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After Party



Jakob Kudsk Steensen

Liminal Lands
Liminal Lands est une expérience multijoueur environnementale partagée par quatre personnes en même temps. Chaque personne se transforme en éléments de base contrôlant la vie à travers le paysage : algues, sel, eau et boue. Alors qu’ils se lancent dans une expérience rituelle commune, les gens se métamorphosent et changent tout au long de leur voyage, explorant chaque nouveau monde sous un angle différent du paysage. Les visiteurs se déplacent à travers différentes échelles et conditions météorologiques mondiales, abandonnant leur perspective humaine alors qu’ils sont attirés dans six royaumes différents inspirés par le macro-paysage.

Sterling Ruby

Резиний рубль
Стерлинг Руби
Στερλίνα Ρουμπίνι
El monolito naranja fluorescente de Sterling Ruby, SPECTRE, aparece como una aparición en el desierto. La brillante escultura geométrica crea una ilusión óptica discordante, que se asemeja a un compuesto o collage con Photoshop, como si algo se hubiera eliminado o borrado del paisaje. El bloque actúa como un cifrado o sustituto, imitando la forma que podría ser: un contenedor de envío, un búnker militar, un objeto no identificado, un hogar abandonado. La naranja fluorescente se usa tradicionalmente por seguridad, como advertencia. Aquí esa lógica se invierte: un objeto fantasmal, apartado del entorno natural, escondido a plena vista.

Nina Katchadourian

Survive the Savage Sea

When I was seven years old, my mother read a book aloud to me titled Survive the Savage Sea (1973). It was the true story of the Robertsons, a family of farmers in England who sold all their possessions to buy a sailboat with the intent of sailing around the world for several years. In June 1972, the Robertsons lost their sailboat in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean when a pod of Orca smashed the hull, leaving the four adults and two children adrift for 38 days. After their inflatable life raft grew too leaky to be safe, they abandoned it for their nine-foot fiberglass dinghy, Ednamair, a vessel so small that with everyone aboard only six inches of the boat remained above the waterline. The family navigated to areas where they could collect rainwater and survived by finding ways to catch sea turtles, dorado, and flying fish until they were spotted and rescued by the crew of a Japanese fishing boat.


Vincent Leroy

The distinguishing feature of the Lanzarote Island, one of the Canary Islands, is its old windmills, or molinos. The island has limited natural sources of energy — it has no running streams and no woodland. What it does have, however, is ample wind, and for centuries Lanzarote has used wind power both to grind grain and to pump water. The island still has several remaining mills, but many of them are now in ruins. To give a second life to these abandoned structures, French artist Vincent Leroy develops a concept project titled “Molinoptere” that proposes to turn them into both art objects and wind turbines.

Navid Navab

Aquaphoneia is an alchemical installation centred around the poiesis of time and transmutation of voice into matter. A large horn floating mid space echoes the ghosts of Edison, Bell, and Berliner’s machines. But unlike early recording, herding sound energy to etch pressure patterns in solid matter, this odd assemblage transmutes voice into water and water into air. Disembodied voices abandon their sources to cross the event horizon of the horn. Estranged, the schizo-phone falls into the narrow depths of the bell, squeezed into spatiotemporal infinity, calcinated, liquified and released: The aqueous voice then flows into three alchemical chambers where inner time is surrendered to the tempi of matter: unbound, yet lucid and sound.

Helene Nymann

MOL (2018) takes up the ancient technique of memorizing information by placing symbols and signs along a mental path through an imagined house from room to room. Interested in the way technology affects both our sense of and need for memory, Nymann attempts to capture her own active and associative thinking by reconstructing her path through her abandoned childhood home. In the work, she visualizes her past experiences through the placement of anchor objects—which, according to the ancient Greco-Roman method of loci, shape the way we perceive the external world—suggesting that in our increasing reliance on technology to memorize for us, we allow others to form our view of the world.

Marleen Sleeuwits


Primarily working within abandoned office spaces, her process involves stripping the rooms down to their individual components, laying bare the layers found beneath the surfaces. She then re-assembles the room using materials found on-site, such as fluorescent tubes, paper towels, laminate, and tape, by adapting techniques of sculpture, painting and drawing.

