Puccini’s Tosca




Foucault’s pendulum in a silo






file festival
Ijiro is a robot which expresses emotions reacting to a user’s actions. Boldly, it consists of an OLED display, a speaker and an accelerometer in a cylinder shell. Ijiro isn’t able to move itself because it doesn’t have any actuators. However, it expresses emotions with faces in the display and voice from the speaker when a user touches it, lying, standing, swinging, hanging and so on. For example, if a user swings it softly, it reacts smiling. But if a user swings it roughly, it reacts angrily. So those reactions let users feel it like a baby. It is actually baby’s emotions characterized by cognitive science. Also, Ijiro’s shape is designed as a cylinder. It is considered to get various user’s actions because only a cylinder can be stood, lied down, rolled and so on in primitive shapes. Recently it has been easier to use electronic parts for arts. One advantage of making art pieces with compact electronics like a cell phone. So the art style is able to change from being viewed in a large room to being anywhere. Ijiro was developed to entertain people to keep it like a physical pet. We hope you all enjoy touching it.


file festival

The installation “capacitive body” is a modular light system that reacts to the sound of its environment. Each custom-built module consists of an electro-luminescent light wire linked to a piezoelectric sensor and a microcontroller. Through its modular setup it can easily be adapted to various urban spaces. The sensors are used to measure vibrations of architectural solids in a range of low frequencies. These oscillations are triggered by surrounding ambient noise, for example traffic noise. The data sensor controls the light wires, which are tensed to a spatial net structure. According to the values of the measurement, light flashes are generated. With increasing vibrations the time between flashes becomes shorter and shorter. The stability of this nervous system gets to an end where it collapses and restarts again. A dynamic light space is thereby created, which creates a visual feedback of the aural activity around the installation.

POLYMORF: Marcel Van Brakel & Frederik Duerinck

“Hardwired” consists of around 18,000 LED-lights that symbolize the transfer of knowledge. Individual luminous pixels connect and then disappear. In a process of constant transformation, new patterns, interrelations and complexities emerge.


SMS Slingshot
file festival

The SMSlingshot est un lance-pierre numérique qui envoie des SMS colorés sur les murs, telles des billes de paint-ball. La recette est simple, ou presque : un vidéo projecteur, un lance-pierre en bois muni d’un pointeur laser et une radio à Ultra Haute Fréquence. L’utilisateur utilise le clavier du lance-pierre pour écrire son message, vise un mur et le bombarde. Son SMS s’inscrit dans une tâche de peinture colorée.
Der SMSlingshot ist eine digitale Schleuder, die wie Paintballs bunte Textnachrichten an Wände schickt. Das Rezept ist einfach oder fast: ein Videoprojektor, eine Holzschleuder mit Laserpointer und ein Ultrahochfrequenz-Radio. Der Nutzer schreibt mit der Schleuder-Tastatur seine Nachricht, zielt auf eine Wand und bombardiert diese. Ihre Textnachricht ist Teil einer bunten Lackierung.

SMSlingshot è una fionda digitale che invia messaggi di testo colorati ai muri come palline di vernice. La ricetta è semplice, o quasi: un videoproiettore, una fionda di legno con puntatore laser e una radio Ultra High Frequency. L’utente utilizza la tastiera a fionda per scrivere il proprio messaggio, mira a un muro e lo bombarda. Il suo messaggio di testo fa parte di un lavoro di pittura colorato.


Cloud Pink

The installation invites participants to “touch the pink clouds” drifting on a giant fabric screen suspended in the air.
Lying down on a hill with your pupils filled with the endless blue sky, perspective of your eyesight suddenly gets distorted and clouds drift at the tip of your nose. You stretch your arms up to the sky to touch the clouds but can’t reach. Another world right above your head, clouds.

Keigo Matsumoto, Yohei Yanase, Takuji Narumi & Yuki Ban



Sam Twidale & Marija Avramovic

(AI) infinite simulations
‘Sunshowers’ is the third in our series of real-time animation artworks. It is inspired by the opening chapter of Akira Kurosawa’s film Dreams which follows a young boy as he explores a forest and stumbles across a fox wedding (Kitsune no Yomeiri). Our piece explores ideas of animism and techno-animism by assigning life in the form of artificial intelligence to all of the objects, both natural and man-made, within the virtual world. The piece unfolds in real time with the characters themselves deciding which paths they will follow.

