Sam Twidale & Marija Avramovic

(AI) infinite simulations
‘Sunshowers’ is the third in our series of real-time animation artworks. It is inspired by the opening chapter of Akira Kurosawa’s film Dreams which follows a young boy as he explores a forest and stumbles across a fox wedding (Kitsune no Yomeiri). Our piece explores ideas of animism and techno-animism by assigning life in the form of artificial intelligence to all of the objects, both natural and man-made, within the virtual world. The piece unfolds in real time with the characters themselves deciding which paths they will follow.

François Quévillon

Rotsen van de aardmantel komen uit de leegte tevoorschijn, gefragmenteerd in een veelvoud aan gezichtspunten. Met een hypnotiserende en schurende soundscape bewegen ze zich op een schilderkunstige manier om het publiek heen. Hun gelaagde zanderige pixelsporen worden langzaam weggespoeld. Unearth is gemaakt voor de .dreams-tentoonstelling van Generative Gallery in het Theatre of Digital Art in Dubai. Het meeslepende stuk weerspiegelt de kustsituatie van de stad naast de woestijn en de voortdurend veranderende omgeving, sterk hervormd door mensen, kwetsbaar voor natuurlijke fenomenen, klimaatverandering en de vraag naar hulpbronnen.

Studio Roosegaarde

Daan Roosegaarde’s latest artwork GROW is an homage to the beauty of agriculture. In the world film premiere GROW appears as a luminous dreamscape of red and blue waves of light over an enormous field. GROW is inspired by scientific light recipes which improve plants’ growth and resilience. Most of the time we hardly notice the huge areas of the Earth which are literally feeding us. GROW highlights the importance of innovation in the agriculture system: How can cutting-edge light design help plants to grow more sustainably? How can we make the farmer the hero?

Mohamadreza Tazari


When I was a child I had some vivid dreams. They felt like I was falling and flying into an infinite multi-dimensional environment. They were satisfying and terrifying at the same time but I couldn’t find any explanation for them. 6 years ago I read about Benoit Mandelbrot’s theory, the fractals, and it changed my perspective. I realized that my dreams were fractals. So I tried to remake my dreams as a visual VR experience. According to Benoit Mandelbrot’s theory, Fractals are the mathematical\visual explanation of the nature’s structural geometry. Geometry for irregularity.

Le Fawnhawk

Modern Desert Magic
Petecia Le Fawnhawk is a modern surrealist whose body of work is a meditation in form as monuments juxtaposed against minimal and ethereal desert landscapes. In placing elemental shapes in a vast dreamscape, Petecia strips away the unnecessary in an attempt to reveal truth in the mysterious and magisterial.

Refik Anadol

WDCH Dreams
The Los Angeles Philharmonic collaborated with media artist Refik Anadol to celebrate our history and explore our future. Using machine learning algorithms, Anadol and his team has developed a unique machine intelligence approach to the LA Phil digital archives – 45 terabytes of data. The results are stunning visualizations for WDCH Dreams, a project that was both a week-long public art installation projected onto the building’s exterior skin (Sept 28 – Oct 6, 2018) and a season-long immersive exhibition inside the building, in the Ira Gershwin Gallery.

Tao Ya-Lun

“Dream-Image” “represents an artist’s reorganization of his inner world. He evokes the lurking subconscious scenes and demonstrates them at the present, thereby blurring the boundary between realities and dreams, that is, making us unable to distinguish the former from the latter.” Tao Ya-Lun

Markus Kayser

Solar Sinter
In this experiment sunlight and sand are used as raw energy and material to produce glass objects using a 3D printing process, that combines natural energy and material with high-tech production technology. Solar-sintering aims to raise questions about the future of manufacturing and triggers dreams of the full utilization of the production potential of the world’s most efficient energy resource – the sun. Whilst not providing definitive answers, this experiment aims to provide a point of departure for fresh thinking.



