worlds and alternate possibilities in bold visual environments. The performance includes live-video capture with multiple cameras, mixed by Atlas and projected into the stage space. Images obscure and reveal moving bodies behind a translucent scrim, magnified and refracted by Atlas. Through collective action we forge a link between human ritual conjuring and new technological magic. Between the past and the future.

John Liebler

The Inner Life of the Cell
короткий фильм 3D-анимации, рассказывающий о различных биологических процессах в лейкоците, клетке человеческого тела. Фильм создали Дэвид Болинский (иллюстратор Йельского университета), ведущий аниматор Джон Либлер и Майк Астрахан из XVIVO для факультета Молекулярной и клеточной биологии Гарвардского университета. 8,5 минут анимации заняли 14 месяцев работы. Впервые фильм был продемонстрирован в 2006 на ежегодной конференции SIGGRAPH (short for Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques) в Бостоне.

Claudia Hart

The Swing

In The Swing, a 3D game avatar becomes Rococo fleshy decadence. In this multi-screen animation, the avatar swings on a seat suspended from the sky, in super Mannerist slow time. Her wooded surroundings ebb and flow at different rate, imitating stop-motion. Years pass in a matter of moments. The avatar is the driver of all of these cycles, but a driver scarcely in control – she is instead, a Mother Nature heading straight for what she suspects might be oblivion. The Swing is a multi channel installation, in nine, five and three screen versions.

sound: Kurt Hentschlager


La marca neoyorquina Threeasfour presentó el mes pasado un par de vestidos impresos en 3D basados en el diseño de diversas formas y texturas biológicas. Como parte de la colección de otoño 2016 titulada Biomimicry, los vestidos -llamados Harmonograph y Pangolin – pretenden demostrar las “posibilidades que se entrelazan entre la moda, el diseño y la tecnología”.

Matthias Zwicker, Wojciech Matusik, Fredo Durand, and Hanspeter Pfister

Automultiscopic 3D displays
Automultiscopic 3D displays allow a large number of viewers to experience 3D content simultaneously without the hassle of special glasses or head gear. This display uses a dense array of 216 video projectors to generate images with high angular density over a wide field of view. As users move around the display, their eyes smoothly transition from one view to the next. The display is ideal for displaying life-size human subjects, as it allows for natural personal interactions with 3D cues such as eye-gaze and spatial hand gestures.

Julien Maire


Maireは、従来のフィルムを3D印刷されたステレオリソグラフィー投影に置き換えることで、フィルム作成のアイデアをまったく新しいレベルに引き上げることを決定しました。 メアは、実際の「フィルム」なしで「フィルム」を作成する、独自の革新的な映画製作方法で知られています。 これらの以前に作成された投影のいくつかは彼のYoutubeチャンネルで見つけることができ、あなたが見ることができるように、非常に魅力的です。 彼の最新のプロジェクトで、メアは穴を掘る男性をフィーチャーした、すべて異なる位置にある85の異なるフィギュアをモデル化しました。 次に、FormLabsのForm1ステレオリソグラフィー3Dプリンターを使用して印刷しました。 次に、これらの小さなフィギュアをフィルムのようなリールに取り付け、昔の映画を上映するときと同じように、光を通過させました。

luca pozzi

le strabisme du dragon

Luca Pozzi 在米兰生活和工作。 Albe Stainer研究所的3D建模和系统基础研究(2002年); 2006年在米兰布雷迪艺术学院获得绘画学位。 他是视觉艺术家和文化调解人,在自己的职责范围内开展一项计划,旨在将可能出现的跨学科通信扩展到美丽的纯信息网络。 卢卡·波兹(Luca Pozzi)利用研究人员和艺术家间接参与其项目的理论贡献,通过运用不同的媒体和新技术,实现了以原始使用重力为特征的混合动力装置。 他将注意力集中在物理学上,而对T.O.E.则以特别的方式。 (一切理论):弦论,环量子引力和几何非交换。

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Sphere Packing
“Sphere Packing” is a series of 3D-printed pieces designed to concentrate the entire musical production of a composer in a single dense multi-channel device. The size of each sphere is directly proportional to how prolific the composer was, for example the sphere for Johann Sebastian Bach has 48 cm diameter and holds 1100 loudspeakers playing simultaneously Bach’s 1100 different compositions, while the sphere for Hildegaard Von Bingen only has 11 cm diameter and 69 loudspeakers. The project presents at a glance the comparative production volume of many composers. As people are a couple metres away from a sphere they hear a quiet murmur of sounds, but as they approach and put their ear up close to individual speakers they can hone in on specific compositions. The series is inspired by American composer Charles Ives’ practice of simultaneity as a compositional tool.