Sahej Rahal

Wat als de hoeksteen van Sahej Rahal’s werk Antraal 2019 moet worden beschouwd, is dat we ons rationeel kunnen voorstellen wat het zou betekenen om te leven als de laatste mensen, machines die hun tijd van idee en geschiedenis hebben doorlopen sinds de komst van de eerste mensen of wij . Ze hebben de totaliteit van hun toevallige verschijning en betekenis van hun historische manifestaties afgewezen en ondermijnd als louter misvattingen over wat het betekent om in de tijd te dwalen, als een idee en niet alleen als een soort.

Roman Ermakov

Роман Ермаков
live sculpture

Our perception — the only true reality. Creation as a feeling that generates the image, expressed in the form. Beauty manifesto calling to go beyond that limit imagination. The aesthetics of art can not be reduced to a clear set of building blocks with which you can strengthen or weaken the perception of contrast. Beauty should not be subjected to analysis, that is communication and the call to participate in the transformation of the emotional to the visible.The process of creating — is the alignment of the mosaic, many repetitions of simple and pure elements, which form a collection, harmonious in its incompleteness.


Coleção interna
Mudando as convenções sobre o corpo e a beleza, a “Coleção interna” exibida no FILE representa a anatomia interna em uma forma vestível externa. Unindo anatomia, moda e tecnologia, cada peça é criada por tecnologias de manufaturas manuais e digitais. Ao retratar designs inspirados na anatomia, esta obra comunica que, quando compartilhamos nossa semelhança e o que se passa dentro de nós, é oferecida a oportunidade de encontrar a beleza dentro de nós e nos conectarmos com os outros.

Sara Sadik

Ultimate Vatos
Les vidéos, performances, installations et photographies de Sara Sadik prennent la forme de mangas, de jeux vidéo, de docu-fictions ainsi que de films d’animation CGI. Ce faisant, l’artiste aux racines maroco-algériennes explore les manifestations de ce qu’elle appelle « Beurcore« – la culture des jeunes qui a émergé parmi les membres de la classe ouvrière de la diaspora nord-africaine. Beurcore définit à la fois une identité hybride et un mouvement collectif constitué à travers la musique comme le rap et le hip-hop, la langue, la mode, des symboles spécifiques et les médias sociaux.

FILE LED SHOW Neuroscientific-Installation




We are invited to São Paulo for our vertical light and sound installation which will transform the facade of São Paulo’s one of the most important architecture which is Fiesp Led Building.
We started this project with the idea that Neuroscience and simultaneous movement of both eyes between two or more phases of fixation in the same direction algorithms, and we transform the high-resolution led screen into a media canvas which transformed into living architecture.

bohyun yoon

To Reverse Yourself


My work poses the question: how does reality becomes exquisitely animated by certain social control systems such as politics, mass media, technology, science, and etc. It is my artistic goal to reveal how human beings are fragile and delicate in these social environments. By living in Korea, Japan and the U.S, I have first-hand experience in diverse social systems and have come to view my life experiences as raw material for my research. With my research in mind, my art utilizes the body as the tool for an intensive investigation of the public and private; examining the relationship between how people understand their body and how this understanding represents themselves in the greater context.
Currently, I am curious about human perception developing parallel with the ever-evolving progression of technological world. Thus, I question technology’s relationship to reality and illusion; asking what is reality? My work takes advantage of illusion to explore and answer this question, and often my artistic materials consist of the body and mirrors. I use mirrors for integrating reality and illusion.


file festival

“Simulacri” è un arrangiamento sperimentale optophysical. Al centro ci sono quattro pannelli per monitor LCD, assemblati sotto forma di un quadrato cavo e installati all’altezza degli occhi al centro della stanza. L’insieme appare internamente sventrato, ricoperto di vegetazione e abbracciato. Un groviglio di cavi e dispositivi di controllo si riversa al centro della riversa. Tutt’intorno diverse lenti d’ingrandimento pendono da catene. Il raggio abbagliante senza immagini dei monitor sembra come se le immagini fossero cadute da loro. Ciò che rimane è l’essenza del mezzo: la luce. È un’esperienza impressionante e meravigliosa quando le immagini appaiono improvvisamente dal bianco puro al semplice sguardo attraverso una pellicola apparentemente trasparente. Ma se giri l’obiettivo davanti ai tuoi occhi, la struttura polarizzante della pellicola crea sbalzi di colore o addirittura immagini negative complementari.

Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub

Moses und Aron
Oper in drei Akten Arnold Schoenberg
Jean-Marie Straub
Moses und Aron, known in English as Moses and Aaron, is a 1975 film by the French filmmaking duo of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet based on the unfinished opera of the same title by c. During its 1975 run at US festivals, it was also known as Aaron and Moses, and was frequently reviewed as such.
It is one of three films based on Schoenberg works Straub and Huillet directed, the other two being Einleitung zu Arnold Schoenbergs Begleitmusik zu einer Lichtspielscene , a short film made directly before Moses und Aron, and, over two decades later, an adaptation of the one-act comic opera Von heute auf morgen. The film retains the unfinished nature of the original opera, with the third act consisting of a single shot with no music as Moses delivers a monologue based on Schoenberg’s notes.The film was shot on location in Italy and Egypt. It utilized the same team of cinematographers as Straub and Huillet’s Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach. The soundtrack and cast of the film is the same as the 1974 recording conducted by Michael Gielen (Philips 6700 084).The original German version of the film was dedicated to Holger Meins, a former cinematography student who joined the Red Army Faction in the early 1970s and died on hunger strike in prison. This dedication was censored by German broadcasters for the film’s first transmission in 1975. The English subtitles of Schoenberg’s dense German libretto were prepared by assistant Gregory Woods, who is credited on the DVD.The film was shown at the 1975 Cannes Film Festival, but was not entered into the main competition.


cinema full

Alcala Nicolas

애니메이션 실시간 VR
File Festival
극단적인 기후 변화로 인해 우리가 알고 있는 세계가 천천히 죽어가는 동안 인류를 위한 새로운 행성을 찾기 위해 노력하는 뛰어난 과학자 Anaaya에 관한 20분(분) 애니메이션 실시간 VR(가상 현실) 단편; 그녀의 엄청난 작업을 돕기 위해 설계된 AI인 Melita. 이것은 인류의 다음 요람인 오로라를 찾기 위한 Melita의 여정으로 우리를 데려갈 훨씬 더 큰 이야기의 첫 번째 부분입니다.


file festival

The ReacTable is a collaborative electronic music instrument with a tabletop tangible multi-touch interface. Several simultaneous performers share complete control over the instrument by moving and rotating physical objects on a luminous round table surface. By moving and relating these objects, representing components of a classic modular synthesizer, users can create complex and dynamic sonic topologies, with generators, filters and modulators, in a kind of tangible modular synthesizer or graspable flow-controlled programming language.


Se não temos o poder para reformar nosso ambiente, precisamos encontrar possibilidades de meditação usando os significantes que preenchem as cidades. “Meditação” é uma meditação prática e alternativa que só funciona quando você se deixa perder. Inúmeros símbolos estão comprimidos dentro da obra, expressos em padrões irregulares de som através das três instalações audiovisuais, e o som se transforma, formando imagens de ondas. A mídia reproduzida, ao ser comprimida e suprimida, traz mais possibilidades de pensamento e escolha do que os valores contidos em sua própria forma. Através desses processos, “Meditation” pode ser a ferramenta certa para a meditação.

Lu Yang

The Great Adventure of Material World

The Great Adventure in Material World/Material World Knight is the most adventurous video game artwork that Lu Yang has created. The Great Adventure in Material World/Material World Knight has combined all the protagonists in Lu Yang’s artworks from the past and created an alliance of these heroes. In this video game, the world can be indefinitely explored by players. It has also incorporated several other elements created in various works from the artist before”. Once players enter the video game, they will transform into knights in this Material World. As protagonists of the alliance of heroes in the Material World, they will explore the Universe, absorb energy, be destroyed and achieve rebirth. They will fight all sorts of emotions, desires and eventually with themselves.

Ei Wada

Toki Ori Ori Nasu – Falling Records


In this work, open reel tape recorders are placed on top of high pedestals and, as they play back, the magnetic tape unspools down into plastic receptacle below. The tape that accumulates in the container piles up as time passes, weaving an unusual pattern in the space. When the tape stops accumulating it is wound back up at high speed to a symphonic soundtrack. The pattern that had existed until then is extinguished and a new pattern is then woven.

Unlimited Corridor

Keigo Matsumoto, Yohei Yanase, Takuji Narumi & Yuki Ban
“Unlimited Corridor ” é um sistema de VR que permite a experiência de percorrer um vasto mundo virtual num espaço físico estreito, manipulando a percepção espacial. Esta obra utiliza uma técnica chamada andar visual-háptico redirecionado que utiliza a incerteza da percepção espacial humana e a interação entre visão e senso háptico.


“Unlimited Corridor” is a VR system that allows the experience of traversing the space of a vast narrow physical virtual world, manipulating spatial perception. This work uses a technique called redirected visual-haptic spatial walking that utilizes the uncertainty of human perception and the interaction between vision and haptic sense.