Witness as the covers are pulled back to reveal the rites and rituals of the untamable Homo Sapiens in its favorite nesting place — a giant bed! Like a bizarre nature documentary THE BED EXPERIMENT tracks four males and four females, who while confronting their deepest fears and desires, balance the witty and weird against the painfully true to life.

“As the piece proceeds, the focus shifts from mating rituals to the antics of lovemaking, from the battle of the sexes to baby worship, and from dreams of conquest to nightmares of disembowelment. The bed turns from the cradle of civilization into a hospital cot, from a sultry desert to a tundra of monsters. As the scenes evolve — the performance is a 60-minute continuum — the tone mysteriously oscillates between extremes of farcicality or pathos. How the performers effect these wondrous transformations is one of the Adaptors’ most singular professional secrets”. Alan M. Kriegsman

Florence To

Noqturnl is an audiovisual meditation exploring collective dreamstate. The audience is invited to spend the night in the 4DSOUND system. A group of listeners are immersed in a spatial experience while they flit around the threshold between waking state and dream. Slow, pulse driven musical constructs, vast landscapes of sound and visual patterns develop over hours as the listeners drifts in and out of sleep, blurring the boundaries between dream environment and physical space: in doing so, allowing conscious access to the vivid, intuitive imagery and sensation within the borders of dream experience.


via highlike submit
Sasha (who also performs as Aquaaerobika) dreams up such wonderfully magical & pure poetry and sculptural worlds, that it makes it so easy for me to be inspired and compose soundscapes for our collaborative work


Special Moment
Bubi Canal (Santander, Spain 1980) is a visual artist living in New York City. Bubi teleports us to impossible worlds full of emotions and mysterious and intriguing characters. His work combines different types of media and artistic methods including photography, video and sculpture and deals with the recurring themes of human wishes, dreams, magic and love.

Wim Wenders

לזכות ונדרס
벤더스 승리
Wings of Desire

Wings of Desire is one of cinema’s loveliest city symphonies. Bruno Ganz is Damiel, an angel perched atop buildings high over Berlin who can hear the thoughts—fears, hopes, dreams—of all the people living below. But when he falls in love with a beautiful trapeze artist, he is willing to give up his immortality and come back to earth to be with her. Made not long before the fall of the Berlin wall, this stunning tapestry of sounds and images, shot in black and white and color by the legendary Henri Alekan, is movie poetry. And it forever made the name Wim Wenders synonymous with film art.


Вивиан Сассен
ויויאן סאסן

A native of the Netherlands, Viviane Sassen spent three of her formative childhood years in Kenya, returning frequently during her teen years and beyond. Sassen’s recent work explores her relationship to Africa and to the world of dreams and waking. As a fashion photographer she has worked for clients like Surface2air (Paris), Louis Vuitton and Adidas, though her fine art photography has recently been winning acclaim worldwide. Her work is both beautiful and unsettling, a feast of color and composition.


Dominique Pétrin brings the image to its highest degree of saturation and develops an intense dialogue between images, their support, and their configuration. Pazzazz is a Greco-Roman fresco that recalls the music-hall of the 70s. Excess, wealth, and decadence are represented in an ornamental style that is almost threatening. Between dreams and apparitions, the optical illusion is lost in a maze of pleasure and abuse, enjoyment and intoxication.

federal studio

Federal Studio is a design agency specialising in visual communication ; working at the crossroads of contemporary art and the corporate world. We aim to crystallise our client’s ambitions and help them to realise their dreams.


Cloud Pink
Lying down on a hill with your pupils filled with the endless blue sky, perspective of your eyesight suddenly gets distorted and clouds drift at the tip of your nose. You stretch your arms up to the sky to touch the clouds but can’t reach. Another world right above your head, clouds. Today, I visualize my colorful cloud of words right in front of your eyes. Touch the pink clouds drifting on a giant fabric screen, reminisce your childhood clouds of dreams. I spent countless sleepless nights just to realize my unproductive and only romantic cloud of words. But, isn’t it nice if we could feel the clouds at our fingertips?