Signe Lidén and Espen Sommer Eide

Vertical Studies
Vertical Studies: Acoustic Shadows and Boundary Reflections; Water Tower Sint Jansklooster In their new collaborative work, Vertical Studies: Acoustic Shadows and Boundary Reflections, Signe Lidén and Espen Sommer invite participants on a journey to a 46-metre-high abandoned water tower in Sint Jansklooster. The tower has been re-imagined as a vertical field-lab where Lidén and Sommer discuss their ongoing research into connections between sound, history, wind and weather. To this end they have constructed a range of special instruments to record and playback sounds in the vertical dimension. The participants on this journey will experience live outdoor vertical studies and a vertical soundscape shaped by Eide and Lidén that ascends the tower’s spiral staircase.



This exhibition place used to be an electric power plant. Yanobe will transform this abandoned building into the “future” place by creating a story and put it as an installation. In the “discharge” part, Yanobe set up a Tesla coil, which will generate an artificial thunderstorm and expressed as if the electric power plant revives.


Bombay Sapphire Distillery
The existing buildings at the complex were built during the Victorian era to house a mill that produced paper for English bank notes. The buildings were later abandoned and left derelict until the complex was bought by Bombay Sapphire, the gin brand owned by alcoholic drinks giant Bacardi, who commissioned Heatherwick to overhaul the site, creating a new distillery and visitors’ centre […] Two curving glass greenhouses form the major new additions to the site. Hot air is channeled into the greenhouses through large pipes clad in strips of metal, picking up heat produced during the distillation process and carrying it out through openings in the red-brick walls of one of the existing buildings.


public art
Situé entre l’art de la rue, la poterie, la peinture, la sculpture et les bijoux, NeSpoon est un artiste de rue polonais. En mission pour broder le monde, elle enrichit l’art urbain déjà diversifié avec sa propre marque unique d’art de dentelle. En utilisant des motifs de napperons complexes, l’artiste embellit des espaces abandonnés et sans ornements dans des jungles urbaines improbables, les transformant en de superbes œuvres d’art.


لويس بونويل
לואיס בונואל
Луис Бунюэль
El Angel Exterminador
El enredo es simple. Una familia de burgueses de la Ciudad de México, después de asistir a una ópera, es invitada a una cena en la mansión de los Nóbile. Mientras los cocineros y sirvientes, sienten deseos de marcharse de la casa, los invitados que se reúnen en un salón no pueden hacerlo. Bloqueados por una fuerza misteriosa, se empiezan a dar cuenta, con el pasar de la noche, de que no pueden abandonar la habitación.
cinema full

Carsten Höller

Elevator Bed up
Carsten Höller cree que para explorar nuevos universos psicológicos debemos de abandonar hábitos y certidumbres los cuales crean en cada individuo estereotipos o modelos preestablecidos.
Su idea primordial de trabajo se basa contraponer la afirmación sobre el arte, donde se argumenta que éste adquiere significado en proporción a su carencia de función.


The Garden of Earthly Delights
Based on his own novel “Metaphysics”, Lech Wajewski’s film is an erotic treatise on art, love and death. When British art historian Claudine learns that her cancer is terminal, she abandons caution and takes her lover, Chris, on an extraordinary journey to Venice, where their passion finds fulfillment in the fantastic paintings of Hieronymus Bosch. Videotaping their trip, Claudine intends to leave Chris a haunting record of their emotional and spiritual discoveries.

Dinh Q. Lê

Crossing the Farther Shore
In Crossing the Farther Shore, Lê incorporates photographs taken in Vietnam during the 1940s-1980s, with the majority dating to the pre-Vietnam War era before 1975. The images are those that might fill a family’s photo album: portraits, scenic vistas, birthdays, and holidays. Lê has collected pre-1975 Vietnam photographs for years, finding them in antique stores and second-hand shops and wondering, why are there so many abandoned photographs? Lê considers them to be an important record documenting the everyday lives of Southern Vietnamese people – how they dressed, looked, and felt. Such photos are one of the few records of South Vietnam that have escaped from the Northern Vietnamese communist government’s systematic effort to erase the pre-1975 existence of the South.