פינג פונג סולארי
File Festival
Solar Pink Pong” הוא הכלאה של משחקי רחוב ווידאו. שחקני המשחק הזה יכולים לקיים אינטראקציה עם השתקפות אור שמש ורודה מונפשת ברחוב באמצעות גופם והצללים שלהם. המכשיר שמאפשר את המשחק הזה יכול להיות מותקן על עמודי שירות או דפנות בניין.


Ferme automatique
À mesure que les choses deviennent plus intelligentes et connectées, leur rôle dans la vie des gens est remis en question. Les choses se rapprochent de plus en plus de nous, finissant par devenir elles-mêmes des «utilisateurs». Comment comprendrons-nous les besoins et les perspectives des objets et comment les concevoirons-nous?


File Festival
Breathing is a work of art based on a hybrid creature made of a living organism and an artificial system. The creature responds to its environment through movement, light and the noise of its mechanical parts. Breathing is the best way to interact with the creature.
This work is the result of an investigation of plants as sensitive agents for the creation of art. The intention was to explore new forms of artistic experience through the dialogue of natural and artificial processes. Breathing is a pre-requisite for life, and is the path that links the observer to the creature.Breathing is a small step towards new art forms in which subtle processes of organic and non-organic life may reveal invisible patterns that interconnect us.Breathing is a work of art driven by biological impulse. Its beauty is neither found isolated on the plant nor in the robotic system itself. It emerges at the very moment in which the observer approaches the creature and their energies are exchanged through the whole system. It is in that moment of joy and fascination, in which we find ourselves in a very strange dialogue, that a life metaphor is created.Breathing is the celebration of that moment.

Ting-Tong Chang

The piece “Robinson” is part of Ting-Tong Chang’s new body of work investigating the history of automatons in Europe as a means of exploring utopian visions. The word “automaton” is often used to describe self-moving machines, especially those that have been made to resemble human or animal actions. From Jacques de Vaucanson’s Digesting Duck (1739) to Andreas Jakob Graf Dietrichstein’s Mechanical Theatre (1752), automatons have entertained kings and princesses, taught moral lesson to citizens and raised deep philosophical questions

Bernd Lintermann and Peter Weibel

Il titolo può essere letto in due modi diversi: l’interpretazione »your code« indica che nell’installazione i visitatori sperimentano diversi tipi di trasformazioni digitali di se stessi. Mentre entrando, un visitatore vede ancora il suo riflesso familiare in uno specchio – la rappresentazione virtuale più reale che possiamo immaginare – l’immagine speculare si trasforma gradualmente in un corpo di dati digitale finché, infine, il visitatore è ridotto a un codice leggibile industrialmente. Alla fine si libera dalla rappresentazione virtuale e si materializza in un display flip-dot. Il secondo modo di leggere il titolo del pezzo, »tu sei codice«, sottolinea che noi stessi siamo costituiti da codice, che tra l’altro si manifesta nel codice genetico.


Paradoxal Sleep
File Festival
O projeto “Paradoxal Sleep” integra uma série de obras na qual grandes cubos robotizados, medindo 2,25 m3, funcionam como estruturas flutuantes usadas como plataformas para vários projetos multimídia e performances. No FILE 2012, a equipe da NXI GESTATIO apresentará um único cubo que irá se mover nos espaços expositivos. O cubo reajustará constantemente sua posição medindo a distância entre as paredes ao redor.


The “Paradoxal Sleep” project integrates a series of works in which large robotic cubes, measuring 2.25 m3, function as floating structures used as platforms for various multimedia projects and performances. At FILE 2012, the NXI GESTATIO team will present a single cube that will move in the exhibition spaces. The cube will constantly readjust its position by measuring the distance between the surrounding walls.


File Festival
Hipergradiente analiza las diferentes interpretaciones de una declaración coherente imparcial. La instalación cambia repetidamente entre dos estados: el estado de “declaración” y el estado de “interpretación”. El estado de declaración muestra una secuencia de caracteres de un sistema semiótico distinto, que puede describirse como un suplente para todos los sistemas semióticos conocidos. Estos caracteres individuales se agrupan en cadenas y luego forman órdenes de cadena en una proposición abstracta.

Urs Fischer

CHAOS #501
Introducing CHAOS, 501 original works in the form of unique digital sculptures. Each NFT in CHAOS consists of two unique objects (an array of familiar objects to people today) that have been 3D scanned. They are set on a colliding course in motion and orbit. The sculptures, operating as an archeology of the present, are intended to manifest in any format that is capable of displaying, playing or showing a 3D sculpture in motion. The culmination of the project is CHAOS #501, a single entity NFT uniting all one-thousand objects represented in #1-#500.


