وكامبانا الاخوة
האחים קמפנה


Inspired by Brazilian street life and carnival culture, brothers FERNANDO AND HUMBERTO CAMPANA combine found objects – such as scrap wood and scrap fabric – with advanced technologies to create a vibrant, energetic and definitely Brazilian approach to design.
Die Brüder FERNANDO UND HUMBERTO CAMPANA lassen sich vom brasilianischen Straßenleben und der Karnevalskultur inspirieren und kombinieren gefundene Objekte – wie Holzreste und Stoffreste – mit fortschrittlichen Technologien, um einen lebendigen, energischen und definitiv brasilianischen Designansatz zu schaffen.
Inspirados na vida de rua brasileira e na cultura carnavalesca, os irmãos FERNANDO E HUMBERTO CAMPANA combinam objetos encontrados – como sucata de madeira e sucata de tecido – com tecnologias avançadas para criar uma abordagem vibrante, energética e definitivamente brasileira ao design.

Daniel Rozin

CMY Shadows Mirror
“CMY Shadows Mirror” es un espejo interactivo escultural capaz de reproducir reflejos a todo color. Como la inversa del “RGB Peg Mirror” de Rozin (2020), esta pieza utiliza un modelo de color sustractivo para enmascarar la luz que normalmente se reflejaría, lo que da lugar a una imagen similar a un monitor de computadora o TV. “CMY Shadows Mirror” tiene dos modos de operación: un período interactivo donde el espectador se refleja y una función generativa donde la pieza se anima según varios algoritmos para mostrar una exhibición brillante de colores vibrantes y ondulantes.

Eliška Sky


“Eliška Sky’s tribe of ‘womaneroes’ stand bold and bright, their bodies and heads adorned in vibrant shapes, colours, and textures. Beneath the wigs and paint are women of all ages, shapes and ethnicities, photographed with a large-format camera to capture every detail, rough or smooth, with the intention for the images to eventually be printed and exhibited life-size. “It started as visual play, but transformed into a series that challenges depictions of women’s bodies,” explains the London-based Czech photographer. “In light of my own experience of working in the fashion industry, I felt the need to portray the body in new ways and forms, with an element of playfulness and humour in opposition to western media advertising”.” Marigold Warner

Bryant Nichols

Forms II
Mount Audio

Forms is a collaborative film series devised by London based, creative sound studio Mount Audio. The ongoing project sees Mount team up with leading visual artists each month to create unique audiovisual works.Forms II showcases the vibrant motion work of LA based designer Bryant Nichols. The artists’s warped figures bend and contort, twisting around one another to form abstract human structures.Inspired by Bryant’s alternate reality, Mount have created an entirely synthesised soundtrack layering rich, modulating textures to create an unsettling atmosphere. The effect is hypnotic yet disorientating.


Shibuya Hyper CAST. 2 is a showcase of most cutting-edge urban innovations combined into one building. Shibuya CAST., an existing development designed by noiz, has been an urban lab of mixed function and culture located in the middle of one of the hottest areas in Tokyo. This hypothetical project has started for the 5-year memorial celebration of the CAST., to project future possibility of the building, the area, our society, and potentially a form of future city. It demonstrates how cities of the future could be structured and operated. The project is based on urban studies in the area of mobility, social welfare, administration, funding, security, sustainability and more. Shibuya Hyper CAST. 2 translates the best features of vibrant downtown districts into vertical language of ever-growing cities of the future.

Leo Villareal

Star Ceiling
Expressing the vibrant dynamism of nature—from billowing cosmic clouds and swarming masses to radial bursts, spiraling vortices, and turbulent waves—Star Ceiling​ explores the tension between the rational and the transcendent, between the human and the non-human worlds. Villareal’s artwork gives life to inanimate matter through the invisible medium of code and induces a deep connectedness and rare experiential awareness.

Igor Siwanowicz

insect microscope
The scientist at Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Farm Research Campus, has been using laser-scanning microscopes to capture the incredible details of the insect world unseen to our naked eyes. Not only that, he also colors the pictures to show the tree-like structures that turn the pictures into these vibrant blueprints of life.

Sterling Ruby

In ACTS—short for “Absolute Contempt for Total Serenity”—Ruby captures liquid dye inside clear urethane and balances these pure prisms atop scuffed, inscribed, and spray-painted Formica bases. These works expand upon his earlier Formica sculptures such as Big Grid/DB Deth (2008), a scratched-up monolith that exudes a cold, prisonlike institutional menace. In ACTS, the juxtaposition of unfeeling laminate slabs against vibrantly pigmented urethane is a potent one; it transforms the urethane from a passive, glassy vitrine into an active agent of incarceration that suffocates the blossoming furls of dye.


Born in Poland but now based in London, Sylwana Zybura who goes under the name Madam Peripetie is a highly imaginative photographer who creates surreal, visually vibrant, unconventional characters using a variety of props and make-up and hair design.

Leon Tukker

Leon Tukker is a freelance concept artist and illustrator from the Netherlands, His work emphasizes scale and vibrant colors and often features big science fiction scenes.

Jessica Eaton


Jessica Eaton’s photographs dissect chemical and optical phenomena, the materiality of film, and the language of light itself. Eaton came to international acclaim through her Cubes for Albers and LeWitt (commonly referred to by the acronym cfaal)—a series of vibrant photographs that deconstruct her studio practice. Like the majority of Eaton’s works, these optically charged images are made by taking multiple in-camera exposures of common studio supplies. Through her abundant use of traditional analog photography practices—such as colour-separation filtering and in-camera masking—Eaton imbues her large-format images with an aesthetic more reminiscent of the paintings and drawings of hard-edge geometric abstraction than the photographs of traditional studio work.