Der Tesseract – auch bekannt als HyperCube – ist eine städtische 3D-Gerüstinstallation mit 65 beweglichen Lichtern. Es wird vollständig von unserer benutzerdefinierten Software gesteuert, die in Quartz Composer integriert ist. Die gesamte Bewegung wird aus grafischen Daten – Bildern – abgeleitet, die in Echtzeit in Schwenk- / Neigepositionen übersetzt werden. Die gesamte Show wird von einer massiven Ableton Live-Datei gesteuert, mit der wir erstellen können Echtzeitanpassungen und -transformationen immer synchron mit der Musik.


mechaneu v1

我們知道 3D 列印可以模擬人體器官、食物、建築物等各種繁複的物體,但這些大多為靜態物件,來自紐約的設計工作室 proxy design studio 則進一步挑戰精密的齒輪機械,印出一顆完整的球體齒輪群組,只要轉動其中一個,其他齒輪也會跟著被牽動,看起來超歡樂的!
《mechaneu v1》由 64 個齒輪組成,由球體內部的框架來支撐,設計師先用電腦軟體想辦法排入大小各異的花形齒輪,再透過 3D 列印印出來,《mechaneu v1》上的每個齒輪都能互相牽引作用,達到牽一髮動全身的效果,看著齒輪各自轉動的模樣頗有點療癒放空的效果,proxy design studio 則希望能藉此研發出更多機械動能相關的設計。


Клементу Валла
Postcards from Google Earth
Valla behauptete, eine Reihe von 60 “surrealistischen” Bildern gesammelt zu haben, oder die zumindest diesen Eindruck während eines langen “Spielens” in Google Earth erwecken. “Die Bilder sind eine Art Spiegel für ein lustiges Haus. Sie sind es.” seltsame Illusionen und Reflexionen des Realen “Trotz der starken Verzerrungen, die leicht einem surrealistischen Gemälde ähneln, können die Bilder der Arbeit keine Werkzeuge wie beispielsweise Photoshop manipulieren.” Die Bilder sind Screenshots der Erde mit grundlegenden Farbanpassungen. ” “Dies ist eine Konstruktion von 3D-Karten auf zweidimensionaler Basis, die diese fabelhaften und unbeabsichtigten Verzerrungen erzeugt.”


Даниэль Видрик
Little Black Spine

芸術デザイナーのダニエル・ウィドリグは、このウェアラブルアートシリーズの背後にいます。 これらの3D印刷された作品は、彼のKinesisコレクションの一部です。 これらの彫刻の付属品のいくつかは骨のように見えますが、他は非常に抽象的なものです。 これらの印象的なデザインはすべて黒で行われているようで、非常に想像力に富んでいます。 このウェアラブルアートコレクションの背後にあるアイデアは、それらを身に着けている人の体に合わせたカスタムアクセサリーを作ることです。 ピースが外骨格に似ている場合、これは特にクールです。 これらのぴったりとしたアートワークは、平均的なアクセサリーよりも興味深いものです。 彼らは体のさまざまな領域に重点を置くことを意図しており、まさにそれを行います。 Widrigのクリエイティブな印刷コレクションは、大胆で非常に詳細です。 これらの作品はあなたの体を生き生きとした呼吸する芸術作品に変えます。


The Harmonic Series

File Festival

Created by Manuela Donoso and Luisa Pereira, The Harmonic Series is a collection of mechanical devices , software, sculptures and prints that explore the relationship between musical and visual harmony.Inspired by the nineteenth century mathematician Jules Lissajous who invented a device to visualize sound vibrations using two tuning forks and a beam of light reflected from one mirror to the next to a screen, Manuela and Luisa have re-created and extended this experiment using recent tools. An electronic version of the device replaces the tuning forks with microphones and speakers, allowing people to sing different musical intervals, and contrast the resulting figures with the more chaotic ones generated by percussive sounds. An application plays groups of three notes and plots 3d Lissajous figures for their frequency ratios. The frequency ratios for major, minor and diminished chords are 4:5:6, 10:12:15 and 20:24:29 respectively. These chords were plotted using the app, and then printed as posters and sculptures that reveal a tight relationship between aural and visual harmony.


ニューヨークのアーティストSongK Kwakは、ダクトテープを唯一の表現素材(ほとんどの場合黒)として使用して感情を表現し、その言語は壁の彼女の体のジェスチャーに投影されます。キャリアとして、黒いマスキングテープは2Dと3Dの表面の間を自由に移動します。通常のテープの柔軟性とアクセスしやすさから、彼はストロークを身体の延長として指定します。このプロセスは、さまざまな視覚的および環境的空間を妨げられることなく流れる環境と統合する試みです。黒い線は、独特の建築とその周辺の間に生じる多くのエネルギーのダイナミズムを伝えています。韓国で生まれ、アーティスト、クワクとして教育を受けました。ニューヨークで勉強している間、彼は独自のフリーハンドマスキングテープ技術を開発し、階段、公共の建物のロビー、小さなアートギャラリー、建物のファサードなどの建築空間の表面に直接ペイントしました。彼は暴露します。彼のインスタレーションは、ドローイングと彫刻の中間にある空間と体験を生み出します。