The abacus
THE ABACUS is probably the first ever 1:1 interactive physical representation of real, functioning deep learning network, represented in the form of a light sculpture. The main purpose of the installation is to materialise and demystify inherently ephemeral nature of artificial neural networks on which our lives are becoming increasingly reliant on. As the part of new permanent exhibition devoted to the Future the installation aims to engage and educate the audience in artistically compelling ways being the manifestation of art and science movement goals.




“la cremà“


Con la llegada del mes de Marzo las celebraciones se empiezan a suceder por lo largo y ancho del mundo entero, algunas empiezan antes, pero a partir de Marzo empiezan las celebraciones más emblemáticas… especialmente en España. El mismo mes de Marzo tiene lugar el equinocio de privamera, cuando decimos adiós al crudo invierno para recibir a las flores, el sol y el buen clima y temperatura y para celebrarlo en Valencia se celebran las fiestas mayores.Valencia es una de las principales ciudades españolas y cuenta con una importante cultura y tradición entre sus habitantes, pero no sólo la ciudad de Valencia si no toda la província entera que celebra con júbilo las Fallas. Las fallas son una celebración pagana en la que mediante la quema de los ninots se celebra y purifica el cambio de estación. Las Fallas son una fiesta de interés turístico internacional en el que las comisiones o grupos falleros contruyen sus monumentos de cartón-piedra de medidas y acabados espectaculares para proceder, la noche del 19 de Marzo, a la quema masiva de los mismos en el acto denominado “la cremà“. Cada monumento puede costar varios cientos de miles de euros y, el más caro contruído y quemado, de la história llegó a alcanzar los 600.000 euros (100 millones de las antiguas pesetas), por lo que los turistas que visitan Valencia no llegan a alcanzar el sentido de quemar tanto dinero, incluso en tiempos de crisis.


File Festival
“Polytope” è una struttura leggera e maneggevole che coinvolge il visitatore in un’indagine spazio-corporea. È rigido e, allo stesso tempo, docile. Un vuoto che prende spazio. Il suo volume è giustapposto e riordinato attraverso l’azione del visitatore.


两个自愿的机器人在彼此及其周围环境之间处于一种奇怪的冲突中。 “ Vincent and Emily”向观众展示了伴侣关系的孤独感,同时也展示了伴侣在社会中的参与及其冲动。类似于人际关系,这两种生物代表自,必须向外部划清界限。由于人类只能通过言语和行为交流自己的思想和情感,因此两个机器人同样依赖于他们的电机。这两个技术生物通过传感器捕获声音和动作,并通过表情对这些信号做出反应。就像在每个人际关系中一样,都会引起误解:如果文森特通过上下运动发送正信号,那么艾米丽甚至可能会将那些信号解释为负信号。歧是预先设定的。

SyncDon II

Akihito Ito + Issey Takahashi
story changes in the body as it acclimates to a new rhythm. Participating in the installation can bring about unexpected emotional responses that also affect heart rate variability and, thereby, get recorded, too. The reason why the gift-box is used as an indicator of the heartbeat is because it is a metaphor of a “Gift.

Ricardo Barreto and Maria Hsu Rocha

FILE Festival
Tactila ist eine Kunstform, deren Medium der Tastsinn (Takt) ist, der von allen anderen unabhängig ist und seine eigene Intelligenz, Vorstellungskraft, Erinnerung, Wahrnehmung und Empfindung hat. Es ist bekannt, dass Bild und Ton in der Kunst und in anderen Disziplinen Vorrang haben. Tactila findet rechtzeitig statt und kann daher aufgezeichnet werden und für spätere Ausführungen verschiedene Notationsformen haben. Deshalb wurde seine Entwicklung dank mechatronischer und Robotersysteme, die mit Maschinensprachen kompatibel sind, erst jetzt möglich. Bei der Erstellung taktiler Werke handelt es sich um eine (Takt-) Komposition, die in handgemachter Notation erstellt und auf einer Tastatur oder direkt darauf gespielt werden kann der Computer der taktilen Maschine (Roboter).
Taktile Maschinen können durch Punkte, Vektoren und Texturen mit unterschiedlichen Rhythmen und Intensitäten zahlreiche taktile Möglichkeiten bieten und an verschiedenen Ausdehnungen und Orten unseres Körpers ausgeführt werden.
Die erste taktile Maschine heißt „Martela“. Es ist ein taktiler Roboter, der aus 27 Motoren besteht, die in drei Quadrate (3 × 3) unterteilt sind, d. H. Jedes Quadrat hat 9 Motoren. Jeder Motor entspricht einem Matrixpunkt, daher haben wir 27 taktile Einheiten, mit denen der Körper des Benutzers mit verschiedenen Intensitäten berührt werden kann.




