Jason Bruges Studio

The Constant Gardeners
S’inspirant d’un jardin zen japonais traditionnel, quatre bras de robots industriels sont disposés autour d’une vaste toile de gravier avant de se réveiller et de commencer à ratisser la surface. Dans une série de performances quotidiennes, ces « jardiniers » travaillent ensemble pour créer des illustrations uniques et évolutives représentant les mouvements des athlètes. Générées par une série d’algorithmes sur mesure, qui analysent des séquences vidéo d’événements olympiques et paralympiques, certaines illustrations représentent un mouvement qui se déroule dans le temps tandis que d’autres mettent en lumière un moment sportif spectaculaire. Une méditation sur la tradition, l’artisanat et les rôles de la technologie, The Constant Gardeners offre aux visiteurs un espace paisible pour une introspection tranquille. L’œuvre explore un nouveau récit autour de la robotique, montrant que cette technologie est une force capable de créativité artistique et d’action expérimentale, qui joue un rôle déterminant dans notre cheminement vers un avenir plus heureux et plus sain.

Isabella Münnich

Immersed Garden
Immersed Garden is in its true sense a sunken world. Floating bodiless in an underwater garden, natural sounds guide you through an immersive surrounding, somewhere between calming and irritating, natural and artificial. It is a playful exploration of the individual conception of safety and confusion and a personal approach to aesthetic references to habits of introspection and retreat in digital environments. It was created by fusing different digital processes like photogrammetry of selected natural places around Karlsruhe and field recordings in a local natural reserve. Underwater videos hybridize with 3D scans of trees and plants while invisible frogs are croaking and humming birds are buzzing by synthetic flowers. The artistic aim was to explore the personal perception of calming and irritating, playing with the concept of immaterialness and attentiveness. The artwork creates aesthetic references to philosophical and scientific theories of introspection and identity.

olafur eliasson

اولافور الياسون
אולאפור אליאסון
cirkelbroen bridge
The bridge is made of five circular platforms, and it contributes to a larger circle that will form a pedestrian route around Copenhagen Harbour, where people – cycling, running, walking – can see the city from a very different perspective. As many as 5,000 people will cross this bridge each day. I hope that these people will use Cirkelbroen as a meeting place, and that the zigzag design of the bridge will make them reduce their speed and take a break. To hesitate on our way is to engage in bodily thought. I see such introspection as an essential part of a vibrant city

Undercurrent architects

Leaf House Sydney

Leaf House is building that allows users to be inside and in-the-garden at the same time. It is a self contained cottage forming part of a coastal residence in Sydney; a Pavilion for experiencing Nature. The building integrates the environment and reflects qualities of the landscape: its canopy structure blends into the foliage; its podium base shapes the terrain. The design is characterised by curved copper roof shells resembling fallen leaves and a vine-like structural system channelling dynamic growth inside. Daylight filters through porous roof shells onto a podium deck and the open plan living areas. Views and reflections subtly modulate the surrounding garden through an enclosure of moulded glass. Private spaces offer introspection inside the sandstone podium buried in the terrain. The project entailed design and building roles as methods were improvised to achieve high technical complexity within cost constraints.