Hyuntek Yoon

Hidden Gems
Transforming the mopo oil reserve base, south korean designer hyuntek yoon of nooyoon has created a cultural and recreational cluster on the site. Located in sangam, north west of seoul, the abandoned area was previously filled with waste until the 2002 work cup which saw it turn into an an ecological park, digital media city, and world cup stadium. ‘Hidden gem’ seeks to revitalize the last piece of waste-land for public use. The project is based on the following questions: how can five oil tanks be transform to embed recreational programs and how can multiple activities interrelate and operate with each other?


루드 반 엠펠

Créateur d’atmosphères fraîches et verdoyantes, Ruud Van Empel marie avec subtilité les sujets de ses photographies avec les espaces dans lesquels il les plonge. Nées d’un véritable processus créatif alliant collage, prise de vue et retouche photographique, les œuvres de cet artiste hollandais incitent le spectateur à s’abandonner et à contempler les traces d’un voyage improbable dans les pays les plus lointains.


Джум Накао
sewing the invisible

Jum Nakao é estilista e diretor de criação, brasileiro e neto de japoneses. Vive na cidade de São Paulo onde se localiza seu ateliê. Inicialmente acreditava que o suporte do seu trabalho poderia ser a eletrônica e a computação, mas abandona esse setor por considerar os estudos extremamente distantes do olhar humano.


Géométrie de l’impossible
“Géométrie de l’impossible“, une série de créations de l’artiste française Fanette Guilloud, qui mélange anamorphose et street art dans des lieux abandonnés pour créer des illusions géométriques. Un travail qui rappel forcément les anamorphose de Felice Varini ou les créations de l’artiste Aakash Nihalani.

Les Astronautes

L’installation a pris place dans la ville de Québec au Canada, elle met en scène des centaines de frites de piscine qui envahissent une allée abandonnée. L’intervention amène et attire le public à découvrir un espace oublié dans la ville. Delirious Frites a été réalisée dans le cadre des Passages Insolites, un festival d’art public organisé par Exmuro.


ג’ים למבי
Tangerine Dream

La obra de Jim Lambie se encuentra en esa delgadísima línea que separa los territorios de la alta y la baja cultura. Pero además, este tipo de activación del espacio ha hecho que los defensores acérrimos de un buen sector de la pintura contemporánea, aquella que abandona definitivamente el lienzo para adentrarse en parámetros y contextos más amplios, hayan hecho del artista escocés uno de sus grandes estandartes.

William Greiner

Green Wall with Hole, Bogalusa, LA
Greiner began his career as a sports photographer, first working in the National Football League (NFL), at the age of 19, from 1977-1979 […]Greiner abandoned sports journalism to return to college, earning an A.A. from Bradford College, a B.F.A. from Tufts University/School of the Museum of Fine Art and an M.B.A. from Suffolk University. During this period, Greiner was introduced to the work of artist/color photographer, William Eggleston.

Tobias Stretch


Tobias Stretch channels the beauty and melancholia of Hauschka’s single “Craco” in his uncanny video filmed in Philadelphia’s answer to Brooklyn’s High Line, Reading Viaduct Park. With music videos for Radiohead, Crystal Fighters and Christopher Bono to his name, the Philly-based animator is known for his distinct aesthetic and method, pairing landscape photography with life-size stop-motion puppets. “I thought right from the beginning when I saw Tobias’s work that it has a mixture of analog and handmade elements and a surreal atmosphere. In my music you have similar elements,” says Hauschka himself, aka the German pianist and composer Volker Bertelmann, who headline’s London’s Union Chapel tonight as part of his European tour. Although best known as a 21st-Century protagonist of the prepared piano practice championed by John Cage, Bertelmann “left all the preparations at home” in order to work with a pure sound on this track. Named after the Italian ghost town,“Craco” is taken from his entropy-laced album Abandoned City and played to Stretch’s own fascination with urban decay. “The music was there beforehand, but I had a bowl of music and a bowl of names and I tried to pair them up. I think the music sounded not only like an abandoned place but also like a nostalgic place and that’s why I thought it was a great match.”