FILE Electronic Language International Festival

July – August 

Wednesday to Sunday, 10 A. M. – 8 P.M.

Centro Cultural FIESP


Creativity is not limited to the arts. It also takes place in all disciplines of Culture. Thus, in the aesthetic sense, it ceases to be creativity and becomes Supercreativity: the sum of all creative engines that permeate and connect to our culture.
A criatividade não se limita às artes. Também ocorre em todas as disciplinas da Cultura. Assim, no sentido estético, deixa de ser criatividade e passa a ser Supercriatividade: a soma de todos os motores criativos que permeiam e se conectam à nossa cultura.
Kreativität ist nicht auf die Kunst beschränkt. Sie findet auch in allen Disziplinen der Kultur statt. Somit hört es im ästhetischen Sinne auf, Kreativität zu sein, und wird zur Superkreativität: die Summe aller kreativen Motoren, die unsere Kultur durchdringen und mit ihr verbinden.
創意不僅限於藝術。 它也發生在所有文化學科中。 因此,在美學意義上,它不再是創造力,而是成為超級創造力:滲透並連接到我們文化的所有創造性引擎的總和。
創造性は芸術に限定されません。 また、文化のすべての分野で行われます。 したがって、美的意味では、それは創造性ではなくなり、超創造性になります。これは、私たちの文化に浸透し、つながるすべての創造的なエンジンの合計です。

Playmodes Studio

VJZelf! het is een interactieve dansinstallatie, een magische spiegel van de eenentwintigste eeuw of een gekke live-machine van Eadweard Muybridge. Het publiek danst met zichzelf in het verleden, herhaald, gecomponeerd en gechoreografeerd door tijd en herhalingseffecten. Een realtime software ontwikkeld met Openframeworks door Playmodes Studio.

Louis-Philippe Rondeau

LIMINAL est une installation interactive qui vient mettre en image l’inexorable passage du temps. Elle cherche à réifier la frontière entre le présent et le passé. Dans un espace sombre, une arche lumineuse. Il s’agit d’un portail temporel: lorsque l’interacteur traverse cette démarcation, son reflet projeté sur le mur adjacent se voit déployé dans le temps grâce à la technique du slit-scan. Telle une métaphore visuelle – le passé qui s’empare sans cesse du présent – l’image projetée se termine inexorablement dans la blancheur éthérée de l’oubli. Dans un sens, l’œuvre souligne que toute lumière est passé – le scintillement que nous voyons dans le ciel nocturne n’est qu’un instantané révolu du firmament : la lumière est la manifestation d’événements qui ont déjà eu lieu.


Great Chain of Being
The great chain of being, an ancient philosophical concept, attempted to explain the structures and relationships of the world as a form of hierarchy or set of strata. This philosophical idea is here expressed in the form of the entities that constitute the contemporary world. The philosophers of the past believed that the structure of the world had at its top a god, and that beneath there were angels, animals, plants, and elements. But this conception of the world, as a result of the changes in civilization and culture, resulted in the elements that constitute the world undergoing a transition and sustaining an unforeseen hierarchy. The works of art depict the contemporary structure in the form of robots, machines, people, animals, and virtual or digital entities. Within virtual systems, these entities undergo a process of creation, arrangement, use, disposal and recycling, through which they emerge and disappear. The work depicts the stories emerging from these processes, against the background of a systemically designed landscape akin to a factory.


A obra “Robinson” faz parte do corpo de trabalho de Ting-Tong Chang que investiga a história dos autômatos na Europa como meio de explorar visões utópicas. A palavra “autômato” é freqüentemente usada para descrever máquinas que se movem sozinhas, especialmente aquelas que foram feitas para se assemelhar a ações humanas ou animais. Do Pato Digesting de Jacques de Vaucanson (1739) ao Teatro Mecânico de Andreas Jakob Graf Dietrichstein (1752), os autômatos divertiram reis e princesas, ensinaram lições morais aos cidadãos e levantaram questões filosóficas profundas.


“Robinson” is part of Ting-Tong Chang’s body of work investigating the history of automata in Europe as a means of exploring utopian visions. The word “automaton” is often used to describe machines that move by themselves, especially those that are made to resemble human or animal actions. From Jacques de Vaucanson’s Duck Digesting (1739) to Andreas Jakob Graf Dietrichstein’s Mechanical Theater (1752), automatons entertained kings and princesses, taught moral lessons to citizens, and raised deep philosophical questions.