Flora Borsi is a popular digital artist from Budapest, Hungary. Her works is to visualize the physically impossible in a form of photo manipulation. These pictures are crafted with great balance of emotions, dreams and humor.


Александра Беллиссимо
Dreams Deffered

Фотохудожница из Лос-Анджелеса Александра Беллиссимо (Alexandra Bellissimo) не ограничивается обычными черно-белыми снимками. Ее фотоколлажи рассказывают о странных созданиях – полулюдях-полудеревьях и напоминают о том, что все мы связаны с природой: просто у кого-то ветер в голове, а у кого-то – лес. Впрочем, дело не только в природе. Можно сказать, что персонажи Александры Беллиссимо думают по-разному.

Jeremiah Barber

Other Half Orbit
The installation consists of a large reflecting pool with built-in topographies to hold our bodies horizontally at exactly half-submersion. The images of our bodies become completed by reflection, and a secondary reflection of our shadows is cast on the wall. In the performance, we host an unscripted conversation about Ingrid’s memory loss, dreams, identity, and the possibility that we may never know one another fully.

Philippe Genty

Lands End
Inner Landscapes is a poetry odyssey for seven actors and dancers. They travel across Philippe Genty’s memories and dreams: they fly, speak with giant flowers, hatch from a shifting ground, dance with a moon. more

Marga Weimans

Museo Groninger
Marga Weimans هي دار أزياء طموحة ذات توجه دولي ، والتي توسع نفسها لتشمل تخصصات متعددة بما في ذلك الموضة والهندسة المعمارية والفنون الجميلة. تخرج Weimans كمصمم أزياء في أكاديمية أنتويرب الملكية للفنون الجميلة المرموقة ، أحد برامج الأزياء الرائدة عالميًا. فازت مجموعة تخرجها The Power Of My Dreams بجائزة I-D في عام 2005 التي تنظمها مجلة الأزياء العالمية I-D. مع هذه المجموعة تم ترشيحها أيضًا لجائزة التصميم في روتردام. منذ تخرجها الناجح ، تم شراء عمل Weimans وعرضه في متحف Groninger. في السنوات الأخيرة حققت العديد من النجاحات. تم تقديم مجموعاتها في أسبوعين من تصميم الأزياء الراقية في باريس وفي العديد من المعارض في المتاحف الهولندية. تتخطى Weimans حدود صناعة الأزياء بتصميماتها. إنها مهتمة بمزيج من الموضة والهندسة المعمارية. مجموعاتها واسعة جدًا: من الأزياء الراقية إلى الحمّال ، بما في ذلك التحف المعمارية والفساتين البسيطة. عمل المصمم مع العديد من الفنانين من مجالات أخرى مثل المصممين الصناعيين والمهندسين المعماريين. تريد Weimans إظهار تطورها الشخصي وابتكارها في التصميمات. تنعكس البيئة اليومية الواقعية للاستوديو الخاص بها في عملها وتتحول إلى عالم سامي يشبه الحلم. تدمج عناصر الطبيعة والفضاء وتستخدم الألوان الترابية والأقمشة الطبيعية ، وتعمل بمنظورات ثلاثية الأبعاد وتشتمل تصميماتها على مواد معمارية مثل الخشب والحديد والراتنج. كما أنها تصنع الأقمشة الخاصة بها عن طريق مزج القماش بالألياف الزجاجية. بهذه الطريقة ، تحكي تصميمات Weimans قصة شخصية عن كيفية ظهور أفكارها الإبداعية. بسبب جذورها السوداء ، تهتم Weimans أيضًا باستكشاف دور النساء السود في ثقافتنا العالمية المعقدة الحالية. من خلال مجموعتها “Source of Power Collection” ، أعطت Weimans صورة عن الغرابة والخطأ السياسي والكرامة التي تأتي لتلعب دور تحليل المرأة السوداء المعاصرة.

