Dirk Koy & Bild und Bewegung

In 2016, Dirk Koy founded the studio for motion design and experimental film «Dirk Koy Bild und Bewegung». In his work, he uses different technologies (drones / 2D and 3D animation / photogrammetry / AR / VR) to create moving digital images. He investigates the interface between reality and virtuality and is also looking for the painterly component in the digital context. The Experiment plays a central role.

Adam Martinakis

Ses œuvres me semblent trop interconnectées, elles se concentrent principalement sur les thèmes du corps, son rapport avec la vie, la mort et la sexualité à l’ère numérique. Générées par ordinateur, ces sculptures numériques ont un caractère photoréaliste et surréaliste, qui selon lui est «un mélange de futurisme post-fantastique et de symbolisme abstrait». Bárbara Anjos


NAZIHA MESTAOUI (1975 – april 29th,2020)
Electronic Shadow
File Festival
Naziha Mestaoui, artist and architect, lives and works in Paris. She is pioneer in the art of the digital age, and recognized as inventor of realtime 3D Video Mapping, a patented technique at the crossroads of spatial and imagistic art.
She exhibits her artworks across the globe: MOMA in New York, Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Museum of Photography in Tokyo, the Contemporary Art Biennale in Sevilla, Sao Paulo’s SESI (File Festival), Shanghai’s MOCA

john de andrea

جون دي اندريا
존 드 안드레아
John De Andrea, (born November 24, 1941, Denver, Colorado, U.S.), American Super-realist sculptor known for his detailed life-size female nudes depicted in naturalistic poses. He is associated with the Photo-realist and Verist art movements.


Penny Slinger is a surrealist artist. She produced 50%-The Visible Woman (1971) and An Exorcism (1977), two collections of powerful and haunting collages. Her 2D collages and 3D installations incorporated images and lifecasts of herself. Her media during this period included pencil and paint, printmaking, life casts and other 3-dimensional constructions, as well as photography, film and collage.


Les photographies de l’artiste suédoise sont rares. Elle produit peu car chaque pièce est une mise en scène éphémère et minutieuse dont la seule trace est le cliché lui même. Elle recrée une réalité ayant l’humain pour sujet, la plupart du temps sans visage et toujours dans des positions incongrues ou absurdes. – «Nature lover II», 2002.

oliver herring

Oliver Herring’s stunning sculptural portrait Gloria (2004) was a hit at the recent international art fair Art Basel Miami Beach. Created from thousands of fragmented digital chromogenic prints, this lifelike and expressive construction exists at the intersection of photography and sculpture and between realism and abstraction.


مايكل وولف
זאב מיכאל
Микаэль Вольф
Real Fake Art

The focus of the german photographer michael wolf’s work is life in mega cities. Many of his projects document the architecture and the vernacular culture of metropolises[…] He moved to Hong Kong in 1994 where he worked for 8 years as contract photographer for Stern magazine. Since 2001, Wolf has been focusing on his own projects, many of which have been published as books.


Алексе Мид
human portrait (paintings with real Humans)

Rather than creating representational paintings on a flat canvas, Alexa Meade creates her representational paintings directly on top of the physical subjects that she is referencing. When photographed, the representational painting and the subject being referenced appear to be one and the same as the 3D space of her painted scenes becomes optically compressed into a 2D plane.