Ricardo Barreto
FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Installations
Electronic Language International Festival
File Festival
ÁTOPOS GLOBAL is a multidimensional, disruptive and strategic game.
ÁTOPOS GLOBAL ist ein multidimensionales, disruptives und strategisches Spiel.
ÁTOPOS GLOBAL 、多次元の破壊的で戦略的なゲームです。
ÁTOPOS GLOBAL est un jeu multidimensionnel, disruptif et stratégique.
ÁTOPOS GLOBAL é um jogo multidimensional, disruptivo e estratégico.

Yoann Bourgeois

La Mécanique de l’histoire

Diese ausgewogene Skala, ein Gerät, das für die Bedürfnisse der Show hergestellt wurde, bietet eine weitere Szene. Dort niederzulassen wirft den Körper sofort in eine andere Welt. Ich war noch nie auf dieser Reise. Als Zuschauer bin ich fasziniert und ratlos. Es ist eine fremde Welt, in der man lernen muss, sich durch Erkundung zu bewegen. Kein Bodenkontakt. Das Gewicht ist immer noch da, aber die nahezu perfekte Balance des Gegengewichts ermöglicht ein müheloses vertikales Öffnen. Sie müssen nur ein Bein, einen Arm bewegen. Kaum. Die Waage ermöglicht Unbeweglichkeit in der Luft. Alle Bewegungen des Körpers drehen sich um den Punkt der Befestigung des Gleichgewichts, des Rotationszentrums, des Herzens dieser Welt.

Christin Marczinzik & Thi Binh Minh Nguyen

File Festival
“Swing”将这些感觉带回来,让梦想成真:飞翔的梦想。因此,秋千成为交互式装置的物理组件。 3D oculus的使用增强了虚拟现实的摇摆体验,创造了独特的沉浸式冒险 并将您带入精心制作的水彩世界。在挥杆的同时,您将日常生活的单调乏味抛诸脑后,找个地方放松心情,重获力量。您平稳地进入虚拟世界。飞行高度取决于您实际摆动的时间和高度。数字世界的起点与物理世界的起点相同:地面。这里的一切都是苍白而沉闷的。当你有勇气更密集地摆动时,你会飞得更高,色彩的活力也会增加。高潮在太空。到达它时,世界的颜色强度达到最大值。如果你想下去,你必须停止摆动,但你周围的颜色会保持鲜艳明亮。


Lumières relationnelles
Lumières relationnelles» est une installation audiovisuelle interactive qui explore la relation des personnes avec le caractère organique-expressif de «l’espace». L’installation utilise la lumière, le son, le brouillard et un système logiciel personnalisé pour créer un espace-lumière en trois dimensions morphing (métamorphose), dans lequel les spectateurs participent activement, le manipulant avec leur présence et leurs mouvements […] un organisme vivant, avec ou sans la présence et l’interaction des spectateurs. Lorsque les spectateurs quittent la zone de suivi active, le système commence son propre dialogue avec l’espace en extrudant et en transformant des séquences de formes géométriques lumineuses. Lorsque les spectateurs pénètrent et interagissent avec l’espace-lumière projeté, une expression collective et participative de l’espace se déploie. «Relational Lights» élargit le tissu tridimensionnel de l’espace, le rendant visible, audible et tangible pour les participants.

liu chang and miao jing

Hills beyond a river
Music: “CHINA-瓷” by Mickey Zhang
file festival
“Hibanana Studio is a creative art&tech studio, swinging at the intersection of audio-visual performance & installation, moving images and interactive installations. We are inventing new forms of the moving image for display surfaces of the future. A series of interdisciplinary research and practices range from video, sound, light, interaction and spatial experience leads us to artworks, commissions, and exhibition.”

Elaine Hoey

Animated Positions
This work draws reference from 19th century European nationalist paintings and explores the role of art in the portrayal of jingoistic patriotic ideals that have become culturally symbolic in the formation of the nation state.

Ricardo Barreto


ÁTOPOS GLOBAL 、多次元の破壊的で戦略的なゲームです。


JF Malouin

Les trois Grâces

file festival
“Les Trois Grâces” is a presence and corporeality simulation in virtual reality. Exposing the underlying power struggle implied within touch, this piece explores the trespassing  of bodily frontiers and territoriality. As a sculpture, its object is not matter, but our relationship to the other.
It offers a troubling experience of intimate proportions.