Augmented (hyper)Reality
Keiichi Matsuda (BSc. MArch) is a designer and film-maker. He began working with video during his Masters of Architecture at the Bartlett school (UCL) as a critical tool to understand, construct and represent space. Keiichi’s research examines the implications of emerging technologies for human perception and the built environment, focusing on the integration of media into everyday life. He has a multi-disciplinary approach to his work, using a mixture of video, motion graphics, interaction design, and architecture to create vibrant “hyper-real” environments where the distinctions between physical and virtual start to dissolve.

sou fujimoto architects

Joia Méridia
Sou fujimoto, Laisné Roussel, and Cino Zucchi form part of a team led by Lambert Lénack architects, which has been selected to build a new neighborhood near the french city of nice. The competition-winning project, titled ‘Joia Méridia’, outlines plans for a mixed-use development organized around vibrant public spaces. In total, the masterplan includes 800 residential units, a range of retail outlets, offices, and a hotel.


Based in Berlin, Germany, Jennis Li Cheng Tien has been creating a gorgeously mysterious ongoing series entitled ‘Have A Nice Day’. Jennis’ project involves her using chance images found on the web to create these beautiful digital works. The results are ghastly, vibrant and varied and abstracted portraits.

Leslie Henshaw

Chromatophores Collection
“Chromatophores are the cells that give some creatures of nature the miraculous ability to change their colour to protect themselves,” says Leslie. “Like chameleons, jellyfish, cuttlefish and frogs they can change from muted tones into brightly coloured and vibrant stripes or patches of colours that are mesmerising. With this collection I imagined what it would be like if humans could perform this amazing feat with their hair.”


Phare Tower
The scheme transforms the austere ground floor plaza level into a vibrant public space. Typical urban social spaces, gardens, cafes, and shops, as well as an observation deck and sky restaurant are distributed vertically throughout the tower and are accessible to the public.

olafur eliasson

اولافور الياسون
אולאפור אליאסון
cirkelbroen bridge
The bridge is made of five circular platforms, and it contributes to a larger circle that will form a pedestrian route around Copenhagen Harbour, where people – cycling, running, walking – can see the city from a very different perspective. As many as 5,000 people will cross this bridge each day. I hope that these people will use Cirkelbroen as a meeting place, and that the zigzag design of the bridge will make them reduce their speed and take a break. To hesitate on our way is to engage in bodily thought. I see such introspection as an essential part of a vibrant city

Sabrina Ratté

Sabrina Ratté est une artiste vidéo établie à Montréal. Son travail est caractérisé par la création d’environnements virtuels générés par des signaux électroniques. L’électricité, comme matériel brute, est sculptée, manipulée et altérée numériquement pour renaître en une architecture vibrante et lumineuse. Ses oeuvres se situent à la limite de la science-fiction, à mi-chemin entre l’abstraction et le figuratif, l’utopie et la dystopie, l’architecture et le paysage. Elle travaille avec les divers aspects de la vidéo, tels que l’installation, le GIF animé, l’impression et la performance live.


Falling Light
‘Oltre un secolo dopo che Sir Isaac Newton aveva analizzato il fenomeno dell’arcobaleno, il poeta inglese John Keats ha commentato che la scienza aveva privato la natura e l’arcobaleno del suo spettacolo riducendo la sua nozione a colori prismatici. “Falling Light” sfida questa convinzione, con un’accattivante interazione cinematografica tra i prismi di cristallo e l’esperienza soprannaturale che sono in grado di creare.
50 dispositivi meccanici sospesi al soffitto, ciascuno dei quali incorpora una lente ottica in cristallo Swarovski tagliato su misura, un motore programmato da computer e un LED bianco, costituiscono l’installazione di TROIKA “Falling Light”.
Le armature metalliche verniciate di bianco si sollevano in sincope ruotando la camma prima che la gravità le rilasci verso terra, attivando il LED per allontanarsi, più vicino alla lente di cristallo. La lente agisce come un prisma, trasformando attraverso la diffrazione la luce bianca del LED in una miriade di arcobaleno, creando a sua volta il flusso e riflusso ritmico delle goccioline sparse sul pavimento.
Sperimentando piccole gocce di luce che cadono dal soffitto sul pavimento della galleria, il visitatore è immerso in una pioggia di luce, ogni goccia circondata da un vibrante alone di colori arcobaleno. In coro, il suono ronzante del meccanismo è udibile: la luce e il suono si fondono in un’unica esperienza immersiva e multisensoriale, rafforzando l’agenda di TROIKA secondo cui la scienza non distrugge, ma piuttosto scopre la poesia nei modelli della natura. “


kaleidoscopic crystal floor
dutch artist suzan drummen’s large-scale floor installations are mesmerizing and complex circular patterns made out of mirrors and brightly colored glass. the fractal-like arrangements feature ornate and elaborate circles growing exponentially out of each other and vibrant rings of spiraling colors winding into the surface of the floor. they are composed of crystals, chromed metal, precious stones, mirrors and optical glass. a sensory experience, and visually stimulating, the glittering installations play with the architecture of the space — climbing up walls and sweeping across the surfaces — examining the idea of illusion and optical effects.

riaad algarei

riaad algarei

رياض الجرعي

Narrow canyon near Petra, Jordan

Photographer Riaad Algarei captures alluring and captivating images from several landscapes around the world. Emphasis is put on the distinct and vibrant