켈리 리처드슨
קלי ריצ’רדסון/
mariner 9
Mariner 9 presents a panoramic view of a Martian landscape set hundreds of years into the future, littered with the rusting remains from various missions to the planet. Despite its suggested abandoned state, several of the spacecraft continue to partially function, to do their intended jobs, to ultimately find signs of life, possibly transmitting the data back to no one.
Mariner 9 was created using scenery-generation software employed by the film and gaming industries in combination with technical data from NASA’s missions to Mars to produce a faithful artist’s rendering of Martian terrain, populated by the debris from centuries of exploration through real and imagined spacecraft in the centre of a duststorm. “Cinematic tropes of sci-fi films abound, but any search for a clear narrative is frustrated. Presented with minimal action, we wonder instead about the search for life beyond our own planet and the simultaneous destruction of life on earth.” (Laurel MacMillan, Programmer for TIFF Future Projections)


Residual Balance

The type of objects she chooses have ranged from large antlers, brightly coloured cables, old Christmas trees, light bulbs, American basketballs, orange balloons, scientific test tubes and even butterflies. Hardy puts these everyday objects together and transforms them into unusual, almost dreamlike, environments which can be unnerving with their themes of abandonment and desolation.


Ruins of capitalism
Autrefois une métropole florissante, au cœur du monde industrialisé, Détroit était un exemple de la manière de réaliser le rêve américain. Aujourd’hui, la magnificence qui caractérisait autrefois cette ville demeure sous la forme de ses bâtiments abandonnés. Au cours des cinq dernières années, un projet a été en vigueur pour préserver et immortaliser les bâtiments comme preuve de la magnificence de son passé.


تويو ايتو
טויו איטו
도요 이토
relaxation park

o parque de relaxamento em torrevieja, no sul da espanha, projetado por toyo ito permanece parcialmente construído, com construção interrompida devido a possíveis infrações de o direito costeiro. a situação já foi destacada em uma exposição da arquiteta, nathalie gidrón, em um pub alicante, que mostra “o estado em ruínas do edifício atual” construído em a forma de um caracol de madeira e então coberto de cobre, embora o cobre tenha desaparecido e a madeira abaixo agora esteja deformada por causa da umidade. gidrón considera o edifício “uma das joias da arquitetura do século 21. a prefeitura de torrevieja modificou os planos depois que a ordem de interromper a construção foi recebidos e negaram que o projeto tenha sido abandonado. outros grupos políticos estão pedindo que a terra volte ao seu estado natural.


Артур Гансон художника
Machine with Abandoned Doll


delicate boundarie

This interactive installation imagines that the worlds inside our digital devices can move into the physical world. Small bugs made of light crawl out of a computer screen onto the human bodies that make contact with them, often surprising their audience as they try to abandon a virtual existence. The magic of the illusion takes shape as the audience lets them explore their bodies, crawling from one person to the next in a strangely intimate way. As digital technologies have become embedded in everyday life, the line between the virtual and real is increasingly blurred. Delicate Boundaries playfully explores our expectations and understanding of interfaces and interactivity.


Майкл Йоханссон
Triptych (detail)

“Le génie se fait de chaque nécessité une inspiration” écrivait Sainte-Beuve, fin critique littéraire du XIXème siècle. Si l’on en croit le célèbre commentateur, c’est en jouant aux jeux vidéos, contraint et forcé, que Michael Johansson, artiste suédois, a eu l’idée de ces installations. Découverte en images.Comment occuper l’espace public ? Comment s’approprier les confins des villes par des installations qui attirent l’oeil et qui font sourire ? Les street-artist innovent constamment et peuplent les rues d’oeuvres originales. De l’art post-moderne, plein de références et surtout gratuit. Dans ce mouvement qui dépasse désormais le simple graffiti, certains sortent du lot. Par la qualité graphique, bien sûr, mais surtout grâce à un idée novatrice qui parle au plus grand nombre. C’est le cas de Michael Johansson.Artiste suédois, il s’amuse à faire de Tetris une réalité physique. Que des collages ? Non, ce dernier se parre des habits de sculpteur, utilise des matériaux laissés à l’abandon et emboite réellement des objets chinés à droite à gauche pour leur donner une seconde vie. Figés cette fois-ci dans une oeuvre qui néglige leur utilité première.