ik-joong kang

floating dreams

julijonas urbonas

Oneiric Hotel
Nielsens’ Air Cuffs from Gravitational Dreams

eugenio recuenco


Erik Hobijn

Delusions of self-immolation

The installation Delusions of self-immolation will lead a great number of visitors to ask themselves where the boundaries of their own body lie and why one would wish to discover them. Erik Hobijn has built a machine in which one may almost look death in the face, and that, equipped with fire and water spraying devices, sets light to the victim and extinguishes the flames, standing in the middle of a platform. During the course of the festival Erik Hobijn will give demonstrations.The borders of the body are hard to define in terms of averages, because they are closely related to the psyche that demonstrates the physical limits. Despite its extremely physical nature, the way in which it is experienced is determined by personal fears, dreams and desires. Erik Hobijn’s machine unleashes such strong emotional responses because it forces the person to be the guardian and researcher of their own body limits. It is a life of initialization toward self development, with its own warmth and beauty..

Terry Gilliam

cinema full
In a dystopian, hyper-bureaucratic alternative present day, Sam Lowry is a low-level government employee who frequently daydreams of himself as a winged warrior saving a damsel in distress. One day shortly before Christmas a fly becomes jammed in a teleprinter, misprinting a copy of an arrest warrant it was receiving resulting in the arrest and accidental death during interrogation of cobbler Archibald Buttle instead of renegade heating engineer and suspected terrorist Archibald Tuttle because Buttle’s heart condition didn’t appear on Tuttle’s medical files that were provided to Information Retrieval.

akira kurosawa


An art student finds himself inside the world of Van Gogh’s artwork, where he meets the artist in a field and converses with him. Van Gogh replies that his missing ear gave him problems during a self portrait. The student loses track of the artist, and travels through other works trying to find him, concluding with Van Gogh’s Wheat Field with Crows.

Roger Reutimann


Roger Reutimann


roger reutimann





Thousand Dreams Pavilion

Sara Nuytemans

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

sarawut chutiwongpeti

Wishes, Lies and Dreams


The Night is Filled With the Harmonics of Suburban Dreams

The Night is Filled With the Harmonics of Suburban Dreams provides an Indigenous critique of water, energy and sustainability policy discourse. It offers an absurd metaphor that mimics the unbalanced feedback loop generated by markets and consumers locally and globally, where an economy driven by the Judeo Christian Western scientific worldview simultaneously produces scarcities and an industry of “sustainability.”


Paper Dreams


Sigmund Freud’s interpretation of Pipe Dreams

maurice agis



Ice and Water, Einstein’s dreams


Урс Фишер
nomadic art tent
The nomadic sculpture that Urs Fischer created for Station to Station is something of a steamy interior dreamscape, a glittery, shimmering vision that hypnotizes with lights and textures that both welcome and disorient. In the center of the piece is a plush Hasten’s bed on which viewers lie surrounded on all sides by mirrors and cloud-like smoke. A disco ball rotates above. Is this a place for disco naps? Or is it a glamorous fantasy of decadence and visual riches? Spend some time, look at yourself in the many reflective surfaces, and feel the bedding against your skin and decide for yourself. Dreamy as it is, this space is grounded in the real world and governed by the laws of physics. This place seems like a fantasy, but it is entirely real. As one critic noted of an earlier Fischer work:In a world increasingly defined by virtual realities and digital imaging, is the creative mastery of hand manufacture merely a quaint artistic throwback — nostalgia for a lost cultural past? Is this sculpture a memorial? Given today’s ubiquitous special effects wizardry, shouldn’t art clasp technology to its bosom? There’s nothing virtual about the softness of the bed, nothing digital about the gleam of those lights or the mist surrounding you. Take off your shoes. Climb inside. This is real life.




Machine Dreams


Роджер Рейтманн


Александра Беллиссимо
Dreams Deffered


Simple Machines and Simple Dreams


Алмагуль Менлибаева
Transoxiana Dreams Still


To Each One his Own Dreams


fun and dreams