Urban Sun
URBAN SUN des Designers Daan Roosegaarde und seines Teams ist die weltweit erste künstliche Sonne, die öffentliche Räume mit einem sicheren UVC-Licht von 222 Nanometern vor dem Coronavirus desinfiziert. Nach dem erfolgreichen Start in Rotterdam geht URBAN SUN auf Welttournee zum Aarhus Festival in Dänemark, dem Museum of Design Atlanta in den USA, dem niederländischen Pavillon auf der World Expo 2020 Dubai in den VAE und anderen Orten. URBAN SUN ist eine innovative Designinstallation, die bessere und sicherere Räume schafft, um freier zu atmen.


Perspective du cadre
Mesurant 30m x 30m x 2,4m et doté de lumières LED et de 8 canaux audio, Frame Perspective transforme un espace caverneux à la Maison de la Région. A des dates précises tout au long du festival Constellations, Ratsi a préparé un programme lumière dans l’espace, accompagné d’une composition sonore interprétée par Thomas Vaquié (voir le programme du festival pour plus de détails). Frame Perspective poursuit l’interrogation de Ratsi sur la réalité à travers la création d’espaces exploratoires et périphériques. Les formes répétitives de l’installation créent de nouvelles dimensions dans la Maison de la Région, interrompant les lignes de l’architecture. Pendant ce temps, la composition des lumières et des sons en interaction perturbe les textures sonores et visuelles de l’espace et résonne avec le visiteur sur des fréquences inexplorées. L’effet est de plonger le visiteur dans un environnement fluctuant qui relie les technologies numériques aux espaces physiques et soulève des questions sur la façon dont la réalité est construite et vécue dans les domaines numérique, physique et autres.

Chloé Moglia

O limbo está no centro da arte de Chloé Moglia. Seja como integrante da Compagnie Rhizome, solo ou em produções conjuntas, a artista está sempre preocupada com a leveza. Em suas performances, que combinam força física e poesia, ela derrota as leis da gravidade e o medo das alturas. Além disso, ocorrem reflexões sobre o tempo, principalmente pela lentidão de seus movimentos. Chloé Moglia transita entre a disposição de arriscar e a busca de sentido e empolga o público ao brincar com o medo da queda. A performance de Chloé Moglia aqui apresentada intitula-se Horizon. O nome desta obra-prima física, criada em 2013 por encomenda do Festival Paris Quartier d’Été, foi escolhido de forma excelente. Horizon é um jogo entre o trapézio e uma estrutura esguia que serve tanto como elemento escultural quanto como elemento de sustentação. Nesta constelação, Moglia cria um espetáculo leve que se encaixa perfeitamente em seu entorno.


File Festival
“Mormorio” è una protesi architettonica che consente la comunicazione tra i passanti e il muro su cui è collegata. L’installazione simula il movimento delle onde sonore, costruendo un ponte luminoso tra il mondo fisico e quello virtuale. C’è un effetto magico, un mistero nel modo in cui si muovono le onde sonore. “Murmur” si concentra su questo movimento, creando così un dialogo non convenzionale tra il pubblico e il muro.

Peaches & Pussykrew

Fill the Whole
Como parte do espaço virtual Cyberia do CTM Festival, a música pioneira Peaches se juntou aos artistas visuais Ewelina Aleksandrowicz e Andrzej Wojtas, também conhecido como Pussykrew, para criar uma experiência única de videogame. Intitulado Fill the Whole, o jogo é descrito como um “exercício experimental de amor próprio e aceitação” que permite ao jogador explorar a positividade corporal e a liberdade de gênero.


Singapur Zeitgemälde
“In dieser Reihe animierter Kunstwerke, bei denen es sich im Wesentlichen um verlangsamte Versionen der Serie Time in Motion handelt, lade ich Sie ein, den Verlauf von Momenten durch eine Landschaft zu erleben. Vielleicht verstehen wir, dass, obwohl alle Momente vergänglich sind, alle Momente gleichermaßen unseres Respekts würdig sind, weil sie Teile eines größeren Ganzen sind. Jede Zeitschleife wird manuell erstellt. Ich habe jeden Moment eines Sonnenuntergangs oder Sonnenaufgangs mit einer Digitalkamera festgehalten und diese Momente manuell in Time Paintings eingefügt. Schließlich wurden verschiedene aufeinanderfolgende Zeitbilder zusammengestellt, um ein Bewegungsgefühl zu erzeugen, das in einigen Werken kaum wahrnehmbar ist, wie Wolken, die über einen Himmel zeihen.” Fong Qi Wei

Gonzalo Cueto

Kit Básico
The strategy is basically to oppose the residual imaginary, a series of light signals, wherein the video plays at being a future that reality look, using sunlight and smoke signals as a flexible margin of the latter where we will be in. There is a performance based on first calculating an escape, rejecting to be installed in the final place in our economic diaspora.